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Phish 12/04/99
Firstar Center, Cincinnati, OH
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums all_md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps cmc6/mk41 > Lunatec V2 > ADC20 > DAT > SHN; Transferred by scottz 
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Firstar Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

Source: Schoeps CMC6mk41> V2>ADC20>DAT>SHN
Taper: Unknown
DAT>SHN by scottz ([email protected])

Disc One = Set One + Encore

1. Crowd In
2. Heavy Things
3. Simple
4. Yamar
5. Guyute
6. Tweezer ->
7. Dirt
8. Loving Cup
9. Crowd Out

Disc Two = Set Two

1. Crowd In
2. Down with Disease
3. Split Open and Melt*
4. Moma Dance
5. Farmhouse
6. TMWSIY>Avenu Malkenu>TMWSIY
7. When the Circus Comes to Town
8. David Bowie
9. Crowd Out

Encore: Can be attached to end of Disc One

1. Crowd In
2. Julius->
3. Tweezer Reprise
4. Crowd Out

* Contains an odd jam with Trey on keys, very different sounding than other times Trey played keys. See 12/17/99 Melt for a similar jam.
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3263a28bf4e47344cce2a62897badd31 *ph99-12-04encore01.shn
e8844c762e5373ce3b9740dddf3582e4 *ph99-12-04encore02.shn
2ac39d84d4560ad39faac6a015d03187 *ph99-12-04encore03.shn
ca82d01b264d6e57e7ebbfe581569796 *ph99-12-04encore04.shn
0a2c31a8515e8d30434332043ac02159 *ph99-12-04setI01.shn
1590a907ca419cff7790b571e955a13f *ph99-12-04setI02.shn
d66bdb4aba96c0d681a4f11e2bc53650 *ph99-12-04setI03.shn
c32b494b719a8062e8b53a9cec3a294a *ph99-12-04setI04.shn
0c45f5ab4ae4751d00c0976a4b89f9e4 *ph99-12-04setI05.shn
875128b72a500e545962a9238ef1af5b *ph99-12-04setI06.shn
f9ff573cda6538be10b4e136ffd0ae87 *ph99-12-04setI07.shn
fdd0fdd8383cf69d1b8d66bdd8f53593 *ph99-12-04setI08.shn
0f36d4fcdea8b95bbc73da98d68ec651 *ph99-12-04setI09.shn
9bb4acae1586185ef769fee61313d772 *ph99-12-04setII01.shn
c92da220b6f4ab7a69ebe152ed67e713 *ph99-12-04setII02.shn
b0ef9877c8c5b4c4ff55cd2c3faea955 *ph99-12-04setII03.shn
c54719f6414c4fb2f0aea304f00ac5c2 *ph99-12-04setII04.shn
f92a55db44494c9abefc8bd063fff5ed *ph99-12-04setII05.shn
f8a8d7cfae8b7082fd920bdaae3461f8 *ph99-12-04setII06.shn
40740497226379628d68360fd253fce6 *ph99-12-04setII07.shn
6b1f68b42fba9e00a1a4d864f1ffa0c0 *ph99-12-04setII08.shn
f6d45d1de4aefd3b5efa608ae78498cd *ph99-12-04setII09.shn

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