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Trey Anastasio 02/04/01
Flynn Center For The Performing Arts, Burlington, VT
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums SHN-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps cmc641 > OADE > DA-P1 
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Vermont Youth Orchestra  
VYO Orchestra Concert "American Masters"
2-4-01 Flynn Theater -  Burlington,Vt.
Source: Schoeps CMC641 > OADE > DAP1.

EAC and re-tracking: George Lanum [email protected]

Disc 1:
01. 02:21    Introduction
02. 04:14    Senator Speaks about Music support
03. 01:11    Troy Peters Speaks
04. 10:13    Samuel Barber - First Essay for Orchestra, Op. 1
05. 17:50    Richard Strauss - Concerto No. 1 in E flat major for Horn and
Orchestra, Op. 11
                 Rondo: Allegro
with Jocelyn Crawford, horn

06. 06:08    Ernie Stires - Chat Rooms (World Premeire)*
07. 08:25    Ernie Stires - The Blue Room*
08. 06:50    Ernie Stires - The Green Room*  
09. 05:15    Ernie Stires - The Red Room*
*with Trey Anastasio, guitar      


Disc 2:

01. 00:59  Orchestral Turning
02. 01:45  Troy Peters speaks about Ernie and Samson Riffs
03. 03:29  Ernie Stires - Samson Riffs (World Premiere)**
04. 02:29  Trey Anastasio - Samson Variation "At the Barbecue"**
05. 04:23  Troy Peters - Samson Counterpoint **
           with Trey Anastasio, guitar and Ernie Stires, piano
06. 00:44  Troy Peters speaks
07. 07:19  Maurice Ravel - Pavan pour une infante defunte
08. 01:33  Troy Peters speaks about Trey and Guyute
09. 14:20  Trey Anastasio - Guyute (World Premiere)
   (orchestration: Trey Anastasio and Troy Peters)
12. 05:14  Trey Anastasio - The Inlaw Josey Wales
           with Trey Anastasio, guitar
            (arrangement: 3 violins, viola, cello, guitar)

Note: I received this in audio (no shns, I was told). It sounds pretty good, but had VERY loud clapping and by badly tracked. I pieced the show back together and retracked using my common sense. I then lower the DBs on the loud clapping segments to make for a smoother listen. All digital editing was done with Cool Edit Pro.  I think this show sound great in contrast to the difficult nature of capturing an orchestral performance.
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c6164b49a42dd8f357046d4279d9f6bb *VYO01-02-04d201.wav.shn
3c72d49e42438afb6806864ed14df349 *VYO01-02-04d102.wav.shn
7648ad9fff32e0414cbe47df6fd5f769 *VYO01-02-04d103.wav.shn
ead63ebb1a72eb4366de38b0c6550e68 *VYO01-02-04d104.wav.shn
1bde2686f1ee828c53ba26efbfc8d894 *VYO01-02-04d105.wav.shn
b2ba10a1b54a0c702b7bac88843a1eec *VYO01-02-04d106.wav.shn
dbccd4eeff8c5cb6ce1e09eb3912130a *VYO01-02-04d107.wav.shn
fea54af68c0cce80f77f15deecfdf170 *VYO01-02-04d108.wav.shn
c4279efb20fd236df9289f84a34e9603 *VYO01-02-04d109.wav.shn
e71f095705207877c9a3f780333aad0a *VYO01-02-04d101.wav.shn
a8549f3193e59ec473490fdec0b5e3a4 *VYO01-02-04d202.wav.shn
7dde679483f7674e1d02063a7e379be2 *VYO01-02-04d203.wav.shn
3face8f28d35b32b316daab2da182b31 *VYO01-02-04d204.wav.shn
70cd78e8c6d64778043f7397b9dce383 *VYO01-02-04d205.wav.shn
cc84d1e77f30a480d7d5999bfec1b7c1 *VYO01-02-04d206.wav.shn
638d4aa225757da30c14bb4f0333399d *VYO01-02-04d207.wav.shn
c9ba216d4aab4569eed037e0571dc08c *VYO01-02-04d208.wav.shn
2a2297f798c36031e1140a9654e6ed99 *VYO01-02-04d209.wav.shn
dadce6ceabb7688952ca9ea649384efd *VYO01-02-04d210.wav.shn

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