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KVHW 07/17/99
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary {AUD} Neumann KM184's > Beyer > Graham Patton A/D; Transfer info unknown. 
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Wetlands Preserve
New York City, NY

Mic Info: possibly Nuemann KM184's > Beyer > Graham Patton A/D converter
This is questionable, the md5s don't match the ones in the database. May be the same source but with a DAE step.  Hope this helps. ~RAD~

Disc 1:

Set I:

1. If You Only Knew
2. Same World
3. My Favorite Things
4. Express Yourself
5. Nine > Ring Around the Moon > Nine

Disc 2:

1. Tangled Hangers

Set II

2. Drums (Alan Hertz & John Morgan)
3. Spring Water
4. Broken String Blues
5. High & Lonesome >
6. Porn Crash
7. Kissin' the Boo Boo

Disc 3

1. Hillbillies on PCP
2. It's Impossible


3. Bad Hair (w/o Terry Hagerty)

txt. file compiled on 5/21/02 by Rad Davenport ([email protected])
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89ff782c23a3d61b0b2ef323bc778949 *kvhw99-07-17d1t1.shn
27444e45c0020619a50c60a3fff85a0b *kvhw99-07-17d1t2.shn
49812280fb190679c663f7f92518a383 *kvhw99-07-17d1t3.shn
cc28462efc2bb0faeea392ac556c76ef *kvhw99-07-17d1t4.shn
367e30c3047efc66a03e9fb0edae9943 *kvhw99-07-17d1t5.shn
03943e646008abeb93458a322b865992 *kvhw99-07-17d2t1.shn
77cdc99690277d32444cb36d287ca797 *kvhw99-07-17d2t2.shn
de1ccf52892eef76dd5430f78f97dcf2 *kvhw99-07-17d2t3.shn
3bdcf1c0638a3854909fb675e82a5acd *kvhw99-07-17d2t4.shn
215c16532cba80c09b787b1bb28ff76f *kvhw99-07-17d2t5.shn
d23a04207b2f90c26395c8ecee24bbca *kvhw99-07-17d2t6.shn
d04bfaf03bf545a26ae642f4d472515d *kvhw99-07-17d2t7.shn
5f9aa185f27ee2b2bfd9d780599a1dd3 *kvhw99-07-17d3t1.shn
0d0cb928cde2348c102c3172ea97a2c4 *kvhw99-07-17d3t2.shn
82a6f2b9a6a3f03f851c0f28caaa88fd *kvhw99-07-17d3t3.shn

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