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Gov't Mule 10/25/99
Huntridge Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Feb. 2005
Source Summary Earthworks SR77's > Graham Patterson DMIC-20 > Tascam DA-P1 > CD > WAV > FLAC 
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Gov't Mule
Huntredge Theatre
Las Vegas, NV

Disc 1

Hammer And Nails >
Rocking Horse >
Mule > I've Been Working > Who Do You Love? > Mule,
Life Before Insanity
She Said, She Said >
Tomorrow Never Knows jam,
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
Devil Likes It Slow

Disc 2
Thorazine Shuffle
Blind Man In The Dark >
Drums > Up jam > Blind Man In The Dark >
Lay Your Burden Down
Bad Little Doggie >
I Believe
Madman Across The Water
Encore: Out Of The Rain

(not on disc: Soundcheck: Born Under A Bad Sign, Smokestack Lightning...
if you have these,  please seed them as an addition to this show!)

source info: Earthworks SR77's>Graham Patterson DMIC-20>Tascam DA-P1>CD>WAV>FLAC

AWESOME show.  One of my favorites.  The jams are incredible...and especially
DLIS and the jam into BMITD.  Keep those windows open,  rate the show and...most
importantly..leave feedback!!!!!  Thanks!!!  Enjoy!!!
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0d0abcbb80b946c12d3fea18a58bac91 *mule 10-25-99 d1t1.flac
0dccf73b67261aed670a566025d1b4b9 *mule 10-25-99 d1t2.flac
57ad1355af382c69b9f6ebfdb42c4821 *mule 10-25-99 d1t3.flac
c52d291480041a117619e6276ce40674 *mule 10-25-99 d1t4.flac
ce633e2d81f30b75b7333069d92767a5 *mule 10-25-99 d1t5.flac
61658d7459fdcccb2caf50ff568563f6 *mule 10-25-99 d1t6.flac
58da590502906cf2b4ec87389741a442 *mule 10-25-99 d1t7.flac
a9b26046128caf6559cb05be65bd25cb *mule 10-25-99 d1t8.flac
a89eb5fb639f5985a0688d60c7022f2b *mule 10-25-99 d2t1.flac
ee46a4ffa16ac5c810976a7fd953c501 *mule 10-25-99 d2t2.flac
9519a56415f5ebafab20d2c844b905b1 *mule 10-25-99 d2t3.flac
c79655bb746eca3289e1ab686bbbf6d9 *mule 10-25-99 d2t4.flac
fe1408f1e4ea7a912cf456d3c00079e9 *mule 10-25-99 d2t5.flac
d50933d524f1ce5a88955d461b513776 *mule 10-25-99 d2t6.flac
f3f66ec86943c884a8d9648ef058022a *mule 10-25-99 d2t7.flac
1bf0aa9c8c9b1ef8d150128309c16a20 *mule 10-25-99 d2t8.flac
ca3fd08a35d2d6bab18736f6d7ea0563 *mule 10-25-99 d2t9.flac
mule 10-25-99 d1t1.flac:6d315f13596bb8e975ee9c71e24916f6
mule 10-25-99 d1t2.flac:d9bab2687faa4198dfaa0705458a9743
mule 10-25-99 d1t3.flac:ca870fc76eedeec2ff7b707ae00276f1
mule 10-25-99 d1t4.flac:ac3607fc2e56a45ffffbd7be13cd50f1
mule 10-25-99 d1t5.flac:e0cb3fbc5bbc71b0e4b89a4faa6e79d0
mule 10-25-99 d1t6.flac:e9e528d537cc3d592b3350da3aa053c0
mule 10-25-99 d1t7.flac:3b8d3514e50add45e790ab2baf87365c
mule 10-25-99 d1t8.flac:48747af90369d7dcdc0178407cb71f4a
mule 10-25-99 d2t1.flac:3008546c64f0ce546d267990a6570d50
mule 10-25-99 d2t2.flac:35750d7422a6fd7efd3f8e89430151ea
mule 10-25-99 d2t3.flac:882a9121f48eabff0fbd1131697aecd2
mule 10-25-99 d2t4.flac:b0787368dd411c5621c4e5aea1b2b192
mule 10-25-99 d2t5.flac:67ed0db0cff57a955e0b0201c2424b9f
mule 10-25-99 d2t6.flac:be498f2ed2d1ac993e90f11f86a8fcd1
mule 10-25-99 d2t7.flac:843eb80ee3f6f540debeb49d84b85206
mule 10-25-99 d2t8.flac:cd7a3d10a2d5f336d6597547d62e4817
mule 10-25-99 d2t9.flac:e2a698d57199022c4348d7361db773a5

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