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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/22/98
Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
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Source Summary at 4051> mv100> dap1; Conversion: sony r300> sek'd prodif plus> samplitude> cdwav; retracked A. Chen version with new info file, fixed by P. Rocco 
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medeski, martin, and wood
stubbs BBQ
austin, TX

source:  at 4051>mv100>dap1

conversion:  allan chen
sony r300>sek'd prodif plus>samplitude>cdwav

**no DAE.  dat>wav>shn

first, I really had no idea where to put track marks.  But it's better
than one huge track.  second, the 2nd set seems to be cut.  that's how it
is on the dat.

compiled by allan chen

Tracking by Pete Rocco ([email protected])  12/2-3/99

I decompressed the original Shorten files, and used the Open Append
feature in Cool Edit 96 to link them into one big .wav file.  I then used
CDWav to split the tracks.  I did not touch the original audio at all; all
fades, etc. are from the original .shns.  There is also various wind-noise
throughout; is Stubbs an outdoor venue?  I made a seperate track (d2t11)
for the band intros and pre-encore so that it didn't add any extra time to
Bubblehouse, and so that you could FF to the Encore if you liked.  I did
find FAITU in this show (d2t4) which was not previously listed on the
setlist page.

Disc 1  -  Set 1   (52:02)

1.  Hip Chops >                         (12:04)
2.  Latin Shuffle >                     (10:37)
3.  Bass Solo/Noise                     (6:16)
4.  Coconut Boogaloo >                  (8:16)
5.  Wiggly's Way/Band Intros            (7:27)
6.  Jelly Belly                         (7:17)

Disc 2  -  Set 2   (73:34)

1.  DJ Logic Setbreak                   (3:07)
2.  Jam >                               (7:16)
3.  Start/Stop >                        (7:47)
4.  FAITU >                             (3:29)
5.  ITAHTLMJ >                          (6:59)
6.  Spy Kiss >                          (7:25)
7.  Tubby                               (5:56)
8.  Sugarcraft >                        (4:48)
9.  Everyday People                     (8:29)
10.  Bubblehouse                        (6:50)
11.  Band Intros/Encore Waiting         (2:52)
12.  Gonzo                              (8:30)

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77c28e0782ee88eaa0ba3e8bb42dffee *mmw98-5-22d1t06.shn
cdb53e8597e36343fbecfa07637eba81 *mmw98-5-22d1t02.shn
a3b7d476ed40255e6edef0a7e341002a *mmw98-5-22d1t03.shn
7675dedef934c0b911d1ce53b53f5b1b *mmw98-5-22d1t04.shn
0879e4f95b5afa77af8fa63e078221e4 *mmw98-5-22d1t05.shn
5200e81b71b5272699623f9667b2c35f *mmw98-5-22d1t01.shn
bb5679b66cf2e25b5224e4012e3b1569 *mmw98-5-22d212.shn
82406f4bbabeade6ab9a39ba8b73ae3d *mmw98-5-22d202.shn
c04b99dd4dbb1cc82fbdd05a4faa8be6 *mmw98-5-22d203.shn
d634a8191d77d0d39b7b5b4048238188 *mmw98-5-22d204.shn
0da7b5c73086e4985a093fc8827cb8e7 *mmw98-5-22d205.shn
47e5a97090eb977bec2e0493374482b6 *mmw98-5-22d206.shn
8784d718b4a08c7b77c55d7716454020 *mmw98-5-22d207.shn
c8ec99200e107dd8e7308fe4f737965c *mmw98-5-22d208.shn
ff3e0e1284601e520755a84bb073b0a6 *mmw98-5-22d209.shn
1bf57d154f8c79408ae02f855b10d74a *mmw98-5-22d210.shn
9667718ffa0b5590db452fee5c4de703 *mmw98-5-22d211.shn
53e28a98dad7438dfed693329e4f7c7f *mmw98-5-22d201.shn

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