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North Mississippi Allstars 06/07/03
Elvis Presley Festival, Tupelo, MS
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Entered by Brad Foster
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary ATR-25s > MZR-900 > SoundForge @ 44kHz/16bit > CDRW1200 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Elvis Presley Festival
Tupelo, MS

Source: ATR-25s > MZR-900 > SoundForge @ 44kHz/16bit > CDRW1200
CDR>FLAC: Trade CD > EAC > WAV > FLACFronted(6)

Recorded by: unknown
CDR>FLAC: Brad Foster [01/21/09]

~ One Set ~

Disc 1:
01. Sugartown >
02. 51 Phantom
03. Freedom Highway >
04. Eyes
05. I Wonder Why
06. Leavin' >
07. Circle In The Sky >
08. Be So Glad >
09. Goin' Home >
10. Meet Me In The City >
11. 'Po Black Maddie > Skinny Woman > 'Po Black Maddie

Disc 2:
01. Say Baby >
02. Shake 'Em On Down
03. Feel So Bad
04. Psychedelic Sex Machine
05. Mud
06. KC Jones
07. King

-- [01/21/09] I obtained this set shortly after the show in 2003. Nothing has been done to the original wav files as they were ripped from the trade cds. All credit goes to the taper, whose name has escaped me since then. This was the Allstars third Elvis Festival in a row and the only one, to my knowledge, that was ever recorded. They played the Festival again in 2004, which also marks the last time, to date, that they have played the festival.
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986ce960ed41505ecf2f29b4446f87dc *nma2003-06-07d1t01.flac
40375faa6bb4e4bf542407f47843ec63 *nma2003-06-07d1t02.flac
296442567f404ce7a0e8e2a815608231 *nma2003-06-07d1t03.flac
ad627917c4d04f42c72c8ed70e089f4e *nma2003-06-07d1t04.flac
e8839170771399aeb2cee4a2dd3e9c82 *nma2003-06-07d1t05.flac
480d21ab56553a219ff6e547d8a05cf7 *nma2003-06-07d1t06.flac
6a6d3de0b2c899da7078a00d3c66c036 *nma2003-06-07d1t07.flac
5fb8186d4b0e46ff444dbad6b6165c02 *nma2003-06-07d1t08.flac
5ba1d3bd894cf0379392ed96d7376f2a *nma2003-06-07d1t09.flac
4ee4a065112b89e4fff98d4a06327b2e *nma2003-06-07d1t10.flac
97cc807600cff76d7c628cf1001082fb *nma2003-06-07d1t11.flac
6bc8274ec3a1aba7dbef29ef634b72a8 *nma2003-06-07d2t01.flac
ca5db0aad948d9356f24189729a69113 *nma2003-06-07d2t02.flac
e06b0f922b16c92162b5561390e5143e *nma2003-06-07d2t03.flac
a76e1e0951be333c68e91fdd5683925c *nma2003-06-07d2t04.flac
3bc190f3bfd862d6f36c1537513b1c20 *nma2003-06-07d2t05.flac
9a33c1345ec4c2ac1fbab93f28ec0062 *nma2003-06-07d2t06.flac
eb8ed78ce711357d2c097687d998d5b1 *nma2003-06-07d2t07.flac

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