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Phish 07/23/99
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH
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Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums SHN
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; (x/y) AKG c1000's > Sony TCD-D8 (16/48); Sony TCD-D8 > Hercules GT-XP > Samplitude > CDWave > SHN; Source and Transfer by Rob Robar 
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Columbus, OH
Polaris Amphitheatre
Source: AKG c1000s>D8 @ 48 kHz 2nd row Tapers Section DFC X,Y Configuration
Transfer: D8>Hercules GT-XP>Samplitude 2496(re-sampled to 44.1 kHz)> CDWave>mkwACT v.97>.shn (NO DAE)
Taped & Transferred by: Rob Robar [email protected]
Seeded on: 05/04/2002

Disc One: Set One
1. Ya Mar
3. Back at the Chicken Shack
4. Punch You in the Eye
5. Fast Enough for You
6. Get Back on the Train

Disc Two: Set One Cont.
1. David Bowie
2. Strange Design
3. Possum
Set Two:
4. Ghost>
5. Free

Disc Three: Set Two Cont.
1. Birds of a Feather>
2. Meatstick
3. Fire
4. Crowd
5. Bouncin? Around the Room
6. Rocky Top

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c2fa7cdfbdecd6ceb0a0815463d7f7f3 *ph1999-07-23d01t01.shn
876a4ce48661f6d0db899fbdbb6f319a *ph1999-07-23d01t02.shn
e05e4d3f7fac8811b9fb82d0ef55b809 *ph1999-07-23d01t03.shn
9195bc3c33bcd11df77f4c50c6fb572e *ph1999-07-23d01t04.shn
0b8684d8d99c3acd3f2a4060f755fe2e *ph1999-07-23d01t05.shn
ab4a90532c4927388f899e881a30f322 *ph1999-07-23d01t06.shn
761c3108b187a78f97644dd0c8886e39 *ph1999-07-23d02t01.shn
50d8c1c4be168f4de07755855f1d4884 *ph1999-07-23d02t02.shn
e7df2ce2a3898fa26eefe5042566ee88 *ph1999-07-23d02t03.shn
7c9c906272617b99763ff03ae0724cf2 *ph1999-07-23d02t04.shn
145be8ac27400c753952b9b679845689 *ph1999-07-23d02t05.shn
fe045003260b9fbcc1b56c9f79192464 *ph1999-07-23d03t01.shn
ac912a583ef9c72246e90432f5fb6e31 *ph1999-07-23d03t02.shn
e553113ca3a1f7476f8c4c2e37ac0e6d *ph1999-07-23d03t03.shn
6ca8b92017f10310c77dc10d41d43456 *ph1999-07-23d03t04.shn
8dcc227d171d96b262e06b46a17ac9ca *ph1999-07-23d03t05.shn
245bb97ebcb1c38b142a5c5a224d96f5 *ph1999-07-23d03t06.shn

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