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Grateful Dead 09/16/78
Gizah Sound and Light Theater, Cairo, Egypt
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Entered by Steve Swartz
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 3 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary flac16; Lineage: 2 Nakamichi 700 cardioid mic's > Sony TCM 158 stereo cassette recorder > MAC (Maxell UDXL 2) > Sony TC-KE5000S Cassette player > 16/44.1 wave > Tascam CD-RW 750 > EAC > 16/44.1 Wave > wavelab 5 > flac lvl 8 (tlh) 
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Grateful Dead
Gizah Sound and Light Theater
Cairo, Egypt

Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: 2 Nakamichi 700 cardioid mic's > Sony TCM 158 stereo cassette recorder > MAC (Maxell UDXL 2) >
Sony TC-KE5000S Cassette player > 16/44.1 wave > Tascam CD-RW 750 > EAC > 16/44.1 Wave > wavelab 5 >  flac lvl 8 (tlh)

Set 1

d1t01. Bertha->
d1t02. Good Lovin
d1t03. Candyman
d1t04. Looks Like Rain
d1t05. Row Jimmy
d1t06. El Paso
d1t07. Ramble on Rose
d1t08. New Minglewood Blues  
d2t01. Deal

Set 2

d2t02. Ollin Arageed*->
d2t03. Fire on the Mountain
d2t04. Iko Iko
d2t05. I Need A Miracle->
d2t06. Its All Over Now
d2t07. Sunrise
d3t01. Shakedown Street->
d3t02. Drums->
d3t03. Space->
d3t04. Truckin->
d3t05. Stella Blue
d3t06. Around & Around


d3t07. One More Saturday Night

* with Hamza el-Din  



- The Hamza set was not included with this source and has not been spliced in.

- All tape pauses between tracks were cross faded.

- There are few glitches and dropouts present throughout.

- Right after Iko Iko, the left channel dropped down to darn near nothing. Rather than splice in the soundboard, I was
able to lift the RMS and save it up to mid drums, from this point on, there was not only the severe drop in the left
channel level, but some real heavy distortion became present. Left with the options to either splice in the soundboard or
make a mono patch from the right channel, I opted to make the mono patch and preserve the source as best as I could. You
can certainly hear the change. Overall, all things considered, this is a very nice source, my favorite show of the Egypt

- Some slight bass distortion and minor clicks present in the mono patch.

- This source is also subject to what some call hiss, I prefer analog warmth. Call it what you will :-)

- Ok, here is the story. Last week or so I was contacted by a fellow LL'er named moon. He Pm'ed me and asked
if he could seed some new sources for the 9/14/15/16/1978 shows. This really sparked my curiosity. The files were
transferred to my server to have a listen and look. After listening myself, and asking other respected members of the
communities opinion, we came to the conclusion these are new sources, I decided to have a go at just putting a
little polish on them, very little was done aside from the above listed patches and a gain bump since the files were
provided at 16/44.1. The taper did all the transfer work and passed this along anonymously, which he wishes to remain
and I will respect. The first set of this show was taped on mic stands. After the first set, the taper was asked to take
them down, so he impromptu began to stealth record the show, thus explaining the sonic changes, and the lack of wind noise
after the set break. Just as a disclaimer here, I'm in no way shape or form declaring this an upgrade, just an additional
source these deserve to circulate and I am happy to get this tapers work out there. Take what you want and leave the rest.

- Thanks to the anonymous taper, bagsgroove, and moon for helping get this to me and relaying information.


- Taped by anonymous source

- Transferred  by anonymous source

- Edited by Bgreen

- Tracked, flac'ed, and packed by Bgreen

- First seeded to sept.2008


- Brought To You By Live Music Preservation Project

Need transfers or post processing? Have questions/comments

contact [email protected]


Show Checksums
905326708eca6904668bde51ddfe3a3e *gd1978-09-16.d1t01.flac
4e2b958c26d4557e6eb654ccee9e2aa9 *gd1978-09-16.d1t02.flac
6528402482ec2f323f5a74810d2bee5c *gd1978-09-16.d1t03.flac
d5d614dc6973f8735cd18aeda49a546a *gd1978-09-16.d1t04.flac
4ade72579b730ef114c406ff5596462c *gd1978-09-16.d1t05.flac
d7dfdc08c77f80ec68ab69787d8be11a *gd1978-09-16.d1t06.flac
3f814235e737eb8ae8dcfff70fb493e4 *gd1978-09-16.d1t07.flac
ead747b219b20b5bb3a50b58172b9b6a *gd1978-09-16.d1t08.flac
baa9ca518f41b78ca537d73ab28638fd *gd1978-09-16.d2t01.flac
c064dc98b9957c78ce142274a863164a *gd1978-09-16.d2t02.flac
25447887bda6649b8c0d8094f3b2dbbd *gd1978-09-16.d2t03.flac
60bc7430f6deee74fefdf05884fbc800 *gd1978-09-16.d2t04.flac
ac6805578bc616cacae9dbcfa6d5b525 *gd1978-09-16.d2t05.flac
12fd091459dae58b5087e7e55baea582 *gd1978-09-16.d2t06.flac
6ceaf4146ed07fcdcbc6975856b3a2c5 *gd1978-09-16.d2t07.flac
cc3933401c5e04136dfc0911da53afb7 *gd1978-09-16.d3t01.flac
3e994045816c33dbfc5f6521a1ac4ef6 *gd1978-09-16.d3t02.flac
3e95f80d1a925a4354cd6cc81a19bc42 *gd1978-09-16.d3t03.flac
b93632ac55ba6bde95f4e4b3a38a2e51 *gd1978-09-16.d3t04.flac
41b67cc4e9e318ef1a19d06e20752cfa *gd1978-09-16.d3t05.flac
5951c489aebb0120d66d5c59d24d2b91 *gd1978-09-16.d3t06.flac
99eb1dc63f6a7750ba5a793bbf75c1f4 *gd1978-09-16.d3t07.flac

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