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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/03/08
Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann skm 140s->Sound Devices 722->Resample-1.8+(24/192->16/44.1khz)via phopely Green bittorrent downloads available from us @ 
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Phil Lesh & Friends
Nokia Theatre, New York City, NY

I:  Cumblerland Blues, Gone Wanderin', Beat It On Down the Line->The Loser->
All New Minglewood Blues->Brown Eyed Women, Dancin' In the Streets

II:  Passenger->Scarlet Begonias->Dire Wolf, Fire On the Mountain, She Said She Said,
Viola Lee Blues->Deal->Viola Lee Blues->Death Don't Have No Mercy->Viola Lee Blues->
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad

go vote & donor rap & band intro.
E:  Stella Blue

A decent cd package is s2t0-s2t5 (up to & including she said she said)
on disc 2.  Thanks to db & keith & co. for all the big apple altitude.

Stella blue florida, good color choice this time.

Hope you are an organ donor!  All you need to do is discuss your wishes
with your loved ones.

Sound path: Neumann skm 140s->Sound Devices 722->Resample-1.8+(24/192->16/44.1khz);
minor glitch fixes w/ cooledit.

email: [email protected]
Green bittorrent downloads available from us @
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fc9072f1c4972ae6e72617456ac5166f *plf-11-3-8-s1t0.flac
a791c28d62989d60f2ebdf3b06e1c791 *plf-11-3-8-s1t1.flac
0c9427b2f797e488bc9e580f9cf665e9 *plf-11-3-8-s1t2.flac
7f6a989c5625905f0077bc6c2ab54f3b *plf-11-3-8-s1t3.flac
435bc5e8036241be30a020a00a50f3c7 *plf-11-3-8-s1t4.flac
933bd7d009431ee83e9c92ab23c9cc73 *plf-11-3-8-s1t5.flac
6b29390638462bea518e362373c810d4 *plf-11-3-8-s1t6.flac
f1e787a7332cbea00ece5b6b1cc7fa2a *plf-11-3-8-s1t7.flac
1bcfd8f5a3150b19814a087467fdcb7c *plf-11-3-8-s2t0.flac
21a0efee5393f7dfe79178a5ade19bff *plf-11-3-8-s2t1.flac
be7eb9154e2c0401aee05f10310467fa *plf-11-3-8-s2t2.flac
df42524a809c9fef066f650acd570356 *plf-11-3-8-s2t3.flac
170ed87eb426e6ed786e7c4cc82fa2c9 *plf-11-3-8-s2t4.flac
7e8b4e039440145274839f682c2a825d *plf-11-3-8-s2t5.flac
760aa972f4368f3fbe2d8f4b0c003dae *plf-11-3-8-s2t6.flac
4adcaeee81ef8c12b9c00a2c1ce7b58a *plf-11-3-8-s2t7.flac
6d4b2b994f5a227d90e33a7067f68692 *plf-11-3-8-s2t8.flac
a4262c538eca7884abefbfe7e78294fc *plf-11-3-8-s2t9.flac
c9dea61a100bd7317431895b992bbab1 *plf-11-3-8-s2ta.flac
6157882b77cd02a00990a0781f57be6c *plf-11-3-8-s2tb.flac
733169851297caea8b15b705e55c38bf *plf-11-3-8-s2tc.flac
aa6852dd3380d3740888c2e321ad9c28 *plf-11-3-8-s2td.flac

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