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Grateful Dead 05/15/70
Fillmore East (Late Show), New York, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary acoustic and electric, early and late, includes NRPS; MR > DAT > ZA2 > CDR, except the NRPS sets which have 2 cass gens; this is apparently the best possible available copy- one fewer cass gen than first etreed version, complete NRPS 2nd set, less hifreq hiss; more details in info file; via D. Hollister, J. Tiedrich, D. Finney. L. Orf; note L. Orf did very minor editing, mostly putting tasteful fades where there were cuts in the original- no NR 
Source Information - Download Text | Download Zip
Grateful Dead/NRPS
Fillmore East
New York City
MR > DAT > ZA2 > CDR
except the NRPS sets which have 2 cassette generations
This is apparently the best possible copy
Thanks to David Hollister and Jeff Tiedrich

[email protected]

[[[Note by Leigh Orf, who uploaded this show to I did
some very minor editing to this show, mostly putting tasteful fades
where there were cuts in the original. No NR whatsoever was applied! I
also removed the mysterious double-strum near the beginning of Don't
Ease Me In (sounded like a digital thing)...  Thanks again to the
aforementioned folks, plus David Finney for hunting the show down in its
best form... Leigh ]]]

disc 1
--< Early Acoustic Dead >--
Don't Ease Me In
I Know You Rider
The Rub
Friend of the Devil
Long Black Limousine
Cumberland Blues*
New Speedway Boogie*
Cold Jordan*
(* w/ NRPS)

--< Early NRPS >--
Six Days On The Road
Whatcha Gonna Do
I Don't Know You
Portland Woman
Fair Chance To Know

disc 2
Last Lonely Eagle //

--< Early Electric Dead >--
Casey Jones
Easy Wind
Attics Of My Life
St. Stephen >
The Other One >
Cosmic Charlie
(E) Minglewood Blues

--< Late Acoustic Dead >--
Balld of Casey Jones
Silver Threads and Golden Needles

disc 3
Black Peter
Friend of the Devil
Uncle John's Band
She's Mine
Katie Mae
I Hear A Voice Calling (w/ NRPS)

--< Late NRPS w/ Weir, 1st copy >--
Mama Tried
Me and My Uncle

disc 4
--< Late NRPS >--
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Louisiana Lady
Can't Pay The Price
Truck Drivin' Man
All I Ever Wanted
Workingman Blues
I Don't Know You
Last Lonely Eagle
Mama Tried*
Me and My Uncle*
(* w/ Bob Weir)

disc 5
--< Late Electric Dead >--
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Cumberland Blues
Hard To Handle
Beat It On Down The Line
Morning Dew
Good Lovin'
Dire Wolf
Next Time You See Me

disc 6
Dark Star >
St. Stephen >
Not Fade Away >
Turn On Your Lovelight

(E) Cold Jordan (w/ NRPS)

This is the 2nd etree copy in circulation. It has one fewer tape
generations than the first copy, and it has the complete NRPS 2nd set.

From (some edits):

Early Show acoustic Dead set. On Cumberland and New Speedway David
Nelson joins in on acoustic guitar while Jerry shifts to electric. On
Cold Jordan Nelson switches to mandolin. Marmaduke adds harmony vocals
to the last three tunes. Pigpen plays organ on New Speedway. Early Show
NRPS set with Garcia, pedal steel. This is about half their set -- all
there is on the master. Before Last Lonely Eagle Marmaduke asks where's
"Bobby Ace" -- probably Weir was a guest vocalist later in the set.
electric Dead: Before St. Stephen Pigpen says "Alright you people, you
know who you are."

Enterprising Fillmore East stagecrew patched a reel-to-reel machine
underneath the stage into the PA feed and saved most of this show for
us and eternity. They were busy setting up for the Early Show electric
Dead set and blew their flip during the Early Show NRPS set, losing
the second half of that set as a result, but the rest of this enormous
evening's proceedings are recorded in their entirety. The master has
only the left channel through the middle of Candyman (there are also
splitter-generated 2-channel mono copies circulating). Around 4 hours of
this show were broadcast by KPFA-FM Berkeley in 1971, further speeding
the propagation of this tape (some early FM copies are dated "6/21/71;"
this may be the date of the broadcast). For many years 5/15/70 was THE
representative 1970 Dead tape -- Harpur College 5/2/70 and Winterland
10/4/70 its only rivals for wide circulation.

Late Show acoustic Dead: David Nelson plays mandolin on I Hear A Voice
Callin and Marmaduke adds bass vocals. Late Show NRPS set with Garcia,
pedal steel. Bob Weir guests on vocals for Mama Tried, Sawmill and Me
And My Uncle. There is a brief cut in Sawmill, with less than 10 seconds
lost. After this set the master contains 15:13 of continuing signal,
comprising parts of Side B of Abbey Road (playing on the PA during
the break) interspersed with the sounds of the stage being rigged --
drums nailed down, etc -- followed by the sounds of tuning up. SET 3
is electric Dead. Beat It On Down The Line gets 14 beats. There is a
cut 2:17 into St.  Stephen; probably around 60 - 90 seconds are missing
here. There is a cut 13:33 into Lovelight, but probably only a few
seconds are lost. Over the last year it has been rumored that there is
another SBD master of this show in the vault, which includes the rest
of the Early Show NRPS set (and which would probably allow us to patch
the few other glitches on the circulating master); however, nothing has
emerged besides rumors thus far. Meanwhile, we owe an enormous debt of
gratitude to those resourceful Fillmore East crewmembers who took the
bull by the horns and MADE TAPE. Muchas Garcias, guys.

CONTRIBUTORS Jim Powell Alan Mande
Show Checksums
41409091bf623bd52a8eb30ad49afb1e *gd70-5-15D1T01.shn
cdd20d98126d926682450231a0831fe5 *gd70-5-15D1T02.shn
c56afcf2a382fd24e1e34e39a711f915 *gd70-5-15D1T03.shn
65ac266c91684a1614f1033b59aedfe9 *gd70-5-15D1T04.shn
f2c31638e9e33eca6ebd4d2751823acb *gd70-5-15D1T05.shn
159a62ba7b1404dc0559459294904611 *gd70-5-15D1T06.shn
850813e7a53afe2fa8b0a8bc4a8d0e84 *gd70-5-15D1T07.shn
273a872ed360e86a86766416e5965bd7 *gd70-5-15D1T08.shn
7e5360532086726e92814365c5ee00ec *gd70-5-15D1T09.shn
d30b3b736f06d48b72115acc286fdb90 *gd70-5-15D1T10.shn
f93a0bc01b59c40269b0c8a04c818f8c *gd70-5-15D1T11.shn
8c56b59c447eb50ba7ac1edcd61ed839 *gd70-5-15D1T12.shn
15309d08cc2f183b63e5359d80c535b0 *gd70-5-15D1T13.shn
35d5ea3692aee13e8acdf567a6c18dd7 *gd70-5-15D1T14.shn
01a5f1023a179779b918fb715d153140 *gd70-5-15D1T15.shn
2bfaff1def189b16f41b3456ad679f00 *gd70-5-15D2T01.shn
2d39dc744e394e021886acd958644635 *gd70-5-15D2T02.shn
d99838f916023b90246a408f73439925 *gd70-5-15D2T03.shn
bb5f0d3a345eb948239e0fa5f1b964e8 *gd70-5-15D2T04.shn
929b7a4a9a61bb3fa8714465e0d2e5c6 *gd70-5-15D2T05.shn
3932b3ffdfc03efff66ee802b10f2b0e *gd70-5-15D2T06.shn
30a902b100c4d8cc3a256dd3d6e169bd *gd70-5-15D2T07.shn
e27043194dea7aece874b27cb0844a24 *gd70-5-15D2T08.shn
b91abe7aa7900903683aa575fd77ef1b *gd70-5-15D2T09.shn
7d572622801d8f9a92c9628ffb04d0d1 *gd70-5-15D2T10.shn
d31c236cb74309d020da1bab29bdf534 *gd70-5-15D3T01.shn
3accff166bf34ec08a977d213969863d *gd70-5-15D3T02.shn
dbc0f2f513b3e945176b6bfcd0f845c7 *gd70-5-15D3T03.shn
34876a565bbe3cf05e071643aa3689b3 *gd70-5-15D3T04.shn
12d826e8d42469660394a7f208bb92f8 *gd70-5-15D3T05.shn
22267c90409e9a2ded48046525ad6c82 *gd70-5-15D3T06.shn
d7ca88fb30c6cefe45c575cb497bfabb *gd70-5-15D3T07.shn
98ab654f671167d88e58e1ff7d047de1 *gd70-5-15D3T08.shn
307a0db4ba31973b073a42ddceb3a904 *gd70-5-15D3T09.shn
5dc41f7495737aa1cae82b8fbec72f82 *gd70-5-15D3T10.shn
de4928a7d7ed07fcf4970d8acdd67831 *gd70-5-15D4T01.shn
a3ebb9cbafb12842019d8398f90eb04e *gd70-5-15D4T02.shn
9d38c0c34a9be08d9918f64bedf43c47 *gd70-5-15D4T03.shn
2bc87c9acf732abd5229129d67130f8c *gd70-5-15D4T04.shn
4526084fda5534928148d81eb325150f *gd70-5-15D4T05.shn
f59ba1e36f330f3e294545579921382e *gd70-5-15D4T06.shn
e0a5d16244e4d50fbd3bbeff8fe8f2fd *gd70-5-15D4T07.shn
58c519dbbcfd7c771dfea4ba50fd0e06 *gd70-5-15D4T08.shn
fca06bac15006bc6850e25b534554cf5 *gd70-5-15D4T09.shn
559923b50f41ad4c055ca5d741317040 *gd70-5-15D4T10.shn
cccd093af3b609e134b9baea4b8e16fc *gd70-5-15D4T11.shn
d073966498d0ed28dd8a0b8e9d4ad534 *gd70-5-15D4T12.shn
4d5ba6e4f852f7235e7ec3aeee778101 *gd70-5-15D4T13.shn
dea5759f1cd3ce3c206eec8a16acb0ba *gd70-5-15D4T14.shn
f58022724063e66741dca58de979c287 *gd70-5-15D5T01.shn
b226a0041aa40e42648b83903827fb9b *gd70-5-15D5T02.shn
b51aa82a0a3752529b485ac5854427bb *gd70-5-15D5T03.shn
1a7fbd1b967f60b67ccdbf9e87652aaa *gd70-5-15D5T04.shn
042c0e395beba7ed6a53fff8229f15d5 *gd70-5-15D5T05.shn
ff940bdfcca11c3213438db6c0d8badf *gd70-5-15D5T06.shn
006bdc7cf82c7ef3f736e4ddb40c1476 *gd70-5-15D5T07.shn
539a5e80630e3d68fb03a7f1450726c7 *gd70-5-15D5T08.shn
a525e20ccd0e744a04546cfeb57f69b5 *gd70-5-15D5T09.shn
9e08094668dc6b49d3f7a320089cdce7 *gd70-5-15D6T01.shn
bc89bcc5cf702f0984b887763ec831c7 *gd70-5-15D6T02.shn
8ef5fbadbe4311788b0279eab6f0fe74 *gd70-5-15D6T03.shn
3874e6a6ea6dec104b648d6ea16cc6d0 *gd70-5-15D6T04.shn
7e81b64aff30ec8c2a8649651a7434fe *gd70-5-15D6T05.shn
55732da3ae677205b8beda5723a8ffe6 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T01.shn
0d4bb82c11ec0241b043b8cca1f8a9cf [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T02.shn
a17f6d56288c68408a2b5ea805a81588 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T03.shn
31df3afaa6735470e4b887d0c35c96c1 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T04.shn
6d776ebd85a41dd40ea26904cae9c486 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T05.shn
b2c3b34feed83f27f60d72a8076242b5 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T06.shn
86e106d7b2037f2f670f1388016ebedd [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T07.shn
6af9a032016279ec77fa6ae04aa32f14 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T08.shn
ab2cc0e7e70e7e8ab3fadb96e76ddf38 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T09.shn
8d214e447099970fff752aa4ae4b73d1 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T10.shn
2a758421046a73b2aa53b1f668ae2e38 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T11.shn
0b22200ccc88ed66706fec2e1e3587ec [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T12.shn
288cf8de6331cbe8e71cbf5c6d4c117e [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T13.shn
463506c7ce458e965fff6fe05b4f26f0 [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T14.shn
25007d7ddcf9c118f2ee229cd556bb1e [shntool] gd70-5-15D1T15.shn
f217494e2f1dff46ffb4e421737ad196 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T01.shn
8ddc843a3dbea9a6ba0f6b49c6d2fb56 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T02.shn
ddf86679759603a64b08e28ba0d8e383 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T03.shn
460e29a4df1e75e3f90f4520309e8577 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T04.shn
531cf8754cff1878e44d8945f84da116 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T05.shn
8e79585a92223ecd3436927d1b2002e2 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T06.shn
de3cc3a21c513d543321a9278e3e279c [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T07.shn
a34b1e6bb500a1f3478edcf8d4636d50 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T08.shn
844b35cea77b0219508b42590d7f7854 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T09.shn
01e71866de70502f0eb9f703baebc7c0 [shntool] gd70-5-15D2T10.shn
4c06c16497ccca44e9451b6aa7d426f3 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T01.shn
aaa8d42a95fe9cbf84da32a49e8cc9ed [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T02.shn
2b97d1cae541e3e9ced4d8b7ed6b61ac [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T03.shn
3d1a884ed5b4a57f5a07ecb984edc917 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T04.shn
c722048c13056d4a8aa2ebae9141cf47 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T05.shn
aefe3cae2492e3f6597c80e32abb278b [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T06.shn
23b2792d03dcd491ca9fb95b1fd23a52 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T07.shn
8cea8288516852ab10ad85079a300e57 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T08.shn
2c9fa100ee5a4804ec4e0e342b7749a1 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T09.shn
813a425f3f0a038809858ce6c277ce05 [shntool] gd70-5-15D3T10.shn
6a4bff0e86628090ff9256223e763656 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T01.shn
a5fedeed948cbab987cbb0b753100202 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T02.shn
785ee803f2f77d7b44fe0982b11adbb7 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T03.shn
67ae702449f16ad363e82af6e8ba950b [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T04.shn
a7f9bd7fa352cbc634675b3db792f7d5 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T05.shn
243648dac14876c69e41f49dfaeab2ba [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T06.shn
6546ce507943639d436e3a275e991141 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T07.shn
64596fefd483a5b223b929bda84c32ec [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T08.shn
cd338ff2ba9a33d6d0dcc2a0d584931c [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T09.shn
6aef13a83ac4c0c995905b3eeffa49ae [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T10.shn
c34d1c471e11fe8f5ac1254bd4a5a1f8 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T11.shn
7dd2d571e050357dc0864c771a5ef52e [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T12.shn
69827ebe2e9137a6bb85216c0742bc3a [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T13.shn
459977c894b76d6fac67b428a3943ba4 [shntool] gd70-5-15D4T14.shn
424d3d5c20542368f08c6e1bfc0f6857 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T01.shn
ce073e4a872cdb1603aaec0ec1256115 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T02.shn
42f994c9d06195e212c647743778d9b2 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T03.shn
f972bb99cf4634766aa44bc126260d4a [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T04.shn
b38f7831cf9563d844b32700162256a4 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T05.shn
7e9334b789bf35c3e9ef77e263e86ac7 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T06.shn
4c3e594650cce830a80de8fe29e690f4 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T07.shn
523c36087dcc8cd5b763bd5064c0550d [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T08.shn
6de0f82c21bf36443bf0df968f657785 [shntool] gd70-5-15D5T09.shn
02aef7f4ada0549ba7901b95bc33fd7c [shntool] gd70-5-15D6T01.shn
129abad2f9b3cc046cdec6328acfa8a0 [shntool] gd70-5-15D6T02.shn
5ae881bfd4e7bd3e7c12167984d1ffd1 [shntool] gd70-5-15D6T03.shn
1efe00fccf838e8f731deebe717d1e54 [shntool] gd70-5-15D6T04.shn
3644289e58ffc60c0d1f482ab3755b07 [shntool] gd70-5-15D6T05.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
New Master Reel transfer:... (7) flac24; source: aud... (0) flac16; source: aud... (0)
Date User Comment
12/25/2000 Dr. Dick An ansume show. one of the best. This shn is A+ in my opinion. A must get!!
04/22/2001 Andrew Smith Hi all. I just downloaded this show, and have yet to burn as something has
me perplexed. It is the version of 5-15-70 with the complete NRPS set, and
SBD>Master Reel>DAT lineage. On the info file however the sequence of Mama
Tried, Sawmill, M&MU, Connection occurs twice. The first is on disc three
following the Dead's late accoustic set. It then occurs again on disc 4 to
end the late NRPS set. Is this two different versions (which I doubt)? And
if not, is there a reason for it occuring twice on the recordings. The
first one also adds "1st copy" to describe it, so is that version perhaps
MR>DAT, instead of MR>Cass/2>DAT as the rest of the NRPS stuff is? Is any
of this intelligable?
01/01/2002 Dan K I recently downloaded this sweet show from gdlive. Note that the version on gdlive has a bad shn file for d1t03 (gd70-5-15D1T03.shn). The file fails md5 verification (both the md5 file on gdlive and this one on shncirc). I also get an premature EOF on compressed stream when converting this file to WAV. I've downloaded it a few times and the length checks out, so I think the gdlive file is bad. (This was one of the shows originally in "newshows" on 11/04/01 then lossed in the disc array crash and then restored apparently on 12/27/01.) If anyone can upload a good one, it would start my year off right!! Thanks.
03/13/2002 Chuck All files ofr this show on now pass the .md5 check.
10/01/2002 GDLIVE
08/09/2003 Matt To add to the confusion of the New Riders w/Weir repeated tracks is there's 11 songs listed in the txt. for disc 3 but only are 10 tracks (md5s also only show 10).
03/12/2004 Chuck Frolio On d3 Mama Tried and Sawmill are on the same track, which accounts for the difference between song titles count and md5 count.