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Ween 10/31/01
Patrick Gym, UVM, Burlington, VT
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Entered by Justin Weiss
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Source Summary Microtech Geffels M210s -> sound device mp2 preamp -> Sony D8 DAT 
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WEEN - 10/31/01  Patrick Gymnasium
                 UVM : Burlington, VT   (DAUD)

Microtech Geffels M210s -> sound device mp2 preamp -> Sony D8 DAT

1. Captain Fantasy
2. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
3. Take Me Away
4. Mister Richard Smoker
5. Waving My Dick In The Wind
6. Buckingham Green
7. Ice Castles
8. Bananas & Blow
9. Albino Sunburned Girl
10. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
11. Touch My Tooter
12. Doctor Rock
13. I Can't Put My Finger On It
14. Voodoo Lady
15. Piss Up A Rope
16. Band On The Run

1. Don't Laugh (I Love You)
2. Roses Are Free
3. What Deaner Was Talkin' About
4. I'm In The Mood
5. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
6. Fat Lenny
7. Frank
8. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
9. Booze Me Up & Get Me High
10. The Blarney Stone
11. You Fucked Up
12. Sketches Of Winkle

comments :  posted by robbalto (Furthur ID)  GSWRobLittle  (AIM)
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START DISC 2  WITH  TRACK 17 ! ! ! !

      10/27, 10/28 & 10/30  all posted from the same mics.
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559ebae4cd6e15a4ae52782fda734095 *Track03.shn
c2dd8073ee6f51c4d9228b0fc12d59b4 *Track04.shn
733634fb49855728c96451daecf0477c *Track05.shn
82deee55f2763f5581a6cb36a5aa4a08 *Track06.shn
08a8ca910a28226105b2acd2275b2d0b *Track07.shn
0f25db9512467b254131c1e99b34b543 *Track08.shn
874f5a06312ec61a59b148575b67938f *Track09.shn
9e8dab14d7fba1eb219098978c6652bc *Track10.shn
9f3898f08efa242bbd501bec16067304 *Track11.shn
971bd5f785214207c91fe49f1eff6ba6 *Track12.shn
57f0e4f53cddcf92d42efb5657e900b3 *Track13.shn
30a86d458df000fe66a8cc48f8be3d1a *Track14.shn
151194f3ec464c24a5822d4227aa6878 *Track15.shn
7373d76739433dfb921725cbeedabff2 *Track17.shn
e2ebb2c6f9b7a52d039767272cf9e4be *Track18.shn
d1b167ab0bad70437d39e4fa98d12bf6 *Track19.shn
d081f5ff00942f7e48547a5db08eb4ce *Track20.shn
ba07ac52d0f0ed43ad174e5c3d00d020 *Track21.shn
8388d131c3210fd96b4c77280185d19a *Track22.shn
0792185d7ef765ca143d0c13e06fa181 *Track23.shn
fb73d1e279bdbfa98613cf93da11e6a4 *Track24.shn
70913eea406bb2feb1c3f60df4706ad9 *Track25.shn
f2446dd9f6e401a0be436d31378962a3 *Track26.shn
575f0bd52c950a5ee7daefb9b28103c4 *Track27.shn
1ca1ada0fc048c71040108a07624f2d2 *Track28.shn
0a586a9177161bc0fca9da27dffd166d *Track29.shn
784fe101cf66e6982f2fb4bde79c7a95 *Track30.shn

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