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Ratdog 08/20/08
Dodge Music Center, Hartford, CT
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Entered by ziko
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Source Summary AT897’s-Marantz PMD 660- CD Wave-FLAC; Mic’s on stand at 9’, pointed at stacks. Recorded By – M. Laurentus 
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New England Dodge Music Center  
Hartford, CT

Recorded- Sec 600
Row- GGG
Seat- 612
AT897’s-Marantz PMD 660- CD Wave-FLAC
Mic’s on stand at 9’, pointed at stacks.
Recorded By – M. Laurentus

D01T01 Jam -Lady with a Fan-Terrapin*  
D01T02 Jack Straw
D01T03 All Along the Watchtower
D01T04Weather Report Suite
D01T05 Prelude-Part 1
D01T06 Let It Grow
D02T01 K.C. [email protected]
D02T02 Victim or the [email protected]
D02T03 Tennessee Jed
D02T04 Uncle John's Band
D02T05 Stuff
D02T06 Knockin on Heaven's Door
D02T07 Touch of Grey
D02T08 At a Siding- Terrapin Flyer#
D02TO9 Uncle John's Band (reprise)
# -with Warren Haynes (Guitar/Vocals)
* Opening Jam Cut at 03:41:02 can be Patched Alternate Source

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D01T01 Jam -Lady with a Fan-Terrapin.flac:a643d288037dd809364950b2e9679c3b
D01T02 Jack Straw.flac:2f1eecc2f4ccaa7b83d1f15e2215bd77
D01T03 All Along the Watchtower.flac:efa2fb9bf188f32548a1cb30d9409b45
D01T04Weather Report Suite.flac:4f9e769443e25223ac8c592f3ab179ef
D01T05 Prelude-Part 1.flac:4ff51fcbf02dabe93fd99cd5fee63672
D01T06 Let It Grow.flac:5e862d0cae48af7525af74d7c22fe5bc
D02T01 K.C. [email protected]:8172d63339d7fa9f93d7d1f47058c857
D02T02 Victim or the [email protected]:7f55f2ebecc475965c7b89ae9b3c1099
D02T03 Tennessee Jed.flac:8bd7c946ab1bad4df8cdd78d5f1db03b
D02T04 Uncle John's Band.flac:1119a0462b2b48557d1b20229f77596b
D02T05 Stuff.flac:31171109814afb2df81dc15a27421bb7
D02T06 Knockin on Heaven's Door.flac:8a287f12873f940d61c16736ef6f6be3
D02T07 Touch of Grey.flac:0349a79183ddefd3ab42f8fd27f89b04
D02T08 At a Siding- Terrapin Flyer.flac:fbe92ecd1190f342558feb268cfed331
D02TO9 Uncle John's Band (reprise).flac:d908d27bfb378b5df9323a795eedae92

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