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Grateful Dead 12/16/78
Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Robert Wagner Nak 300?s>Sony TC-158>MC>DAT>CDR; Seeded to Etree by Tim W 
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Grateful Dead
Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, TN

Taper Name: Robert Wagner
Source: AUD(Nak 300?s>Sony TC-158)>MC>DAT>CDR
Conversion: EAC(secure)>CD WAV>Cool Edit Pro>SHN(seekable)

CD 1 {78:42.34}
01. Sugaree {15:03.46}
02. Beat It On Down The Line {4:42.73}
03. Candyman {9:32.54}
04. Me And My Uncle-> {2:57.66}
05. Big River {6:47.16}
06. Stagger Lee {8:05.64}
07. Looks Like Rain {10:14.49}
08. Tennessee Jed {12:07.34}
09. Lazy Lightnin'-> {3:23.36}
10. Supplication {5:46.46}

CD 2 {68:41.44}
01. Scarlet Begonias-> {10:42.09}
02. Fire On The Mountain {11:50.15}
03. Samson And Delilah {9:01.30}
04. From The Heart Of Me {5:52.68}
05. He's Gone-> {16:13.74}
06. Drums-> {15:00.73}

SET 2 Cont.
CD 3 {39:48.21}
01. The Other One-> {14:30.52}
02. Wharf Rat-> {11:18.52}
03. Around And Around {9:06.05}
04. One More Saturday Night {4:52.62}

Comments: level adjustments in the 1st minute of Sugaree,
Crackle at 4:20 & 4:59 of D1t05(Big River) Both Removed,
static at 4:23 thru 4:32 of D2t01(Scarlet) Removed static not music,
static at 8:02 thru 8:02 of D2t02(Fire) Removed static not music,
static at 1:30 thru 1:59 & 12:50 thru 12:52 of D2t05(He?s  Gone)
Removed static not music on both static spots.

Conversion/Edit/Seeded tp Etree by Tim W. 5/4/02

EAC: Secure to extract disks 1 and 2 @ 100% and disk 3 @ 99.9% quality
no errors reported.
CD WAV: To select tracks.
Cool Edit Pro: See Comments above.
SHN: Via mkwact(seekable)

Another Installment Of The Music Never Stopped Project!

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b6023ecfa060355832d260bc37b4bd50 *gd78-12-16d1t01.shn
b323eeeeccfefd8a2cce5f0061049d7e *gd78-12-16d1t02.shn
faefa188df20f90c0855bab3bf7d7a20 *gd78-12-16d1t03.shn
7d49612203330dc75cafdf0457b5f525 *gd78-12-16d1t04.shn
36af1c8ceb6e3812f0552ba4af925093 *gd78-12-16d1t05.shn
f558f084f1722ff9c2cd77312dc4487f *gd78-12-16d1t06.shn
a9909e608e67bd086fff5788d0c85776 *gd78-12-16d1t07.shn
e04d6cba08c915abf03d9c81d8d56f07 *gd78-12-16d1t08.shn
4d208e457e12c640d9dcdc4b3a7b5a0a *gd78-12-16d1t09.shn
af75fb3cfd519a2075de5927071c6170 *gd78-12-16d1t10.shn
b13967ffec4478aeb1b1d8fb5d4ef946 *gd78-12-16d2t01.shn
2d4e00e243efa88f82bc4231293e8911 *gd78-12-16d2t02.shn
4a1fed7fb6e09329c43c1671cd11f4cc *gd78-12-16d2t03.shn
2fc874d611dea36de40be1918d23462c *gd78-12-16d2t04.shn
518df44970dff1a32ba9c0877c42ea0d *gd78-12-16d2t05.shn
93797330a5d65d9716857c31406d5e69 *gd78-12-16d2t06.shn
6d88b1b965dfbae45d6ed8e089da034d *gd78-12-16d3t01.shn
3ef8dfbb8be6841aeed4644e71e424db *gd78-12-16d3t02.shn
338181a82ce8bce0dc0a3e3a940b7f1d *gd78-12-16d3t03.shn
47f273183010c556c867b12f6e579449 *gd78-12-16d3t04.shn
799bfe0d555c249ad9c6ae5122636ce5 [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t01.shn
111b0ab89de17a29dc4f49971874bd87 [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t02.shn
a68a3e7dc632d5dbb5019c21ac414d93 [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t03.shn
a1c00035d2bfc15faba4138a1c45605b [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t04.shn
e6abd9963a2aa4037cd4d71ea4b1010c [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t05.shn
b0c4fc0556749df3a68d15b124db4eda [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t06.shn
a172fa53dc00915393945471e19e8e0e [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t07.shn
0fa33ddb8188b2fb332e605e04f60b05 [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t08.shn
b4e5eb1a14c8976cc168850636c35565 [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t09.shn
62657de5ab45e5dc4b5d8d275cdd946d [shntool] gd78-12-16d1t10.shn
47d4515d879b8a17f15eb3f8bd4ab6f1 [shntool] gd78-12-16d2t01.shn
a6d85fa15f00622321b19fac6da6ae63 [shntool] gd78-12-16d2t02.shn
74aef0b4f356135b4b7599e978f28151 [shntool] gd78-12-16d2t03.shn
0b6ff258d2117e92d78474724740a5b9 [shntool] gd78-12-16d2t04.shn
8977882f7cd70a751654365dcf4dab51 [shntool] gd78-12-16d2t05.shn
210cc43e58e696114f9c1798bb053836 [shntool] gd78-12-16d2t06.shn
bfcf4318217035dee22c4fe953cbbf34 [shntool] gd78-12-16d3t01.shn
e784b465b1b71de056c46a6e98f48aef [shntool] gd78-12-16d3t02.shn
fe4fe7c61fa36096607141d8be003128 [shntool] gd78-12-16d3t03.shn
8eae7dcd19b5b3b7806ca4745af49f29 [shntool] gd78-12-16d3t04.shn

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