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Phish 12/07/95
Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY
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Source # 944 Other Sources
Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary AT 4031 > Tascam DA-P1; different transfer of the same source already circulating; Transfer: D. Panice, via J. Tambroni to offer 
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Transfer: D. Panice
Distribution: J. Tambroni (LiverLobes)

Niagara Falls Convention Center-Niagara Falls, NY
SOURCE: AT 4031 > Tascam DA-P1

Disc 1
Set I
1. The Old Home Place
2. The Curtain >
3. AC/DC Bag
4. Demand
5. Rift
6. Slave to the Traffic Light
7. Guyute
8. Bouncing Around the Room
9. Possum
10. Hello My Baby

Disc 2
Set II
1. Split Open and Melt
2. Strange Design
3. Fog That Surrounds
4. Reba
5. Julius

Disc 3
1. Sleeping Monkey
2. Sparkle
3. Mike's Song >
4. Weekapaug Groove
5. Amazing Grace
6. Uncle Pen
Show Checksums
f96fad4b43df78019bb0c5c2c653e8d0 *ph95-12-07d1t01.shn
135f73e50bdd26b83269d3acd891d5e8 *ph95-12-07d1t02.shn
1d075331060e386d19c4d5976e98995c *ph95-12-07d1t03.shn
d387df3fac59b7f41b08516dd6348895 *ph95-12-07d1t04.shn
7d893900581fe77ea554f47b8dbd6a9c *ph95-12-07d1t05.shn
e0211e55ee7d60935e01c33b92a92dd8 *ph95-12-07d1t06.shn
1a7b1795668a4c967401e5a46189bd0f *ph95-12-07d1t07.shn
eb610a5f57002eddf5c628ebcd5ba10a *ph95-12-07d1t08.shn
c07040878d3be60bc2dae8187aed6fe4 *ph95-12-07d1t09.shn
bf4d7d4f994f8e35476360bfd321feff *ph95-12-07d1t10.shn
934dbb1394af56254e6cea9012382572 *ph95-12-07d2t01.shn
a51c0848e70928621ff962d1715fc1b8 *ph95-12-07d2t02.shn
d729b1a70c57b915cafda9c458d8e809 *ph95-12-07d2t03.shn
bc2502b273e26952be6093b1d4a0e9be *ph95-12-07d2t04.shn
2c725f711d3fc21a27db546bfb87ffb2 *ph95-12-07d2t05.shn
3791cb5215a244123c9fa365786ba150 *ph95-12-07d3t01.shn
2030325810413247ba6a817498f33bbe *ph95-12-07d3t02.shn
637d2c207eb999582df263a8fb8754f2 *ph95-12-07d3t03.shn
5d99b7f0b483a6ab3969f8468c35eed8 *ph95-12-07d3t04.shn
f8a611b7be1712437be506108fca12e2 *ph95-12-07d3t05.shn
130455df18c6b5aff463c89f91b50e85 *ph95-12-07d3t06.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
AT 4031> DA-P1; Transfer:... (1) AT 4031 > Tascam DA-P1;... (2) Nak 300's > Sony TCD-D7 @... (0) flac16; 44.1 kHz;... (0) flac16; 48 kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
06/14/2002 Roadrunner Very minor diginoise in Possum, other than that this source sounds amazing. great sound!