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North Mississippi Allstars 02/05/09
The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN
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Source Summary Nak CM1000/CP-101/ > Musilux>Oade T+mod UA5 (opti @16/48) > JB3  
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North Mississippi Allstars
The Cabooze
Minneapolis, MN

Taped by: dave kunath (o-canis) [email protected]
Location: @the column ~9-10'^
Mic Config: DIN'ish
Source: Nak CM1000/CP-101/ > Musilux>
Oade T+mod UA5 (opti @16/48) > JB3 wav

Conversion: JB3 > sb1394 >  Pc (CPC v3.02.5) > Flac burn

Format: 16-bit, 44 kHz
Editing: Adobe Audition 1.0 (see Post Notes)
         CD-Wave (tracking/flac)
         Traders Little Helper (SBE check/repair)
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The Band:
Luther Dickinson - guitar, vocals, sometimes drums
Cody Dickinson - drums, washboard, guitar
Chris Chew - bass, vocals

Ed 'Hot' Cleveland - Drums  
Kirk Smithhart - Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Coburn - Vocals, Harp

DISC ONE  [73:31]
one set

01. Write Me A Few lines >
02. Drop Down Mama >
03. Sugartown
04. Circle In The Sky
05. Shake (What Yo Mama Gabe You)
06. I'd Love To Be A Hippy
07. Ass
08. Keep The Devil Down
09. Freedom Highway
10. Horseshoe
11. Po Black Maddie >
12. Skinny Woman >
13. Shake 'Em On Down

DISC TWO [45:48]

01. Some Kind Of Wonderful
02. Miss'ppi Bollweevil
03. Never In All My Days >
04. Bang Bang Lulu  
05. I'm A Ram
06. MUD
07. ML
08. ovation (shortened)

09. Goin' Down South >
10. Train

Source Notes:

(Only post processing noted below was applied to this material.)

Editing done in 32bit float/48khz  44.1khz realm:
- Parametric EQ -

Low shelf settings 30hz/-6db

118hz/0.84Q/+3.3 db
518hz/1.09Q/-2.7 db
2866hz/1.52Q/+2.6 db

Hi shelf settings 7.2khz/+5db

Master Gain +/- 0db

- stereo field adjustment - expand  150%  

- Fades - IN/out of set (seamless disc split)

Resample/dithered to 16bit/44.1khz
Random Notes:
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583cb9d1f32ecab5ed7401574ebc43f0 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t01.flac
1e82f40ed8a26e0a44fb40e5ee70e0e6 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t02.flac
cc9202336a232ddba6f31a98e738f0f7 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t03.flac
2a59023af8b43d05fa0db280f5230b1e *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t04.flac
4accb3243bf8952f875bdfa737c81a65 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t05.flac
67b31cdf932e291023c5ac4d20b9e64d *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t06.flac
89a192b0639ef478b0c3924434450663 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t07.flac
c9267b6d643781fdb10b01a2a5c950d9 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t08.flac
d2cdc426191369817efd12d7716f8097 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t09.flac
677f3e8e16eb9d19be6505e99e24f0f9 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t10.flac
6e946f954a7ad6dc9b4f21882c0c30a3 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t11.flac
013eb9e22ca2dc6154efffbd994883eb *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t12.flac
557d467dff14ec3d6e9248bdb80f0e02 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d1t13.flac
50516b92b793b9a6f419eb9ca34587a7 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t01.flac
4bf5607234af7728959ea236ff27af27 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t02.flac
2e97274c324f7cc1a3adf8a2f861252c *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t03.flac
e95c3702e353d7a11e79a22a3ebd22ae *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t04.flac
1f7da17ad6e18eb47574c289f95c1a54 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t05.flac
8a4f3b5e2080bf72dab336b6f7b516e4 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t06.flac
91014b70d0566559ae6b0a6404bd464a *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t07.flac
2bc32c7be4332f0ff3556d0edc19e814 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t08.flac
3bfad7182405a1cbd36f5d8849387540 *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t09.flac
d36f3d03b40b167ebba2e5ad7a959f9a *NMA2009-02-05nakCM1k1d2t10.flac

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