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Zero 04/23/93
The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
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Source Summary AUD/SBD Matrix mix. 30/70. Aud. rec w/ a 4 channel krell ambisonic mic.  
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The Fox Theatre, Boulder Colorado
Set I+II

AUD/SBD Matrix mix.  30/70.  Aud. rec w/ a 4 channel krell ambisonic mic.  

1. Cole's Law
2. Tangled Hangers
3. Catalina
4. Outskirts of Town
5. Horses
6. Mercury Blues
7. (extra track -- combine w/ t6 or remove before burning)

1. Highway 61
2. Home on the Range
3. Many Rivers
4. ?
5. "Mill Valley Bums Have Beemers"
6. Chance in a Million
7. Rigor Mortis
8. Stage Banter > Golden Road (?)

setlist has errors
circulates with alternate .txt file, but the same .md5
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82f56273dd0407f51e766a7f3ead286b *Trackd101.shn
64a44cc2dd6fcbbb0d921499c915aefb *Trackd102.shn
e817493eef8c58d08c69a2f36dfa6168 *Trackd103.shn
91f245371b6c2d07f981024fc09a541f *Trackd104.shn
20903e02f1564d16c3ae37222e309296 *Trackd105.shn
2cd05543a5929cde743f260673ab203a *Trackd106.shn
f7bf1c9256f7bd0ab71a7c555e834324 *Trackd107.shn
bbbaa78159e921803f0c96146190b3d8 *Trackd201.shn
cc2cf53fd55f931e76333762e4dc44a4 *Trackd202.shn
3f115c91929f9846c756395d430eb9af *Trackd203.shn
01ea1e240d6fe368ddcf2fc1bb05125a *Trackd204.shn
3bbb3f4a916ab140cdea206587f6d3ee *Trackd205.shn
c607f4dff311fa545b94f8befc4b4da5 *Trackd206.shn
3f1dc6fa0fa44bcab8c1d9c25dcc0039 *Trackd207.shn
d15865bd3659ab8b1e80e13a29617a6d *Trackd208.shn

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Date User Comment
11/20/2004 Uncle Cyclops I have the second set list as follows:
Home On The Range
Tear Tags Off Mattressess
Many River To Cross
BMW Bums
Chance In A Million
Rigor Mortis
Golden Road
Greggs Eggs
Little Wing
05/24/2008 sloppy The version on the LMA appears to be a re-shn. It's md5 does not match this one. The md5 on the LMA is:
3e5b75c5b9acd18f905750f3aa96752a *zero93-04-23d2t2.shn
20c4f15f2aba4dbfcf33145f0967966e *zero93-04-23d1t2.shn
eeea3c27022d7a35d2e0da262f482e34 *zero93-04-23d1t3.shn
2aca9ca3658de9233908146b8e43f465 *zero93-04-23d1t4.shn
e74736a5cacaeae0cd8194802f56d124 *zero93-04-23d1t5.shn
13adac59121734304a2302396b19dc18 *zero93-04-23d1t6.shn
018fba83fe425f37d731f96aadaa251d *zero93-04-23d2t1.shn
aab8f282eafcea281fb16c22b0a0d76a *zero93-04-23d1t1.shn
ca4962f308e0a39d0015751749d851c0 *zero93-04-23d2t3.shn
3c67117ae82e79cce0579b414ff52085 *zero93-04-23d2t4.shn
2a5a456fd77424f7b5978aa46b54b4ab *zero93-04-23d2t5.shn
dcfcaea7beca5b41eda167e89b3bd66a *zero93-04-23d2t6.shn
591df0894993d7d036473b377ea42982 *zero93-04-23d2t7.shn
a985748746c97ea14a0c52f4348b365a *zero93-04-23d2t8.shn