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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/19/08
Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac16-ffp , flac16-st5 , flac16-md5 , t-flac16-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; ORTF Neumann KM140 > V2 > AD2K > ACM 671 (24/44.1); 671 > USB > PC > SF8 (dither) > CDWave > FLAC lv 8; Taped by: Burris T. Ewell and Mike Vescovo; Transferred by: Mike Vescovo ([email protected]) on 11/22/08 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
The Rio, Santa Cruz, CA
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Source: ORTF Neumann KM140 > V2 > AD2K > ACM 671 (24/44.1)
Location: FOB, DFC, 2nd row
Transfer: 671 > USB > PC > SF8 (dither) > CDWave > FLAC lv 8
Taped by: Burris T. Ewell and Mike Vescovo
Transferred by: Mike Vescovo ([email protected]) on 11/22/08

Set One/Disc One:
01.  [04:34] - Open Improv >
02.  [07:14] - Broken Mirror
03.  [09:28] - Gwyra Mi > Drum Outro
04.  [11:58] - Walk Back >
05.  [06:42] - Open Improv >
06.  [11:25] - Chantes Des Femmes

Set Two/Disc Two:
01.  [12:00] - Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down > Satan Part II [@5:02]
02.  [10:08] - Jean's Scene
03.  [13:46] - Kota
04.  [07:19] - Clifton
05.  [06:41] - Undone
06.  [12:13] - Wonton
07.  [09:47] - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free

* There is some minor clipping present in set two.

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59a9817c231aa068197554ad78d9ad3e [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d1t01.flac
fed103689f79560bf751e300fd852f9f [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d1t02.flac
cbee28309c389a7a1d2cbfaaa59ef3f6 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d1t03.flac
22b4653421087af9611f782cd19307b4 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d1t04.flac
3f7c20363dee269acf1edc18d69c56da [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d1t05.flac
346bbde148e49c8e8008f1183b00c877 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d1t06.flac
c0a5b3eeebccf0e79a47f5dbaaa77726 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t01.flac
19d9025fec5cb4508f3b13e9fd4e536c [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t02.flac
36017488127b540043b8ccb37e6995b8 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t03.flac
4b3d7d23f1a1ac3db5bd787d6ef6810d [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t04.flac
f260fbf541ea9144553379d11f5569c9 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t05.flac
5af55da6e31e8f27ac9f6d10d70cf42b [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t06.flac
cddc806e0f2bc3a4cea99ad355b55364 [shntool] mmw2008-11-19d2t07.flac
a4f10e94a57961f09a9d7e348b694984 *mmw2008-11-19d1t01.flac
b02ed55d3992b7ddba2ec5c4be750db4 *mmw2008-11-19d1t02.flac
4937666afabcdc909cb255764461bb53 *mmw2008-11-19d1t03.flac
71f916f6c952ebf2f3908a16d008fea5 *mmw2008-11-19d1t04.flac
d9baf32751d25430a59ee50afc6aebc6 *mmw2008-11-19d1t05.flac
c7ed876c3d404d4bce91cf62715f9adb *mmw2008-11-19d1t06.flac
808e9365e22740b60f3124847348a4dc *mmw2008-11-19d2t01.flac
965d371e4fa7cfe70aacd769f6dc1141 *mmw2008-11-19d2t02.flac
f2c126fc2342cd66381f71a2202ed901 *mmw2008-11-19d2t03.flac
772ef0c2b030350ac7f39f6cab931d54 *mmw2008-11-19d2t04.flac
853ae3e4e411b139b0ad16ce0236c750 *mmw2008-11-19d2t05.flac
930932d9a7cef1418bca43163ec89d3b *mmw2008-11-19d2t06.flac
2fc0f4c0795f2582352911a900b6dc98 *mmw2008-11-19d2t07.flac
5c17a854e35067dc3789dc9cd6205281 *mmw2008-11-19d1t01.flac
9ea87c728a5aeb01ac88adde6c107513 *mmw2008-11-19d1t02.flac
bc249e9cb59ee04267343a0c126151bf *mmw2008-11-19d1t03.flac
da0674e4765881bfc4b8048552afae67 *mmw2008-11-19d1t04.flac
de767d7c265fd3ed7922346498ebe9f1 *mmw2008-11-19d1t05.flac
4dfe25fecfae9e0b09faefb4ce3a808c *mmw2008-11-19d1t06.flac
f6a46fcaa512f4564500df603ebdd259 *mmw2008-11-19d2t01.flac
e42616bd5c51d68da93b4bd5531b32b4 *mmw2008-11-19d2t02.flac
8e71a3d8ceca028862b64079e600e3a3 *mmw2008-11-19d2t03.flac
62b27effa6211ecb4be08130dee8c8d7 *mmw2008-11-19d2t04.flac
a6f0f1c797fde9e2f06cde59fd207889 *mmw2008-11-19d2t05.flac
99035d071a03f55861c73f3ccbe3fac4 *mmw2008-11-19d2t06.flac
1263f4b68a79aca7bcdc13e5d21b3919 *mmw2008-11-19d2t07.flac

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Date User Comment
09/11/2009 duggy Updated setlist with actual song titles.

"Clifton" did not make it onto the album Radiolarians III -- perhaps it'll be in the box set due out in November.

The other "song" not to make it onto the album is what I have labeled above as "Satan's Little Helper" -- this is the groovy section that always appears to be tied to and follows Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, but this section does not seem to be part of that old traditional song. Instead it seems like a separate jam they tacked on in the live setting as it does not appear on the album either. So in a Simpsons sort of mood I named it "Satan's Little Helper" just to distinguish it from the song proper.
01/07/2010 jdawg42 The encore has previously been referred to as "If I Only Knew". It's a cover, not sure who wrote it, or if that's the official title, but to my knowledge MMW only played it four other times, all in December 1996.