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Grateful Dead 10/15/89
Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; matrix of SBD: shnid=3159 and DAUD: shnid=89674 by hansokolow using ProTools  
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Grateful Dead
Sunday, October 15th, 1989
Meadowlands Arena
East Rutherford, NJ

        cd1  -  set 1
1)  Let The Good Times Roll->
2)  Iko Iko
3)  Walking Blues
4)  Far From Me
5)  Row Jimmy
6)  Victim Or The Crime->
7)  Standing On The Moon

             -  set 2
8) (crowd/tuning)
9)  Samson & Delilah
10)  Just A Little Light->
11)  Crazy Fingers->

1)  Estimated Prophet->
2)  Eyes Of The World->
3)  Drums->
4)  Space->
5)  Stella Blue->
6)  Throwing Stones->
7)  Not Fade Away
8)    e:  Box Of Rain


This is a matrix, done by hansokolow in ProTools, of the following sources:

SBD: shnid= 3159



DAUD: shnid= 89674

AUD: Sennheiser MD-421's > patched thru one D5 > Sony TC-D5M > Maxell
MX-90's, with no Dolby. Mics on 8-foot stand, front row of OTS.

Transfer: MAC > Nakamichi DR-8 (no Dolby) > Audiophile 2496 analog-in >
Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC. Taped and transferred by Andrew F.

- SOTM cuts-in due to tape-flip, crossfaded together.
- Glitch at 0:19 in SOTM.
- Disc break is seamless.
- Tape-flip at 2:39.160 in Jam, mended together.
- Soundforge used for fades, clean-up around tape flips, adjust levels.
- TLH used for SBE-OK, FLAC compression, and checksums.


My Notes:  AUD source slowed down, song by song, to match the SBD source.  Transition between Victim and SOTM is missing from the AUD.  Some small gaps between songs, cross-patched.  Estimated-> Eyes is one example.  There's a good chunk of Drums missing from the SBD.

On Fall break from Oberlin College, I tried to get into the previous night to no avail.  We did show up with tickets to this night, which was my second Dead show.  It was one of my first experiences with acid, and I recall the drug really setting in during this phenomenal Just A Little Light.  During Crazy Fingers I was amazed by how the band seemed to be slowing down drastically between every beat, making it very gooey.  It was the drugs.  Sadly, I lost the North Sea fisherman's cap that my German friend, Gert had given me at my first Dead show, in Berkeley in August.  Also, word went around during the set break that Wavy Gravy was hanging out in the lobby, and though my friends egged me on to go meet him and tell him that I was born in a house in Berkeley where he once lived, the drugs were too strong for me to leave my seat.  Amazingly, we didn't even bother to try to get into the following night, Bobby's birthday.  Hi Dave and Sonja!

-Tano ([email protected])

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     5:14.60       55530764 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t01.flac
     7:35.54       80389052 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t02.flac
     7:36.59       80577212 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t03.flac
     5:41.18       60194780 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t04.flac
    11:01.65      116753324 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t05.flac
     8:09.64       86410172 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t06.flac
     7:59.73       84667340 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t07.flac
     2:26.53       25879100 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t08.flac
     7:47.73       82550540 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t09.flac
     4:41.50       49686044 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t10.flac
     8:37.33       91276460 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d1t11.flac
    12:45.54      135073052 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t01.flac
     9:53.73      104776940 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t02.flac
     9:55.61      105101516 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t03.flac
    10:45.03      113785100 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t04.flac
     8:38.72       91544588 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t05.flac
     9:08.44       96770732 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t06.flac
    11:28.73      121534940 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t07.flac
     5:02.20       53319884 B   ---   --   ---xx  gd89-10-15d2t08.flac
   154:33.27     1635821540 B                            0.5624  (19 files)
Show Checksums
1d54f3b5e251a05dc1d04c70563e1768 *gd89-10-15d1t01.flac
9448652f8efadc7a81fccff3a7f7afd7 *gd89-10-15d1t02.flac
5eafced0748c2a97767a8d5a2094d5ef *gd89-10-15d1t03.flac
77763788fea8dd5794ed267af0239607 *gd89-10-15d1t04.flac
457448fd61ba58f0f0af10d73c04144d *gd89-10-15d1t05.flac
ebe70692eb62abaa8e193b5efd354a15 *gd89-10-15d1t06.flac
1af505fe0729ce7529929c792e2300d7 *gd89-10-15d1t07.flac
7e7b73ae73c58abec90da7da462d8454 *gd89-10-15d1t08.flac
9bb50cceb6e501f2c402210c2b683509 *gd89-10-15d1t09.flac
12e25b93776725980a83aac81714d538 *gd89-10-15d1t10.flac
3a2bdb9dd41e12ec9662063a8e33fe1e *gd89-10-15d1t11.flac
3d1c4090540bc473ad8e1f40e3e83da1 *gd89-10-15d2t01.flac
728427d8175f4ec7911e252ff8372924 *gd89-10-15d2t02.flac
ec5db0c2e6d604adaef3a8d6a87237e6 *gd89-10-15d2t03.flac
080a47bbf360e03bd12aeb0ea42aed19 *gd89-10-15d2t04.flac
544b2f6a31df29a0f19646bbcafa366c *gd89-10-15d2t05.flac
bcb0281c2cc684da0828c31aab769538 *gd89-10-15d2t06.flac
5de9dc22cb36b1b3eaab1b55893ce1da *gd89-10-15d2t07.flac
43f72347bff85d8531985f660005e4c3 *gd89-10-15d2t08.flac

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