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Grateful Dead 09/18/87
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Entered by Gary Field
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; matrix of DSBD: shnid=19002 and AUD: shnid=82359 by hansokolow using ProTools 
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Grateful Dead
Friday, September 18th, 1987
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

        cd1  -  set 1
1)  Hell In A Bucket->
2)  Sugaree
3)  Walking Blues
4)  Candyman
5)  When I Paint My Masterpiece
6)  Bird Song

             -  set 2
7)  Shakedown Street->

1)  Man Smart, Woman Smarter->
2)  Terrapin Station->
3)  Drums->
4)  Space->
5)  Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad->
6)  All Along The Watchtower->
7)  Morning Dew->
8)  Good Lovin'->
9)  La Bamba->
10)  Good Lovin'
11)    e:  Knockin' On Heaven's Door


This is a matrix, done by hansokolow in ProTools, of the following sources:

DSBD: shnid=19002
Shakedown patch source: unknown SBD
Space patch source: SBD PCM>CASS>DAT>WAV
Remastering: SHN>WAV>CE2K>SHNTOOL>mkwACT
AUD: shnid=82359
Source: Nakamichi CM304's>Sony D5M
Location: OTS, Stand at 9 Feet
Transfer: Nak CR5A>Lunatec V3(analog out)>[email protected]/96
Editing: Adobe Audition 2.0 dither and resample 16Bit>Cdwav/tracking>flac16
Tapers: Tony Suraci
Transfer and upload by Tony Suraci aka nak700
My Notes:  The AUD was squeezed, song by song, by around 4%.  There will be some minimal phasing.  The DSBD, while clean, is quite overblown, but my ears did not notice any clipping, although you can see it on the waveform.  The very end of Birdsong is missing from the AUD.  Chunks of Drums and Space were missing from both recordings, but not in the same place, so this recording is complete, except for some crowd noise before the encore that is missing.

Caveat: I don't take meticulous notes of every splice and adjustment I make, it's already time consuming enough, but I will explain my process.  Every disc I make is seamless for longer media.  I use the most reliable source, usually whichever is digital, if both are the same generally it's the SBD, and the other sources is time shifted to match that.  With analog sources there is always some wavering.  Within reason I try to adjust for the by making small, millisecond cuts, lining up the drum beats.  These are smoothed over and when mixed with another source, undetectable.  There still may be occasional phasing, particularly in the vocals and the cymbals.  Believe me that I do everything I can to minimize problems like that.  That includes cutting out spots of diginoise and blips and things.  Whenever there is something missing from one source but present on the other, I bring up the volume a tad on the source that's left, to minimize the jarring nature of one source dropping out.  When the crowd noise at the start of a set is less than two minutes or so, I don't make a separate crowd track.  I export the final result to aiff files, and then convert those into flacs at the smallest setting, using xACT for Mac, and that also makes then SBE safe.

I hope everyone enjoys the product of my labor, and I'm glad to give something back to the community that has given me and others so much music over the years.  Thanks, brothers and sisters.
-Tano ([email protected])

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     8:13.53       87089900 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t01.flac
    10:29.59      111094412 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t02.flac
     7:17.05       77098604 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t03.flac
     6:50.26       72385196 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t04.flac
     5:55.43       62723180 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t05.flac
    10:16.02      108667148 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t06.flac
    13:44.61      145497116 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d1t07.flac
     7:07.61       75466316 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t01.flac
    13:25.62      142147868 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t02.flac
     8:18.00       87847244 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t03.flac
     7:59.51       84615596 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t04.flac
     6:06.50       64680044 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t05.flac
     4:51.01       51334796 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t06.flac
    11:09.67      118169228 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t07.flac
     4:17.34       45414812 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t08.flac
     1:33.16       16442876 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t09.flac
     2:55.48       30982940 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t10.flac
    10:05.55      106851404 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd87-09-18d2t11.flac
   140:38.19     1488508680 B                            0.6498  (18 files)
Show Checksums
267245cac1078195bd3386794a6585a1 *gd87-09-18d1t01.flac
89b884b92927f7b015b439ce31b9da7e *gd87-09-18d1t02.flac
f7985d1d20c06f5a5f65b15912819602 *gd87-09-18d1t03.flac
1cd18aabb99ed135aa2cd7e64504c456 *gd87-09-18d1t04.flac
bbeb93d3f0bb8ce74cfdd161086c1bcd *gd87-09-18d1t05.flac
94702e55c50203beea857cdc85ab9c51 *gd87-09-18d1t06.flac
893df716bf9be034a589f68e6d4817a1 *gd87-09-18d1t07.flac
fa056fa563aebc1a6f76805bd1212268 *gd87-09-18d2t01.flac
3ae9b1e69a020546b4f87e8db19241f7 *gd87-09-18d2t02.flac
dc42059d6840c38f2244285f859a1a22 *gd87-09-18d2t03.flac
0b1392d70639445a2b3a08a7ccd03560 *gd87-09-18d2t04.flac
6b6fa5062235652007966badaad93e12 *gd87-09-18d2t05.flac
9bf5aade9b4bb9a76e6c471c32a352b2 *gd87-09-18d2t06.flac
363b74c29f758167f49d245e19d847ea *gd87-09-18d2t07.flac
2ba7c954ee2cb70c01536d41bec93923 *gd87-09-18d2t08.flac
eb57b2ac15d6cb8fc616e89ec2c23937 *gd87-09-18d2t09.flac
b0e1165230ee535dfd5e8a9fc29ebf72 *gd87-09-18d2t10.flac
4be21c2188df89e0980fbab8b9995830 *gd87-09-18d2t11.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
12/01/2008 qawsedrf No such thing as a DSBD from '87.
12/01/2008 charlie miller Yes, there are DSBD's in 1987. The first DSBD in the vault is 12/26/82. This whole tour was recorded digitally to PCM.
12/01/2008 charlie miller To further clarify things:
First digital recordings in vault:
PCM - 12/26/82
DAT - 12/27/87
12/02/2008 qawsedrf If you think PCM is true digital, which it is not. Also, in the early 80's models all of the processing was done on the analog side.
PCM was an engineering solution to a bit-management problem. To solve the problem, part of the signal had to be eliminated, but without degrading the sound so much that it became unacceptable to the public. Enter PCM. This ingenious electronic fiddle truncated the original bandwidth from 100,000 to 20,000 hertz, since humans cannot normally hear frequencies above 15,000 hertz, and "sampled," or took a digital snapshot, of the remaining information 44,000 times a second. This doctored data was repackaged into 16-bit packets capable of playing back a symphony in 74 minutes or less.
Of course, the acoustical engineers who invented PCM knew that the condensed 16-word product would be inferior to the original: For one thing, filters, on both the encoding and decoding ends, cause audible "errors." For another, chopping out all the information between 20,000 and 100,000 Hertz reduced the harmonic depth of the music itself.
12/02/2008 charlie miller The PCM tapes in the GD vault are digital :)

Not gonna debate this with you.