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Phish 12/31/99
Big Cypress Seminole Reservation, Big Cypress, FL
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4 , d5 , d6 , d7 , d8 , d9 , d10
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Source Summary afternoon and evening sets; FOB Neumann U89 (omni Setting) Split 12' > Apogee AD1000; Conversion: E. Pearson: DAT (44.1k master) >Montego II Plus >HD via Soundforge >CDWav >Plextor 820; d5t1 ~2:30 crackles apparently fireworks; left channel louder than right; see Rattie's archiving tips for Neumann 12/30,31 
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Big Cypress Indian Reservation - Florida

Source: FOB Neumann U89(omni Setting) Split 12' -> Apogee AD1000
Conversion: Eric Pearson  
Lineage: DAT(44.1k master)-> Montego II Plus-> HD via Soundforge->
CDWav->Plextor 820

Afternoon Set
:Disc 1:
1. Runaway Jim
2. Funky Bitch
3. Tube
4. I Didn't Know*
5. Punch You in the Eye
6. Bouncing Around the Room
7. Poor Heart
8. Roggae

Disc 2:
1. Split Open & Melt** ->
2. Catapult
3. Get Back on the Train
4. Horn
5. Guyute
6. After Midnight***

Midnight->Sunrise Set****:
Disc 3:
1. Meatstick^ ->
2. Auld Lang Syne
3. Down with Disease ->
4. Llama
5. Bathtub Gin^^

Disc 4:
1. Trey Rap
2. Heavy Things^^^
3. Twist Around >
4. Prince Caspian >
5. Rock & Roll

Disc 5:
1. You Enjoy Myself%
2. Crosseyed & Painless
3. Minestrone%%

Disc 6:
1. Sand ->
2. Quadrophonic Topplings%%%
3. Slave to the Traffic Light
4. Albuquerque

Disc 7:
1. Reba
2. Axilla
3. Uncle Pen
4. David Bowie
5. My Soul

Disc 8:
1. Page/Mike Intro to Drowned
2. Drowned ->
3. After Midnight reprise
4. The Horse >
5. Silent in the Morning
6. Bittersweet Motel
7. Piper** ->
8. Free

Disc 9:
1. Lawn Boy
2. HYHU > Love You%%%% > HYHU
3. Roses are Free

Disc 10:
1. Bug
2. Harry Hood intro tease > Also Sprach Zarathustra >
3. Wading in the Velvet Sea
4. Meatstick$  

* - with Jon (coming from sunny Florida to sunny Florida, "Soda Jerk")
       on vacuum  
** - unfinished  
*** - J.J. Cale cover from the album "Naturally" best known for the
         Eric Clapton version; first time played  
**** - (11:35pm) Set began with Father Time on stage pedalling away at
          a stationary bike, powering a large clock, the sound of the
          gears are heard over the PA. At approximately 11:50pm Father
          Time collapsed from exhaustion and the clock stops. At this
          time a fan boat was heard from a set of speakers in the back
          corner of the concert field and a large fan boat entered the
          field from halfway back, stage right. After crossing 1/4th of
          the field the sides and top of the fan boat were blown off to
          reveal the band riding in the hot dog from the 1994 NYE show.
          The hotdog crossed the concert field and the approached the
          stage as the band threw lei's and other goodies into the crowd.
          As the hot dog neared the stage, an instrumental version of
          "Meatstick" came over the PA. Once the hotdog reached the stage,
          the band disembarked carrying several meatsticks which were fed
          to Father Time, reviving him so that the clock could continue
          moving towards midnight.  
^ - instrumental version with the band picking up the song from a
       pre-recorded version played over the PA for the last 45 seconds of
       the year
   ^^ - with vocal/instrumental jam as Trey, Mike and Page sang the notes
        as they played them  
^^^ - recorded live for ABC TV's Millennium coverage (aired between
         3:15 and 3:30am EST); Trey instructed the crowd to chant the word
        "Cheesecake" rather than clap and cheer at the close of the song
         in an attempt to confuse the TV viewers (similar to the "secret
         language" additions for the 1992 NYE show); Trey introduced the
         band for the recorded footage and offered a message of peace and
         love for the world about the importance of the
         left lane of the highway being the passing lane  
% - with "Cheesecake" vocal jam  
%% - Trey solo acoustic  
%%% - from "The Siket Disc" with Mike holding up a voice box repeating
         the phrase "Quadrophonic Toppling"  
%%%% - with Jon on vacuum; Jon introduced Page before the song and Mike
          and Trey afterwards, and the band as being Phish 2000  
$ - no encore; post-show music over the PA was the Beatles "Here Comes
       the Sun"

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 12:05:00 -0500
From: Rattie
To: [email protected]
Subject: [etree] ph NYE SHN breakdown

hey now phriends,

sorry if someone has already posted this, but i'm on digest and haven't
seen it yet!  :)
here's how i broke down the SHNs for archiving on cd... note that this is
for the Neumann sources, and it keeps the day 1 and day 2 discs
together.  this takes 8 discs-

disc 4&2 - 641Mb
disc 3&1 - 608Mb
disc 5  - 293Mb

disc 7&6 - 621Mb
disc 1&9 - 583Mb
disc 5&8 - 631Mb
disc 4&2 - 637Mb
disc 3&10 - 516Mb

[editor's note: a few minor revisions in file sizes, changed 2/24]

hope this helps, and keep it moving!

Show Checksums
67d55876df9cb07141dc94052202a27c *ph99-12-31d1t01.shn
4b1cdad08a8e82278dc35e5a64b6eb40 *ph99-12-31d1t02.shn
b3a0c3be6f207e62121a877539d34ee3 *ph99-12-31d1t03.shn
d7696deb3385ef2df2e80b8c9f85d4e9 *ph99-12-31d1t04.shn
38afe5182c08153c5d3ad130f905887c *ph99-12-31d1t05.shn
3e9f4b688c26d5581e3203458a8210d5 *ph99-12-31d1t06.shn
f45e9dfefd8d9d8bbd6c7aa4c276f296 *ph99-12-31d1t07.shn
e628c1c396a058f4e8fe43b9e04f3db2 *ph99-12-31d1t08.shn

ec92d07b672d142cbe55ec3ef1c4862e *ph99-12-31d2t01.shn
529196cad0fe3c3e6a13a3e77420707b *ph99-12-31d2t02.shn
e4bd783b3e9452d89bb0c77af2b37a01 *ph99-12-31d2t03.shn
983ecca9dd6456f4b4fa17f1a40f741d *ph99-12-31d2t04.shn
c2585b5c7fc2faa621fc6f30a246c140 *ph99-12-31d2t05.shn
ccf16adf7ac074065dfc1d0c63ba0e04 *ph99-12-31d2t06.shn

98306178a66c6b06cc075074a60199b1 *ph99-12-31d3t01.shn
bab22686f79ea0640b54eafe30484959 *ph99-12-31d3t02.shn
b3b086a9f4c77edabe3b4f66933ea159 *ph99-12-31d3t03.shn
383e0e8e1537465f50e3a5404fe74b75 *ph99-12-31d3t04.shn
f4d67234c46d61892f9b6bf587e0df0a *ph99-12-31d3t05.shn

ec98a9a9b8489b76059dd7b85275d61a *ph99-12-31d4t01.shn
b818de81d7e0f561864c379e06b16880 *ph99-12-31d4t02.shn
52dffb7fe9adf550253083cf5dfa65e5 *ph99-12-31d4t03.shn
aade85f4f8d8215d2adc0e80be7d3222 *ph99-12-31d4t04.shn
59cc666446d7012d1a38d07c395325e7 *ph99-12-31d4t05.shn

297fa4ec6adb807372b81e3a17993ac0 *ph99-12-31d5t01.shn
2b610c949142e7f4c057fb168342889f *ph99-12-31d5t02.shn
ca70cc5e6f5a5dc3c8225fddcb9b62cd *ph99-12-31d5t03.shn

b01584e097aedf7bd23f356373dd48d9 *ph99-12-31d6t01.shn
f23213e0ade15d4734ec0d7fc5f5f7bd *ph99-12-31d6t02.shn
90069fd0c25d84138c1fb9856b84b274 *ph99-12-31d6t03.shn
d152198068ea6cc600fbd4df43ec5497 *ph99-12-31d6t04.shn

e3fa69ddf2899f9984e54723b84864a3 *ph99-12-31d7t01.shn
b108724b7a92488d8746c2e63d9b07b4 *ph99-12-31d7t02.shn
0d954796229c67c16d331a361d366266 *ph99-12-31d7t03.shn
8acac938279f58b7450999facdfcf046 *ph99-12-31d7t04.shn
66e2d798156a6497e2e2da032c2ec895 *ph99-12-31d7t05.shn

38e1164cc943b8e29bde0ea3b52388f3 *ph99-12-31d8t01.shn
73353ab981d4f1baed85e3690a592132 *ph99-12-31d8t02.shn
f1c248360bdf48828b2766d517d8f593 *ph99-12-31d8t03.shn
5ae4595ca2519d50de133db603e87c23 *ph99-12-31d8t04.shn
d1489aa2b959830a33b5f8b8696afcec *ph99-12-31d8t05.shn
51b4ac5738fe1af8ee15400a75856885 *ph99-12-31d8t06.shn
29e423d1c9c507dce47d7e45280262a9 *ph99-12-31d8t07.shn
5c3ef7279c71b0a2a76f66eaf8d1e475 *ph99-12-31d8t08.shn

5a9f3fe7312586cde743d723003c15f0 *ph99-12-31d9t01.shn
c399ff0405c2c68d4f17e6a3901d7539 *ph99-12-31d9t02.shn
8718f010aa8976bdc4d2a132c3ec9aac *ph99-12-31d9t03.shn

679dd0af4fd6806f9dc31c6b9475fecc *ph99-12-31d10t01.shn
755c75bbeb2b822162133fcf4207ac44 *ph99-12-31d10t02.shn
aa9d58c68b2c2a52d7595aecfeb51b0c *ph99-12-31d10t03.shn
046e5dca3461533fd222b3a6a784f6df *ph99-12-31d10t04.shn

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Date User Comment
10/20/2000 Trey Wheeler This is, hands down, the best audience recording I own.
03/18/2002 Mike Definately the best audience recording of an outdoors show. See FOB source of 7/1-2/98 for my favorite audience recordings ever.
03/19/2002 Mike Also, to avoid confusion, "Minestrone" known as "The Inlaw Josie Wales" per Farmhouse. Awesome source!!
05/02/2002 Matt-chew Alternate tracking suggestion for 8 cd (*requires 80 min. blank): 1)d1t1->d2t2*, 2)d2t3->d3t5*, 3)d4t1->d4t5, 4)d5t1->d5t3, 5)d6t1->d7t1*, 6)d7t2->d8t5*, 7)d8t6->d9t2, 8)d9t3->d10t4* No segues are compromised.
02/08/2003 Allen what wanna know... is where is the FOB schoeps like the night before? this is a great sounding source, either way.
11/25/2004 seth A++ recording , great sounding
04/08/2005 Nat I'd be really interested in the whole story behind this source. I've heard things about multiple tapers getting together, and such, but whose rig was this? I'm just so in love with this show and this source, It'd be great to hear the backstory
04/09/2005 Matt-chew I've always thought this was a good source- but just good. Do people cream on this source because most festival recordings come out sounding bad? A perfect source wouldn't need any EQ and when I listen to this seed I have to substantially turn treble up and bass down (on a very good high end system). The left channel is louder than the right? I saw this show & am eternally grateful that there are people kind enough to tape shows, but let's stop pretending this source is the greatest thing since sliced bread (or its sequel, Sliced Bread II: Electric Boogaloo). Now what would really kick my ass is if Phish released this SBD some way or another (an advanced resolution medium would really make me cream in my jeans).
09/12/2005 Morv For as many hours of recording this show is... if those are your only complaints, I'd say that's an excellent recording.

Take your high end system, turn up the treble, and turn the high end down, and adjust your balance... or put the entire damn thing on your computer and adjust the levels digitally, put it on CD, and have your complaints taken care of.

I've come to the conclusion that SHN and FLAC traders may be very nice, good, sharing people... but there's a tendency towards being pretentious and not terribly forgiving in attitude. (Forgive me, I'm an unworthy collector 160kbps+ MP3s -- but until 200 gig HDs grow on trees, I can't afford to archive large quantities of SHN/FLACs.)

Chill man, and enjoy the recording.

Thanks for posting the show. Much thanks indeed.
11/30/2005 JB Unbelievable quality for an AUD. I believe in the Stone Age I had this source on tape. Even better on the CD. Incredible. Nice work and thanks for all of the hard work. It brings back some great memories. Thanks again.