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Solar Circus 12/28/95
The Metro Lounge, Long Branch, NJ
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Entered by Michael Townshend
Checksums md5-all , ffp-all
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD->DAT-> Beta PCM-> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit -> FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper 
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Solar Circus


The Metro Lounge
Long Branch, NJ

SBD->DAT-> Beta PCM->
Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit ->
FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper

Set 1

1. Intro
2. Jumpin Over Ashes
3. Daybreak
4. Tuning
5. All Here Together
6. Shades Of Blue
7. Let It Go
8. 54 Days
9. Can't Always Get What You Want
10. Tuning
11. Better Days
12. Cats Are The Martians

Set 2

1. Intro Jam
2. Shelter
3. So Many Times
4. Cortez The Killer
5. The Coast/Hungry Moon
6. Further Up The Road (w/ Harp player Adam)
7. Twisting and Turning
8. Tuning
9. All Over Now
10. Love Played A Game On Me
11. Round and Round
12. Announcements
13. Stems and Seeds
14. Announcements
15. Three Bells
Show Checksums
2088e378acf81170675565721d45454a *Solar 95-12-28d1t01 Intro.flac
5b71995e558fe430de13edfafe607f01 *Solar 95-12-28d1t02 Jumpin Over Ashes.flac
ce63d7126c065c632c01c9f9c0ab310b *Solar 95-12-28d1t03 Daybreak.flac
def5b75bba032de08b157f5532ee288c *Solar 95-12-28d1t04 Tunng.flac
44937c118ad4122a61fa6080ad2c2e20 *Solar 95-12-28d1t05 All Here Together.flac
eaaecdd072652c5c7cd54d9b9339ab90 *Solar 95-12-28d1t06 Shades Of Blue.flac
393514f8ca9007b150c5adfa0454a968 *Solar 95-12-28d1t07 Let It Go.flac
d7229f939533af7d24317a2becce9b36 *Solar 95-12-28d1t08 54 Days.flac
25859dfbb242e5dcfce27a94b38ea018 *Solar 95-12-28d1t09 Cant Always Get What You Want.flac
2cb2b0805bc2fe10a52d2183776607a0 *Solar 95-12-28d1t10 Tunng.flac
16090680fca1496b3467168b63056fbe *Solar 95-12-28d1t11 Better Days.flac
9467983d460096f1c95ef4379c587316 *Solar 95-12-28d1t12 Cats Are The Martians.flac
b3e1d00508a0223aa236588342d3ec8c *Solar 95-12-28d2t01.Intro Jam.flac
e42efd15c5b82940f703fa21128ec3cf *Solar 95-12-28d2t02 Shelter.flac
ebce1f7247791b63866b7338b5d99dba *Solar 95-12-28d2t03 So Many Times.flac
60c6b8811d14ede0ba78bdaf5514ccec *Solar 95-12-28d2t04 Cortez The Killer.flac
d24847e5421bc800d8cc4d1e2ece078c *Solar 95-12-28d2t05 The Coast Hungry Moon.flac
f041b3b62cf570bba00783347ef02111 *Solar 95-12-28d2t06 Further Up The Road.flac
5e748590cf9528f1304bfb088d558b0e *Solar 95-12-28d2t07 Twisting And Turning.flac
44ff55bded65b1b120699d9a021f591f *Solar 95-12-28d2t08 Tuning.flac
88c044d434f804d308259b4f1348ac8c *Solar 95-12-28d2t09 All Over Now.flac
3063d9e174a9e495ccf4e15c2a3c6b24 *Solar 95-12-28d2t10 Love Played A Game.flac
1a40d02864b26817b32001759cf2d911 *Solar 95-12-28d2t11 Round and Round.flac
97a1ddff7425e5deeb60555a5249c782 *Solar 95-12-28d2t12 Announcements.flac
1d83aee23ad259176167e28ad94baca5 *Solar 95-12-28d2t13 Stems and Seeds.flac
807cf97d8529b0217076698304fa5dcc *Solar 95-12-28d2t14 Announcements.flac
c0ca481e2068539eec577e9ba1a6f857 *Solar 95-12-28d2t15 Three Bells.flac
Solar 95-12-28d1t01 Intro.flac:88f0b1b660cd2332202067411e74e55f
Solar 95-12-28d1t02 Jumpin Over Ashes.flac:eea68eaf6bf47bb0ddf5205dee269311
Solar 95-12-28d1t03 Daybreak.flac:056619df9f2e7e77c1d64ba34a323e89
Solar 95-12-28d1t04 Tunng.flac:b2574b1283f1da4cd4ace5137d6747ed
Solar 95-12-28d1t05 All Here Together.flac:d1de8d1338ae8daaf1fd5ee274ae2a54
Solar 95-12-28d1t06 Shades Of Blue.flac:f5e0d8397f710f01b80e994dfa559f70
Solar 95-12-28d1t07 Let It Go.flac:c07f6ce4779ca8daaa7da67aeaf7b027
Solar 95-12-28d1t08 54 Days.flac:50db71ec5f0b2a6a02cdcc46253cdcbf
Solar 95-12-28d1t09 Cant Always Get What You Want.flac:8be2f12f2399c4fa02566f293e6fa8cd
Solar 95-12-28d1t10 Tunng.flac:17c6ab118c481f3f5d07df3ad276ee38
Solar 95-12-28d1t11 Better Days.flac:e9c6f2e469322124d08737be27f610ea
Solar 95-12-28d1t12 Cats Are The Martians.flac:cbc3b4e2a820238044e6f3e2312ebaad
Solar 95-12-28d2t01.Intro Jam.flac:8a8d6a6ded8119c6b16017ee268bdb8c
Solar 95-12-28d2t02 Shelter.flac:bd328eb1945a6742fff3946838bb96d6
Solar 95-12-28d2t03 So Many Times.flac:7e136810c1e68d2fd813786fb1358904
Solar 95-12-28d2t04 Cortez The Killer.flac:b745d96853c319043332e41b7bdac0fd
Solar 95-12-28d2t05 The Coast Hungry Moon.flac:e67251acaa7ee9307be3c5a0108ac0d3
Solar 95-12-28d2t06 Further Up The Road.flac:d7795ae69449c9565bd3b8b60b8d125c
Solar 95-12-28d2t07 Twisting And Turning.flac:48716fe65b3a9ae30d685ea99a16cdbd
Solar 95-12-28d2t08 Tuning.flac:be5f3e69eb29848489294f2c633da563
Solar 95-12-28d2t09 All Over Now.flac:8d708d8574ad4aa6ef8bd46409d472ca
Solar 95-12-28d2t10 Love Played A Game.flac:4c944a72ac1c0fd19e8bb6c69be67c91
Solar 95-12-28d2t11 Round and Round.flac:4be95cc9bf55a1cc147ab7b57c515f89
Solar 95-12-28d2t12 Announcements.flac:c518e76a7375a22da6faf4314b671085
Solar 95-12-28d2t13 Stems and Seeds.flac:bf9fd35a78d1e89629fa61fa52bf7c47
Solar 95-12-28d2t14 Announcements.flac:3dd87c67e97bb5fb4733ea080d0ad951
Solar 95-12-28d2t15 Three Bells.flac:3f559b3c5bb5ce729596d2aa083c005a

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