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Gov't Mule 03/20/99
The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
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Source Summary Neumann KM184 > Oade M148 Pre-Amp > SBM-1 > Sony D-3 DAT Deck
Taper: Jim Rehill 
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Gov't Mule
March 20, 1999
The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York

Neumann KM184 > Oade M148 Pre-Amp > SBM-1 > Sony D-3 DAT Deck

John The Revelator
Mule >
Working >
Thorazine Shuffle
Life Before Insanity
Devil Likes It Slow
Wandering Child
Gamberl's Roll
Pass The Peas
Lay Your Burden Down
Little Wing
Pygmy Twylyte >
Blindman In The Dark
Mother Earth
She Said She Said >
Tomorrow Never Knows >
Mountain Jam Tease >
Drums >
Tomomrrow Never knows

Third Stone from the Sun
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42201f3d76a6d9b20c136b20230f3901 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t01.flac
62011d76633c848119b656afdda9a664 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t02.flac
812c43f22eacaf389167ef0b3b07933e *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t03.flac
80d36c0d5b07e28339489f5139627c67 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t04.flac
47ef334ce13c656027df63097013f460 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t05.flac
da4539b07d5dc8449912c4ecac754411 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t06.flac
3d23f83bf236f11bdda32c269224a685 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t07.flac
326bc5c2c81973e14e07acc4890e9057 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t08.flac
f6589882c58407ed40d29f0da9031a23 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t09.flac
52b976b812444909de29b93a1accf50a *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t10.flac
56a9b36892ee89ca3a9cb0715335268b *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t11.flac
cab7252044d5209fc5620fec6e69efb5 *gm-1999-03-20-d1-t12.flac
3682010986433ea199ad63431a84ab53 *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t-2.flac
6a1ed53a8cde2f951367bcdd675e4e3d *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t01.flac
1dc31818018788d617d4f03ba7060185 *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t02.flac
2983c4d400c9699b23a9d2ff1746eddb *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t03.flac
ededb5ab69979febc4fd2060a861f377 *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t04.flac
6e37270c3c6fe17e7096cbea9bbd9c33 *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t05.flac
a6d926fdda2877f824e57f95210df594 *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t06.flac
efd98600ebf6ac76981df49d0d555b31 *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t07.flac
38065c65aad93ff1a12de39a70cea18a *gm-1999-03-20-d2-t08.flac
46e31aec7f0071432ba03bdf6a025af9 *gm-1999-03-20-d3-t01.flac

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