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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/03/95
The Wetlands, New York, NY
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: SBD > DAT(s)
Transfer: DA-20 > coax > E-MU 404 > Wavelab 5.01a @ 16/44.1
Mastering: Wavelab 5.01a (repair errors, tracking) > FLAC 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
New York, NY

Source: SBD > DAT(s)
Transfer: DA-20 > coax > E-MU 404 > Wavelab 5.01a @ 16/44.1
Mastering: Wavelab 5.01a (repair errors, tracking) > FLAC

1. "Oscillation" >
2. Lifeblood
3. Last Chance To Dance Trance
4. Jelly Belly >
5. Is There Anyone Here That Loves My Jesus
6. Chinoiserie

1. The Lover >
2. Dracula >
3. Henduck
4. Lonely Avenue
5. Think
6. Worms
7. Chubb Sub
8. Banter & encore break

9. Crosstown Traffic

Thanks to Mr. Zeau for the DAT, and to Tom Luhrs for help with the tracking.

This DAT is likely from the 24 track SBD recording made of the show.  

This transfer lacks the EAC step and dropouts of  There were two spots with transcription errors, where the overall waveform was intact but every other sample was zero'd out.  These were fixed by redrawing the waveform to fill in the "gaps" and you'll never find 'em now.

Set II should fit on an 80 minute disc, and the encore at the end of Set I.


--mhg :: 04/17/09
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mmw1995-11-03s2t09 Crosstown Traffic.flac:783f1db519d56c32ce87a016e1dd58ad
mmw1995-11-03s1t01 Oscillation.flac:ebf1960f6196d7f87a37a34563e8bf8b
mmw1995-11-03s1t02 Lifeblood.flac:1f5696a9e8da4ec7e1402beced3dd4c9
mmw1995-11-03s1t03 Last Chance To Dance Trance.flac:23cfa7f96dc7601262a3540d5bad7cba
mmw1995-11-03s1t04 Jelly Belly.flac:44f2358f420d13ff61f1e23dd99862cd
mmw1995-11-03s1t05 Is There Anyone Here That Loves My Jesus.flac:a86468166224595d164cc4377232a8b1
mmw1995-11-03s1t06 Chinoiserie.flac:89d4e7148af58eed3522aab012108c26
mmw1995-11-03s2t01 The Lover.flac:3350a0bc6a96a1ec8a15045d92998c95
mmw1995-11-03s2t02 Dracula.flac:bf3ac4bb7c0833c3f004b96dfd106922
mmw1995-11-03s2t03 Henduck.flac:6991671f07597ccbb39d53a71068d925
mmw1995-11-03s2t04 Lonely Avenue.flac:5f0ee80872d7261f1d3b525c91b49746
mmw1995-11-03s2t05 Think.flac:198969135a557beea8b29db990fdf5fb
mmw1995-11-03s2t06 Worms.flac:8469ae0e538e61e34c70148763e0cb0a
mmw1995-11-03s2t07 Chubb Sub.flac:7caa4ff3d1e4ab5760783d0f9863f3ee
mmw1995-11-03s2t08 encore banter.flac:994c478ccb2e839d911af2d12745005f

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