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Disco Biscuits 03/29/02
House of Blues, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4V > KC5 > CMC6 > Apogee AD1000 > Sony D8; Transfer: DA-20mkII > RME DIGI96/8 PST > Samplitude > CDWAV > SHN; Taped and Transferred by Jeff Kempka 
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The Disco Biscuits
House Of Blues
Chicago, IL
March 29, 2002

Source:    Schoeps MK4V > KC5 > CMC6 > Apogee AD1000 > Sony D8
Transfer:  DA-20mkII > RME DIGI96/8 PST > Samplitude > CDWAV > SHN
Taped and Transferred by Jeff Kempka

Disc 1
1.  Banter
2.  And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night>
3.  Spacebirdmatingcall>
4.  Shem-Rah Boo>
5.  Down To The Bottom>
6.  And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night
7.  Banter, H to the Izzo
8.  Jigsaw Earth>
9.  Mulberry's Dream>
10. Jigsaw Earth>
11. Mulberry's Dream>
12. Jigsaw Earth

Disc 2
1.  Banter
2.  Floodlights
3.  Reactor>
4.  Little Shimmy In A Conga Line>
5.  Reactor
6.  Banter
7.  M.E.M.P.H.I.S.>
8.  Triumph>
9.  Hope

Disc 3 (encore)
1.  Banter
2.  Ulua
3.  Aceetobee
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cd825e6236664acfdfd3c8b728e3d77a *db2002-03-29d1t01.shn
dcb7f40c314d8ef41f5900513eb3ade4 *db2002-03-29d1t02.shn
3e31689509ba049a64243da196a3ec15 *db2002-03-29d1t03.shn
3eee97f627083221d5b611e662becd1c *db2002-03-29d1t04.shn
7e899092ff81eb13a5d25d5055db7164 *db2002-03-29d1t05.shn
e9adbad56267555252dc8e36f2487fe3 *db2002-03-29d1t06.shn
1901045f0cef0b55d1da0204d8a38501 *db2002-03-29d1t07.shn
d3e418528784b31dae140d9741c9c77c *db2002-03-29d1t08.shn
a84b3bfe5166581ad230b3fc68203075 *db2002-03-29d1t09.shn
00c6a35d77db09525421715647451699 *db2002-03-29d1t10.shn
a8eb0dd3801c5eceff5de6b8fbca42f7 *db2002-03-29d1t11.shn
bfb29f0eb5e5c6eefd133d7c95ddeef8 *db2002-03-29d1t12.shn
4b079696066ab34c2c1da54596046f47 *db2002-03-29d2t01.shn
0070db8ff14542c0db80091e804f3a9b *db2002-03-29d2t02.shn
1b974a9e294b33244e7008c9d7a586d9 *db2002-03-29d2t03.shn
fdac3a382cb82265857c1a00f538150e *db2002-03-29d2t04.shn
ef512edbb19ea6fd1f449aee490147d2 *db2002-03-29d2t05.shn
885d7c0db9329770c2fd1282e69bd0ce *db2002-03-29d2t06.shn
6183130f9880790faa4efad446e0c25c *db2002-03-29d2t07.shn
25d71f7730e31bd50bbae30e94ac93e4 *db2002-03-29d2t08.shn
7d93d2488af7f6360cf64e72eaa41db2 *db2002-03-29d2t09.shn
2e531faa399db0de98a1126fb17b5a9f *db2002-03-29d3t01.shn
3aff01b98f0a7a64b2463073a19353ad *db2002-03-29d3t02.shn
b716b3084ee1705f9923b20fcb505ac0 *db2002-03-29d3t03.shn

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