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North Mississippi Allstars 01/29/09
Fox Theatre, Denver, CO
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Source Summary flac16: Busman Audio BSC1-K4> Grace Lunatec V3 (Phatman Silver Custom Cables & Interconnects) > Busman Hybrid R4 @24/48 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Source: Busman Audio BSC1-K4> Grace Lunatec V3 (Phatman Silver Custom Cables & Interconnects) > Busman Hybrid R4 @24/48
Lineage: Busman Hybrid R4 (USB)> Sony Sound Forge 7.0 (Edits, Resample, & Dither)> CD Wave Editor> FLAC Frontend 1.1.4b(Verify/Align on sector boundaries/Level 8)
Mics: Sub-Card's, NOS, DFC, FOB @ First drink rail 6.5' high
Taped & Transferred by Jim Mimna

1. Goin' Down South >
2. Yo Mamma
3. No Mo > Sugartown
4. I'm Done
5. Mean OlÂ’ Wind Died Down
6. Eaglebird >
7. Blow Out
8. I'd Love To Be A Hippy
9. Po Black Maddie >
10. Skinny Woman >
11. Drums >
12. Shake 'Em On Down
13. A Real Mother for Ya
14. Eyes
15. Boogie
16. KC Jones
17. Hey Hey, Baby
18. Meet Me In The City >
19. All Nite>
20. Lovelight>
21. All Nite
22. Snake Drive
23. Washboard
24. Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor

Notes: With various members of Hill Country Review through out the set.  Special Thanks to Ryan and Rory.
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f8639e72fa503da94e794aae37c68fb0 *nmas2009-01-29t01.flac
93e31765aa399edc6cc8b3026d5e1270 *nmas2009-01-29t24.flac
6e837d3791d68ca3a334a388002babea *nmas2009-01-29t02.flac
4f2f0cf342045c93b1e2eb673331c79b *nmas2009-01-29t03.flac
592696861d9c298a3464e40365e5f60e *nmas2009-01-29t04.flac
54233ab6f9fededac221ae9f758f4246 *nmas2009-01-29t05.flac
c1e6f73303cb707e3c667aa90140e4dd *nmas2009-01-29t06.flac
4c901f0bc73e54acb66ca526ec215a84 *nmas2009-01-29t07.flac
68c01508e8d6aaff87a6eee9e8eaa72c *nmas2009-01-29t08.flac
5eec59188274466856a6f1a848182ef9 *nmas2009-01-29t09.flac
38a5c214b8a4830516039815f445411e *nmas2009-01-29t10.flac
51919558d7f3858765f2c7f3d6dbdeba *nmas2009-01-29t11.flac
85e612cba7a7855ff693702423862cbb *nmas2009-01-29t12.flac
ddfc6a36e476a3064e975b99c12193b0 *nmas2009-01-29t13.flac
72c3b613069fba0666f673db02ea2a35 *nmas2009-01-29t14.flac
079253be36be21cfa1fb726026aaab82 *nmas2009-01-29t15.flac
3518cc22bd7fb38b6991306a3a8e9209 *nmas2009-01-29t16.flac
75692d6177ffeab5068e469afc9bcbe8 *nmas2009-01-29t17.flac
fc68a40121f3c36ae9c6e2c17c2da2cb *nmas2009-01-29t18.flac
f59a5663d9fb81788ec6b4c1df620d47 *nmas2009-01-29t19.flac
c19b6620c974dc2036af0f1aa1a04228 *nmas2009-01-29t20.flac
4e504ba17a59c83479a4fc1fc978aeed *nmas2009-01-29t21.flac
16197d55a159287a06efb01754066cd2 *nmas2009-01-29t22.flac
e27b0e4cba3ae1b3342c7163f1130cf8 *nmas2009-01-29t23.flac

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