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North Mississippi Allstars 02/06/09
Majestic Theater, Madison, WI
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Entered by Brad Foster
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Source Summary Busman BSC1-K1(Cards) > Hydra Cables > T-mod R-4 @ 24/96 
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North Mississippi Allstars
February 6, 2009
Majestic Theater
Madison, Wisconsin

Busman BSC1-K1(Cards) > Hydra Cables > T-mod R-4 @ 24/96
Downsample & Dither with R8brain
Fades & Amplify with SF9 (No EQ)
Track with CD Wave > FLAC

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Goin' Down South>
03. Yo Mama
04. I'd Love To Be A Hippy
05. Drinking Muddy Water
06. Brooks
07. The Meeting
08. Keep The Devil Down
09. Freedom Highway>
10. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down

Disc 2
01. Po Black Maddie>
02. Skinny Woman>
03. Drums>
05. Love The One You're With
06. Boogie
07. Meet Me Over In The City
08. Mutha
09. Snakes In My Bushes>
10.Shake 'Em On Down
11. ML
12. KC Jones
13. I'm A Ram
Luther Dickinson (guitar and vocals)
Cody Dickinson (drums and vocals)
Chris Chew (bass and vocals)

Accompanied by Hill Country Review at various times.
Ed 'Hot' Cleveland � Drums
Daniel Coburn - Vocals/Harp
Kirk Smithhart - Guitar/Vocals

Thanks to NMAS for allowing me to tape and share their performance. Thanks to Rory for facilitating the guest list spot.

Support those artists and venues that allow taping. See them live, buy their merchandise, bring a friend to the show. This recording for trading only, not for sale. Preserve the music, trade in lossless formats only.
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392f139f4ca22bd512d199f9c54875a3 *NMA2009-02-06-d101.flac
fb7016bd2bf529193dbcf2f46b515d60 *NMA2009-02-06-d102.flac
dde2ed620f0cf4f0c32af699b9650f13 *NMA2009-02-06-d103.flac
996b4d3542ad88685d81f501e3b57130 *NMA2009-02-06-d104.flac
587c9f588b76d1beb815e3e3f5090391 *NMA2009-02-06-d105.flac
5184bab285a7bfef49817e844676f35a *NMA2009-02-06-d106.flac
5e2707ba63344a09075b311971453bf9 *NMA2009-02-06-d107.flac
eb0f2e1f952747ee967be4315a19c0eb *NMA2009-02-06-d108.flac
80fbe18398500735e94fac40ba86ff22 *NMA2009-02-06-d109.flac
1e6a12666ffb568c3a0b68034c0664fa *NMA2009-02-06-d110.flac
506b777238b30776ea70d30ca61b7b6e *NMA2009-02-06-d201.flac
7ac5a3a2376a167dbe0a60bc121771de *NMA2009-02-06-d202.flac
f788814837d80fad28b51fc8a26a57d7 *NMA2009-02-06-d203.flac
cf2cdd421b351d2d4c320b1a171d28b2 *NMA2009-02-06-d204.flac
c4eefad70f73a8ccbfbb98e664fcb486 *NMA2009-02-06-d205.flac
d6526204652801bbdd46761965960197 *NMA2009-02-06-d206.flac
d5ed82da542ad355cef359c4f606d2f5 *NMA2009-02-06-d207.flac
a62a4228957c1965bb493ff6ddd6ff06 *NMA2009-02-06-d208.flac
3ebf6c5bd1ffce8749507384b8247fbf *NMA2009-02-06-d209.flac
6467e3391b6ee08087970b6ba184dfca *NMA2009-02-06-d210.flac
fb0aa7aca38c40ccd13191dcd8a3189e *NMA2009-02-06-d211.flac
ba76d84eefddd6a7a407b38178b2d36f *NMA2009-02-06-d212.flac
a0f96a5536a668352c29f1a07d60c513 *NMA2009-02-06-d213.flac

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