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Gov't Mule 03/27/99
The Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT
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Source Summary Neumann KM184 > Oade M148 Pre-Amp > SBM-1 > Sony D-3 DAT Deck
Taper: Jim Rehill 
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Gov't Mule
March 27, 1999
The Webster Theater, Hartford, CT

Neumann KM184 > Oade M148 Pre-Amp > SBM-1 > Sony D-3 DAT Deck

John The Revalator  
Working >
No Matt Jam
Thorazine Shuffle
Devil Likes It slow
Wandering Child
Pygmy Twylyte >
Blindman In The Dark >
Drums >
Blindman In the Dark
Lay Your Burden Down
Life Before Insanity
I Shall Return
Sad and Deep

Third Stone from the Sun
Afro Blue

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67b2d3cef6f506ca6c8aa837d8d28c92 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t01.flac
9f333abbb775985f6a749065d122684c *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t02.flac
ed26dea2b96c7fb5307a77d5f83d582b *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t03.flac
b55f0e5bc973aa934140736df141d615 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t04.flac
0c78d6524b2bf643e55e23ad0329cd00 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t05.flac
ce238b7f8f768bb5280c861a92409a44 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t06.flac
095e1fac3a3cbb428c689b98b37d6744 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t07.flac
833590e629f254be2d565ef1f175b56d *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t08.flac
129ab669dd1eb196e8f696e1d34d5845 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t09.flac
7a7df799e2b7c56b35a9ed848cb76414 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t10.flac
54f5e176cba5141c10848b1f451d0963 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t11.flac
e737f923fab9ad4cc24efcd02bb96ad2 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t12.flac
87860bc7f424d351d647731e6ef81404 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t13.flac
54f2b41f72f65eb4322589f0ada81897 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t14.flac
ef83ad1faa94657c2b52c63e93780021 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t15.flac
c0aac8045b838841536a0c560ddaa051 *gm-1999-03-27-d1-t16.flac

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