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North Mississippi Allstars 01/28/09
Belly Up, Aspen, CO
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Entered by Brad Foster
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Source Summary MK4>din>KC5>CMC6>KindKables>V3>XLR>744T (HPF 0) 24/48 + MK41>dina>KC5>CMC6>KindKables>V3>SPDIF>744T (HPF 0) 24/48 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Belly Up
Aspen, CO

Source:   4 Channel Schoeps
          MK4>din>KC5>CMC6>KindKables>V3>XLR>744T (HPF 0) 24/48
          MK41>dina>KC5>CMC6>KindKables>V3>SPDIF>744T (HPF 0) 24/48
Location: FOB/DFC Back of floor in corner,About 30' back, Stand at 7'
DSP:      Sound Devices 744t>Wavelab 5.0 >CD Wave>flac(16)

Recorded By: Bennett Schwartz
Seeded By: Coloartist

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Disc I

01 Yo Mama
02 Eaglebird
03 Keep the Devil Down
04 Freedom Highway
05 Died Down
06 Goin Down South
07 Po Boy
08 I'd Love to Be A Hippy
09 Po Black Maddie
10 Skinny Woman
11 Shake'em On Down

Disc II

01 Boogie*
02 Go Round In Circles
03 Snakes In My Bushes
04 Moonshine
05 ML
06 All Night Long
07 Snakedrive
08 Crowd


09 Station Blues
10 Shimmy She Wobble

Hill Country Revue Opened

* First time played

Special Thanks to Ryan and Rory
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3db97e921a5376721bf57e8297b93dc5 *nmas2009-01-28d1t01.flac
d6b23b4c59d493b8b934c039a9e901a0 *nmas2009-01-28d1t02.flac
1fcd0abfdb8db9326dfbbfab1f42b5b7 *nmas2009-01-28d1t03.flac
46173559ce52a87f883fa54715841d77 *nmas2009-01-28d1t04.flac
9b54b68d5855ce6938e1cb594f2483f6 *nmas2009-01-28d1t05.flac
7de0e49117b7a6a982af27f5bbf76f7e *nmas2009-01-28d1t06.flac
46038beaee643c44d5987fc0b9b65030 *nmas2009-01-28d1t07.flac
72c13443f48519b2509b2657acfdd5df *nmas2009-01-28d1t08.flac
60c744c5c0dfaae81c2db6ad4a2f4325 *nmas2009-01-28d1t09.flac
8864f6b615332c7e43c0c52b59d324a1 *nmas2009-01-28d1t10.flac
939b04b9cdee96f9713d70b461c98cc9 *nmas2009-01-28d1t11.flac
3b21351a1efc1de072178347a8194bf1 *nmas2009-01-28d2t01.flac
8dcec45fc9eba3ad2b8032325eec32c3 *nmas2009-01-28d2t02.flac
0d7ab2a3f60c8f88b486b241c62f9e2f *nmas2009-01-28d2t03.flac
16415c8a828aeae5ceb66730ea2510f8 *nmas2009-01-28d2t04.flac
eb1f1cc6a0ac09c2cbdb8f37c1de89cd *nmas2009-01-28d2t05.flac
47d81cbf1e922767dd5d936ba36d91fe *nmas2009-01-28d2t06.flac
92c12c5038fefb89bc9d91f61d403ee2 *nmas2009-01-28d2t07.flac
d2c7ea256868c71ac77f1bb12916f793 *nmas2009-01-28d2t08.flac
ba87bf30aa7ed33ce9f7adfc16b1586f *nmas2009-01-28d2t09.flac
d9d8ba3342d0c18fc450df66c39e17b7 *nmas2009-01-28d2t10.flac

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