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Solar Circus 12/31/96
Lithuanian Hall, Baltimore, MD
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Entered by Michael Townshend
Checksums md5-all , ffp-all
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD->DAT-Cass->Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit ->FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper 
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Solar Circus


Lithuanian Hall
Baltimore MD

SBD->DAT-Cass->Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) ->
Cooledit ->FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper

Set 2
1. NYE Countdown Auld Lang Syne
2. One MOre Time
3. Shelter
4. Spin Song
5. Tuning
6. Almost Remember
7. Mountain Marlane
8. Around and Around
9. The Coast Hungry Moon
10. Tuning
11. Locomotive Breath
12. Tabla Rasa
13. Shades Of Blue

Set 3
1. Drums
2. White Rabbit*
3. Midnight Moonlight*
4. Why Don't We Do It In The Road*

* members of Recipe on Vocals
Show Checksums
bd2446fef12346799d55c8fc6fa2bd06 *Solar 1996-12-31d1t01 NYE Auld Lang Syne.flac
e15942ed126365f368b8cced0e2dc918 *Solar 1996-12-31d1t02 One More Time.flac
23290440e5495609ef553f075cfe8f3f *Solar 1996-12-31d1t03 Shelter.flac
0a91470730a8307724b8bec532b5c514 *Solar 1996-12-31d1t04 Spin Song.flac
a910ae98812a10842a2bd44c40166d72 *Solar 1996-12-31d1t05 Tuning.flac
1d8fa65ee98a8a593ccb66fba4c78bde *Solar 1996-12-31d1t06 Almost Remember.flac
f75ca52549af7ceef6601f528688b7af *Solar 1996-12-31d1t07 Mountain Marlane.flac
73345af4d2efdd1d7392279d44ae5c8c *Solar 1996-12-31d1t08 Around and Around.flac
56a9bd4e61dbfa69ff6d0dc7369fe6eb *Solar 1996-12-31d1t09 The Coast Hungry Moon.flac
ef58ca45c14568ce493558da98e27db0 *Solar 1996-12-31d1t10 Tuninig.flac
801d9edccbab4431e98f1ba9f6ff9967 *Solar 1996-12-31d1t11 Locomotive Breath.flac
5d3a20f0028bdb2ac650a1bcec61045e *Solar 1996-12-31d1t12 Tabla Rasa.flac
eeeed7854aee80c963ada2690306f8d2 *Solar 1996-12-31d2t01 Shades of Blue.flac
a443667f153813075769faf5d4a39b1d *Solar 1996-12-31d2t02 Drums.flac
10416a67ce622bfc9195ed787df72c80 *Solar 1996-12-31d2t03 White Rabbit.flac
815a2be53f352b3afb36c22d46f3448c *Solar 1996-12-31d2t04 Midnight Moonlight.flac
2b2eb2755f9ceeac43f1877f0cb56095 *Solar 1996-12-31d2t05 WDWDIITR.flac
Solar 1996-12-31d1t01 NYE Auld Lang Syne.flac:82410c95276f3fd58e6e39132b5aa0ac
Solar 1996-12-31d1t02 One More Time.flac:59615ddb641e4bb0a0de1ad1443bc81c
Solar 1996-12-31d1t03 Shelter.flac:103b9c2ee1800234c2e4aa5f4a596ef9
Solar 1996-12-31d1t04 Spin Song.flac:ae1e9566b54167bb05e36ced69746ab1
Solar 1996-12-31d1t05 Tuning.flac:492cbe41ace17adc42a5f4e68c533cf8
Solar 1996-12-31d1t06 Almost Remember.flac:ed2ff01e7c105a547ae8790c4f82da0f
Solar 1996-12-31d1t07 Mountain Marlane.flac:1429fec6f12f42be898f0d6d265fd05c
Solar 1996-12-31d1t08 Around and Around.flac:e883f28178cd009e2bca24ddfac0e6c0
Solar 1996-12-31d1t09 The Coast Hungry Moon.flac:883bfe8e3782b025f1ed3504f12b39a9
Solar 1996-12-31d1t10 Tuninig.flac:1878b69a04b0e25ddc6a325e31d28979
Solar 1996-12-31d1t11 Locomotive Breath.flac:47e7a4b23f3e7a40bcdd95c552adb4c7
Solar 1996-12-31d1t12 Tabla Rasa.flac:fea28d0f709cd0781a823295400a508d
Solar 1996-12-31d2t01 Shades of Blue.flac:7e2fc195dd53dab47f6309988151db74
Solar 1996-12-31d2t02 Drums.flac:0abe6567dbdc205390eb218230369166
Solar 1996-12-31d2t03 White Rabbit.flac:ba344003ebe0005bd8fdeca84527f21d
Solar 1996-12-31d2t04 Midnight Moonlight.flac:8c6b6dfb6539020bba9d74f62cbf896d
Solar 1996-12-31d2t05 WDWDIITR.flac:1429783888cca0ace180ac836874da2b

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