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Grateful Dead 11/19/66
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary It Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN; Dead material is d1 of 6-disc misc 1966-68 SF band compilation (see info); other md5s are included here for reference 
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It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN    : 1966-1968
    (81 track collection on 6 CDs)

------------------------Volume 1:

The Grateful Dead      (partially broadcast on KSAN)
Fillmore Auditorium 11/19/66

1.  Bill Graham Introduction            (0:37)
2.  Cold Rain And Snow                  (3:08)
3.  Hi Heeled Sneakers                  (4:43)
4.  Pain In My Heart                    (4:02)
5.  Beat It On Down The Line            (2:59)
6.  Cream Puff War                      (7:40)
7.  The Same Thing                      (11:23)
8.  He Was A Friend Of Mine             (4:36)
9.  Dancin In The Street                (7:37)
10. Smokestack Lightning                (8:42)
11. King Bee                            (5:30)
12. In The Midnight Hour                (18.20)

-------------------------Volume 2:

Fillmore Auditorium   1966 & 67     (various shows)
1.  3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds         (5:12)      
2.  Runnin' Round                       (2:36)
3.  Somebody To Love                    (3:07)
4.  Today                               (3:23)
5.  Get Together                        (4:12)
6.  Other Side Of This Life             (6:50)
7.  Fat Angel                           (6:58)
8.  ...Grace talk...                    (0:04)
9.  Go To Her                           (4:21)
10. She Has Funny Cars                  (3:35)

Avalon Ballroom   1966    
11. Dino's Song                         (3:47)
12. Gold And Silver                     (2:11)
13. Smokestack Lightning                (6:09)

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH   (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1967    
14. Flying High                         (4:49)
15. Thought Dream                       (6:45)
16. H-Bomb Song                         (3:53)

-------------------------Volume 3:

BO DIDDLEY      (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1966
1.  Gunslinger                          (3:25)
2.  Eastern Thang                       (10:06)
3.  Great Grand Daddy                   (5:40)
4.  Hey Bo Diddley                      (3:10)
5.  Everybody Needs Somebody            (8:47)

THE BYRDS   (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1968    
6.  So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star  (2:46)
7.  Goin' Back                          (4:31)
8.  This Wheels On Fire                 (4:34)

MOBY GRAPE    (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1967    
9.  It Depends On You                   (7:34)
10. Changes                             (4:23)
11. Leavin'                             (1:57)
12. Grape Jam with Big Brother...       (5:18)

-------------------------Volume 4:

Avalon Ballroom   1967  
1.  Tupelo                              (4:17)
2.  Old Folks Boogie                    (3:07)
3.  Evil                                (2:38)
4.  Instrumental                        (3:12)

Avalon Ballroom   1967  (except track 8 is Fillmore 1968)  
5.  Bye Bye Baby                        (4:10)
6.  Women Is Losers                     (5:04)
7.  Call On Me                          (3:51)
8.  Ball And Chain                      (10:52)

Avalon Ballroom   1968    
9.  Big Boy                             (6:49)
10. Let Me Be Your Man                  (8:24)
11. Goin' Down Louisiana                (13:21)
12. If You Gotta Go, Go Now->Jam        (9:03)

-------------------------Volume 5:

Fillmore Auditorium 1968  
1.  Suzy Q                              (11:36)

SANTANA      (KSAN Production Reel)
Carousel Ballroom   1968  
2.  Treat->drums->>                     (11:30)
3.  Jingo                               (4:40)

STEVE MILLER BAND      (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1967 & 68     (various shows)
4.  Steppin High                            (6:36)
5.  Can You Feel Your Daddy's Heartbeat?    (2:57)
6.  Blues With A Feeling                    (6:41)
7.  Living In The USA                       (4:26)
8.  Steppin' Stone                          (3:10)

THE SPARROW  (Pre-Steppenwolf)    (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1967      
9.  Corrina, Corrina/                       (1:50)
10. Baby Please Don't Go                    (4:24)
11. Searchin'/                              (0:56)
12. Things Won't Be The Same->jam           (8:03)

THE DOORS     (KSAN Production Reel)
Avalon Ballroom   1967    
13. Who Do You Love                 (3:49)

-------------------------Volume 6:

THE FINAL SOLUTION    (Soundboard Reel)
The Matrix  1966       (SBD)
1.  Announcements/Intro             (0:44)
2.  Tell Me Again                   (6:01)
3.  Bleeding Rose                   (8:22)
4.  If You Want                     (4:14)
5.  You Say You Love Me->           (4:23)
    Got My Mojo Workin'
6.  Time Is Here And Now            (2:58)
7.  Bo Diddley Meets Sandy Nelson   (5:07)
8.  Truck Drivin Son Of A Gun       (4:05)
9.  Just Like Gold                  (7:04)
10. Misty Mind                      (6:12)
11. So Long Goodbye->               (0:39)                              
12. America The Beautiful           (0:47)

THE KALIEDESCOPE (w/David Lindley)  (broadcast on KSAN )
1968 Studio Outtake:
13. Just A Taste                    (2:09)

TERRY REID  (w/David Lindley)   (broadcast on KSAN )
1968 Studio Outtakes:
14. Silver And White Light          (4:44)
15. With No Expression              (5:07)
16. Think Twice                     (4:43)

These are recordings from the heyday of Underground Radio in San Francisco.
This set includes 82 tracks on 6 CDs (most are 80 minute CDs), featuring many
live performances, primarily produced and broadcast by radio station KSAN FM.
Many of the most popular (and a few lesser known) musicians are represented
during the key three years when Bay Area psychadelic music was peaking; from
1966 to 1968.  The majority of these recordings came from the Avalon Ballroom
and the Fillmore Auditorium, where KSAN often recorded sets and created
production reels for local FM transmission. Since the production reels
primarily featured edited highlights, theres a consistantly high caliber of
performances documented here.

This collection is not, I repeat not, a duplication of the excellent "San
Franciscan Nights" compilation. Duplicating that material was, as much as
possible, intentionally avoided.  However, there are some exceptions. 9 of
the 82 tracks in this collection were also included on the SFN compilation.
These 9 tracks were repeated here because they were either in different or
more complete form, as per KSAN production reels, and/or were of improved
quality. Here are those details:

Thought Dream (now part of an expanded Avalon set)

Old Folks Boogie (now part of expanded Avalon set - was mistitled on SFN as
"Woe Is Uh Me Bop")

Bye Bye Baby, Women Is Losers, Call On Me, Ball & Chain (1st 3 are Avalon 67,
not 68 as notated on SFN. Upgraded.)

Suzy Q (Upgraded)

Treat->drums->Jingo (Upgraded. These were the two Santana tracks not listed
on the SFN tracklists.)

Other than those 9 exceptions, the 82 tracks on these CDs are all different
recordings than "San Franciscan Nights"

Theres a surprisingly strong continuity when listening to all these bands
together.  The only set questioned was the Bo Diddley set. It was decided to
include this because unlike many/most of his contemporaries, he wasn't just
regurgitating his hits by the mid-1960s. Check out the spacey modal jamming
on "Eastern Thang," and the approach of his band and you'll hear how well it
fits.  (He even has an electric violinist on this 1966 Avalon Ballroom set!
If anyone knows or has recollections who backed him around this time, we'd
all enjoy hearing about it.)

Although the majority of these recordings came from KSAN production reels,
several related non-KSAN recordings are also included.

Thanks to Harvey Lubar and the distribution people of San Franciscan Nights.
All the people that helped spread that collection around for free directly
inspired the start of this project.

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Mailing-List: list [email protected]; contact [email protected]
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 11:00:21 EST
Subject: [tradedead] It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN       : 1966-1968

I offered this awesome new KSAN anthology up on a few other lists and think
there might be some interest here too, even though most of you probably have
some or all of the Dead portion. I'm also looking for two Dead shows:
12/11/69 Thelma Theatre SBD and 8/18/70 AUD with known geneology.  And a shot
in the dark--if anyone here happens to have an A&M Records advance copy of an
album called Silver Bell by Patty Griffin, I'm trying to find a copy of this
unreleased album. It's all around in MP3 form but I'd like a clone of the
actual advance CD. The album was cancelled and the label dropped her, but not
before advance review copies went out, so I know its around. Anyone?

Will also do a KSAN set B&P for someone who will offer it back up to the
list. Otherwise, open to trading, so send a list if interested.   Stu

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b8af303443a0f099a19f583f25bfaf9a *ksan66-68d1t06.shn
1e044ed4f6d80bcc11bd5434245fba6e *ksan66-68d1t07.shn
b04fac5a078036c92e9b5ee93fcc789c *ksan66-68d1t08.shn
fc3185a4d8e21d6585db94e90c5e8d8a *ksan66-68d1t09.shn
77103f99ca6fb750f0a86d2f1f868da3 *ksan66-68d1t10.shn
119e71c665f27874b653e7d797f00ee7 *ksan66-68d1t11.shn
6f2d82320763c561f0e444e14c5137ca *ksan66-68d1t01.shn
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9d2efcb7b6f8850a90e71a1c7dfed430 *ksan66-68d5t04.shn
8267121a8ce7dd8e7ba5d25de10d2661 *ksan66-68d5t05.shn
599ccaa6dc983a7aa7279b9e3e49ece9 *ksan66-68d5t06.shn
9eee8e7e3478da6369d8215b966ac11b *ksan66-68d5t07.shn
ff5831efc99943ecf99661a1c97664f2 *ksan66-68d5t08.shn
b2c881314f1c4afd5043a2907954f4d4 *ksan66-68d5t09.shn
03bdebec6d133dbad25829ee37714ce9 *ksan66-68d5t10.shn
9f1b1f5066f2cacbcd7c3dc48b34495d *ksan66-68d5t11.shn
1af13c8c3b751ed44993a9febf9c697b *ksan66-68d5t12.shn
be6bb81da14bd95c13c5b19bfffd5219 *ksan66-68d5t01.shn
187a830cebface3c87206fb2c1192082 *ksan66-68d6t13.shn
61a9f19ba1ecd71c63974e7a052bcc88 *ksan66-68d6t02.shn
6aef09479458fe5952b5ee40cf366ad3 *ksan66-68d6t03.shn
2b0fade755f80df0ed49b156635b2678 *ksan66-68d6t04.shn
82c00d21ba799df72c3713ecf9ba5932 *ksan66-68d6t05.shn
a3e6d6fba3f46ea5e95c12823e3892f3 *ksan66-68d6t06.shn
f954e8b320ce73bc0aa7489a6ae254cb *ksan66-68d6t07.shn
e28277cf91e50d8026a051ddd7f3776f *ksan66-68d6t08.shn
e68c99e827f14cebbb27c5e2809f4b61 *ksan66-68d6t09.shn
58bbd55bd895e394f8ca152969b826d8 *ksan66-68d6t10.shn
34691917c6ca64515bbc4fea35a401bb *ksan66-68d6t11.shn
c7fefcd871132cd95be11e53b4de1fbd *ksan66-68d6t12.shn
decad51a328f3e49f33a4bb2fa9bb5d2 *ksan66-68d6t01.shn
74dd0e79d75661f38661e172890eeb18 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t01.shn
9812c69a63dda20b4cef7b15b6cce70d [shntool] ksan66-68d1t02.shn
5505bf632715aad5ea23cf6bf7a89645 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t03.shn
253c2e006f020d089cc55d9d5606340c [shntool] ksan66-68d1t04.shn
ac91421f1d7917fdd47a793427354d22 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t05.shn
0fe0cc8fd4e444f6f6a657e23869a67c [shntool] ksan66-68d1t06.shn
95f1a834185ab19982545fc347a08df1 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t07.shn
6d79549540430803e55f5dea763a77f4 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t08.shn
d293e14a46c4624e0cd07f3be30c85a8 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t09.shn
3ad37eb2dbda5f9ff690dbf063994f5a [shntool] ksan66-68d1t10.shn
0e7d4329a4d138bf23705dfa40093516 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t11.shn
ae7bcc853fbc1832830ddbfa47da7851 [shntool] ksan66-68d1t12.shn

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05/31/2002 Hamilton, Diana As admin I have set up a linkage to the "artist name" It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN. As a result, if you want to add this material to your list under that name, you will be able to select this shn set under "Link SHN". Note it'll still be listed under 11/19/66 even though the overall set is 1966-68.
03/22/2004 jon van duinen I would love a copy of Patty Griffin's silver bell. did you ever get one. if so please let me know how to do this.
03/19/2007 bearkatt Disc 6 has two extra tracks by Joy of Cooking, doing Lemon Jefferson's BAD LUCK BLUES and their own THOUSAND MILES. Haven't figured out the date or venue, byt the Final Solution set at the Matrix is like a 3 July 1966 show.