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Wilco 08/07/08
North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston, SC
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4/MK8(Midside)>KC5>CMC6>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 744T(24/96) 
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North Charleston Performing Arts Center
North Charleston, SC

Source: Schoeps MK4/MK8(Midside)>KC5>CMC6>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 744T(24/96)
Location: 11th row center; stand at 8 1/2'
Recorded by Stuart Tackett (GMail: stustu1)

Disc 1
1. Sunken Treasure  
2. You Are My Face  
3. Side With The Seeds  
4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart  
5. Company In My Back  
6. Blood Of The Lamb@  
7. Handshake Drugs  
8. Impossible Germany  
9. Pieholden Suite *^  
10. Forget The Flowers  
11. Summer Teeth  
12. Jesus, Etc.  
13. Hate It Here*
Disc 2
1. Can't Stand It*  
2. Heavy Metal Drummer  
3. Walken*  
4. I'm The Man Who Loves You*
5. Encore Break 1
6. Misunderstood  
7. Cars Can't Escape  
8. Spiders (Kidsmoke)  
9. Encore Break 2
10. The Late Greats  
11. Monday*  
12. Outtasite (Outta Mind)*

*with The Total Pros
@with Paul (clarinet) from The Total Pros
^Nels on banjo
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0d1f11bcf5d0a16107f2185387018655 *d1t1.flac
d0f09fe9eca5b580e9811708fadccb20 *d1t10.flac
a6028b26cd8860d9ec1c53cdbf41eb59 *d1t11.flac
f8a1f58b044eb07300d1bb99bbc507a9 *d1t12.flac
17257448b3a5ffc7ce10a657098d8287 *d1t13.flac
2f786f8927d94347bd4925e97eab3140 *d1t2.flac
9db627863ae4c87e57cdd28b285f7cf4 *d1t3.flac
419df5ca8869a1ac902c00bfeeac4cdb *d1t4.flac
9053455295faed438cf17d310ca2f5f8 *d1t5.flac
afebec3b6341f56c2060029c8f6e7091 *d1t6.flac
0bfccd55465940b02bd7229f3db53fc1 *d1t7.flac
8f0193bb2e4a496a88beb16464ffdc34 *d1t8.flac
a653c2b5e39e1d4a61997728ed53f52f *d1t9.flac
e329ab1104e19870d42d66fdb496907f *d2t1.flac
0baa6b87c506da0146142bbcac59afc6 *d2t10.flac
ea900084fe99607724f929c06d44f774 *d2t11.flac
2b70e7fedfbb6d24e7fb707571b3c327 *d2t12.flac
8880dc9bcc78129753ab4f00e8e53816 *d2t2.flac
6d2e8214f237e9cba4e853ff16d21a67 *d2t3.flac
0c1fd4cb3bb59c2300abb87a2dab57fd *d2t4.flac
5bb333c10ff6ca885831d4260c59b830 *d2t5.flac
0b83ff35ceace56a249765579b4e3a0f *d2t6.flac
bd747034b7aedabac46bf33ce0ee47a2 *d2t7.flac
6c0adeb28aa3cf7b54b1482fad475110 *d2t8.flac
d7557e0f5c9cb191a87cf3947b4c8f74 *d2t9.flac

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