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Reconstruction 06/13/79
River Theater, Guerneville, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Reconstruction: Alan Bershaw's Nak 300 w/CP3 caps cassette master (unknown deck) > 1st gen reel @ 7.5ips > 2nd gen reel @ 7.5ips > DAT > CDR > GEMS editing > FLAC. 
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June 13 1979
River Theater, Guerneville, CA

Recorded by Alan Bershaw
Nak 300 w/CP3 caps cassette master (unknown deck) > 1st gen reel @ 7.5ips > 2nd gen reel @ 7.5ips > DAT > CDR

...from the Jjoops Tupperware of Treasures...

Edited and Mastered by Jamie Waddell on the GEMS Edit Station

Notes: Sound = C+
-No setlist of this show circulated really except from this CDR cource, no less a copy in some of the more trusted vaults
-This is the first PROOF this show happened and contains the first verson of the skanky Merle tune "The Jealous Kind"..ya gotta love it!
-This is a complete remastering.  What i had, had issues. I took about three months to get to this happy medium between quality and an overprocessed feel.
-Most songs cut in or out
-Thanks Jjoops for the source and where is Alan Bershaw?  Anyone?

d1t01 I'll Take A Melody (has some warble)
d1t02 Fast Tone
d1t03 The Jealous Kind*  first performance
d1t04 That's What Love Will Make You Do
d1t05 Lyinda
d1t06 What You Won't Do For Love
d1t07 Dear Prudence

Reconstruction (1-30-1979 to 9-22-1979)
* Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
* John Kahn - bass
* Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
* Ed Neumeister - trombone
* Ron Stallings - tenor saxophone, vocals
* Gaylord Birch - drums

admin note added 2/20/2011: title of d1t02 changed from "Another Star" to "Fast Tone".
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0831fd789f9bb5d66278103d2a97ad7d *jg1979.06.13.recon.aud.GEMS.xxxxx.txt
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f5d1d6d838db5dfa9ff5c956f91950d1 *jg1979.06.13.recon.GEMS.d1t02.flac
d52c23675a2019c821faaf832a76fb81 *jg1979.06.13.recon.GEMS.d1t03.flac
db4814d57c2c236aac7bebc8ff4e2016 *jg1979.06.13.recon.GEMS.d1t04.flac
0be8bab6608d3f304d1becafce7c7310 *jg1979.06.13.recon.GEMS.d1t05.flac
6def8cbaeadda7ab4693db6a40a26c63 *jg1979.06.13.recon.GEMS.d1t06.flac
33a65cfc018c0e5c3f4f9ee53f2d3688 *jg1979.06.13.recon.GEMS.d1t07.flac

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02/20/2011 jjoops d1t02 was incorrectly listed as "Another Star". I have corrected this to "Fast Tone".