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Grateful Dead 12/11/79
Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
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Source # 9799 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary Nak CM-700s-> Sony TC-D5; MAC>R>D>CD; via Jack Warner; Seeded to etree by Don Chase 
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Grateful Dead
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall
Kansas City, KS

Recorded with Nak CM-700s-> Sony TC-D5
transfer by Jack Warner
EAC-> wav-> shn by Don Chase

Disc 1 [58:14]
Set I    
01. [05:55] Jack Straw
02. [07:18] Loser
03. [03:15] Me & My Uncle ->
04. [05:51] Big River
05. [10:45] Althea//
06. [03:37] Easy to Love You ->
07. [07:53] Minglewood Blues
08. [05:49] China Cat Sunflower ->
09. [07:48] I Know You Rider

Disc 2 [69:35]
Set II
01. [11:45] Shakedown Street ->
02. [06:53] Samson & Delilah
03. [09:54] Ship of Fools
04. [11:47] Terrapin Station ->
05. [07:23] Lost Sailor
06. [14:27] Saint of Circumstance ->
07. [07:23] Jam -> Drums ->

Disc 3 [33:55]
Set II continued
01. [06:55] Not Fade Away ->
02. [09:31] Black Peter ->
03. [09:21] Sugar Magnolia
04. [04:05] Alabama Getaway ->
05. [04:00] The Promised Land

COMMENTS (from Deadlists)
Full stop and pause after Lost Sailor.
Saint of Circumstance has a different intro from most versions.
Jam before Drums is similar to the Estimated Prophet Jam.

1. shntool confirms tracks on sector boundaries
2. flaws noted by [email protected]
d1t8 brief partial drop out or volume drop ~0:03
d2t7 ~7:06 brief skip/drop out?
d3t2 -> d3t3 transition has pop?

Show Checksums
5fa966ca033920f09600205554ca00be *gd1979-12-11d1t01.shn
f2d52b0696889218dd68facc6f9fdb63 *gd1979-12-11d1t02.shn
ae1fcc182250a9dd9951e8c30b828fcf *gd1979-12-11d1t03.shn
6601fa16e257999ad3ee420f4fc618dd *gd1979-12-11d1t04.shn
cda0222d754cb0fb3e4f0196c1ebbfe5 *gd1979-12-11d1t05.shn
b13fac189188463c09147c781520b478 *gd1979-12-11d1t06.shn
e50f7027a5cf7597c4b06ef1a8f87b31 *gd1979-12-11d1t07.shn
54bd2ddb0998b1a0d04f3a5b493d7ef5 *gd1979-12-11d1t08.shn
1d090a22b724da0e2c4e32ab010ecb7d *gd1979-12-11d1t09.shn
009f870d9ebb039c9e084e4a44bf6e09 *gd1979-12-11d2t01.shn
e511f3d22257f4ab9465096862753281 *gd1979-12-11d2t02.shn
f59e45c2a60548f2b18aaf6309529331 *gd1979-12-11d2t03.shn
3b161f88593b819bdc70307d20818d30 *gd1979-12-11d2t04.shn
add4a40cb1b505d5b36ba24aa155e629 *gd1979-12-11d2t05.shn
1c32201cb40e1de3ed29c61329f6bb07 *gd1979-12-11d2t06.shn
f55dcd65ed7996e00cf6386e41432f8d *gd1979-12-11d2t07.shn
39d707ba3b7f502c565bcf402c6c4fc9 *gd1979-12-11d3t01.shn
4d45c7edb5049d911ee8b1b9ba2664f1 *gd1979-12-11d3t02.shn
0752b038f4ae4920a90f1fd5805ed719 *gd1979-12-11d3t03.shn
54e6c52729ab32eb1bb59a79ff8f881a *gd1979-12-11d3t04.shn
cdb4e3e47a499e05373ee198952e622e *gd1979-12-11d3t05.shn
a9c38140eaccd0ff39899d8340f479f5 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t01.shn
d10e4acd3fd39146b7436875f7e66529 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t02.shn
1e3a7beb1389bcd4453d766f2132dec4 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t03.shn
714c5fc417a2a7bc45899477e6d8d8a9 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t04.shn
493931405cc38067b1feae08bc95ce47 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t05.shn
0f281d5ca55fa435e70f16cc15613bac [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t06.shn
7ea80f29fb2928a477c00516caa6c677 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t07.shn
37e14023ce28f473a14ee0352772dbcf [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t08.shn
99223595be7fcf77602f9951d25e7566 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d1t09.shn
0b684d76aabe3377799415f844a90706 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t01.shn
17089997130c1f3f41fa88b9eb8d0b20 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t02.shn
85a8a45c2c60236c20bc103c2bac78d1 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t03.shn
e054c7e5a3a6ef8f9bd20ea3c5128121 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t04.shn
72523afd08d0c957ded65b9c8f67374f [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t05.shn
bcf322a51ceffc329e249e2b457f8e18 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t06.shn
912e1b44be6fdeabcacc17ad085db3f8 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d2t07.shn
3916254c3846f6aa9d9b636209604ff5 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d3t01.shn
b27691e57ea5009a6e131a8c081d5b68 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d3t02.shn
4eadeb35e9b93b297fa987405d110b7a [shntool] gd1979-12-11d3t03.shn
dd72b6f31d8d1892560762ed371a9a5d [shntool] gd1979-12-11d3t04.shn
666f40ed4fe16e21dba467ff07ddad79 [shntool] gd1979-12-11d3t05.shn

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Date User Comment
04/14/2003 Don Chase transfer was by David Minches from Bob Wagner's 1st gen reels.
06/24/2003 Don Chase taper unknown. Jack Warner got the discs from David. I shn'd 12/7,9,11/79 from the vine Jack ran on DNC.