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Medeski Martin & Wood 01/17/99
The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5 , shn-st5 , t-flac16-md5 , t-flac16-st5 , t-flac16-ffp , t-flac16-md5_d1t10_orig
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary shn; Source: AKG C3000> Peavy mixer/pre> mini-disk> DAT>CDR 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
The Bowery Ballroom, NYC, NY
January 17/1999 (Sunday)

[This fileset is a FLAC encoded and ID3 tagged version of]

Source: AKG C3000>Peavy mixer/pre>mini-disk>DAT>CDR

Disc 1:
01.  [08:12] - Psychedelic Sally#
02.  [07:50] - Improv#
03.  [08:50] - Whatever Happened to Gus*
04.  [04:29] - Open Improv+ >
05.  [05:51] - Seven Deadlies (Bridge)+
06.  [07:09] - Note Bleu
07.  [08:22] - Have Mercy NJ^
08.  [06:05] - Brigas Nunca Mais

09.  [04:30] - Percussion/Violin Improv$ >
10.  [12:32] - Basso Profundo Improv$ > Open Improv$ [@5:11] ~
Disc 2:
01.  [03:28] - Sand
02.  [10:29] - Scrontch Meister (w/ Drum Solo)
03.  [12:39] - Toy Dancing%&
04.  [12:15] - Love in Outer Space@
05.  [16:25] - Angel Race (I'll Wait For You)@# > Open Improv@# [@9:41] >
06.  [09:22] - Hey Joe#

# w/ Marc Ribot on Guitar/Vocals
* w/ Steve Cannon on Vocals
+ w/ Doug Yates on Bass Clarinet
^ w/ Oren Bloedow on Guitar/Vocals
@ w/ Eric Hipp on Tenor Sax
$ w/ Eyvind Kang on Violin
% w/ Jay Rodriguez on Tenor Sax
& w/ John Dirac on Guitar
All of 2nd set and last tune of set 1 w/ DJ Logic (enters for Brigas Nunca Mais; absent from Sand)
~ fades-out to 10 seconds of silence after music ends

Traders Little Helper used for FLAC encoding & creating checksums:
- SHN ST5 generated
- SHN > FLAC Level 8
- FLAC ST5 generated and matched to SHN ST5

MP3Tag (current version) used for all ID3 tagging:
- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP shows the same checksum values.)
FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
SHN MD5 & ST5 included for reference
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2014-02-03
Minor update to ID tags
- d1t10 = Basso Profundo Improv > Open Improv
by dug (mmwshackproject AT gmail DOT com) - June/2017
shn-st5 will verify pre-tagged files
shn-md5 will verify pre-tagged files
t-flac-md5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-st5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-ffp will verify post-tagged files

The st5s contain the same checksum values for both SHN & FLAC
(the only difference being the file extension of .shn or .flac)
Show Checksums
cef2eb5238053765539ff6471108f285 *mmw99-01-17d1t01.wav.shn
66e30bfa8469f714b6f32077fc360993 *mmw99-01-17d1t02.wav.shn
ad69fdbe5ae0b0c7dc460e92ab8d3de4 *mmw99-01-17d1t03.wav.shn
ea887de44454ff2021033d62fe796ced *mmw99-01-17d1t04.wav.shn
9010663cada4c7cb7654da85a43c193c *mmw99-01-17d1t05.wav.shn
9e8ff1dc55e0330a1d8f6a5ca3c1623a *mmw99-01-17d1t06.wav.shn
fabf574737d14596fce05c3046b1d6eb *mmw99-01-17d1t07.wav.shn
26d88fb9c7258d3b5251c1e0f746c153 *mmw99-01-17d1t08.wav.shn
52e174c0f103b4fccece0b01eeedf050 *mmw99-01-17d1t09.wav.shn
cb48944ee8d98ae7defb4e6e68ca6ba6 *mmw99-01-17d1t10.wav.shn
52e93263c237e28841e18e254d6edcef *mmw99-01-17d2t01.wav.shn
4c627fdeb02b3136dafc563d23bd3b28 *mmw99-01-17d2t02.wav.shn
84b25e40d9dec5bac5c1cf39f686e4ee *mmw99-01-17d2t03.wav.shn
24e0a18cc33bc18c9bce088cd1885835 *mmw99-01-17d2t04.wav.shn
48a36e5f5fc6af635174d8ed43d816a5 *mmw99-01-17d2t05.wav.shn
49aa66c2993ecf4c370e893d2db71c6c *mmw99-01-17d2t06.wav.shn
cf2282bfee45c2268dd1e4933d758947 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t01.wav.shn
0f131893ab82c3eb708ee8333cabe826 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t02.wav.shn
aa2706f8c896017fb7bd94ac747eea7c [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t03.wav.shn
3c1896071e115f8994e3b9808e56ea2d [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t04.wav.shn
67c08243ab376194decc8dad39d28caa [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t05.wav.shn
a85ef2f84c0475c59a1fc5e1d4db6d13 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t06.wav.shn
0ae51e5272977719ed4798550c506391 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t07.wav.shn
9b9566a4da8724f3465f21d86fcf8350 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t08.wav.shn
84a449b3e8caec0ed7f26d2f5a0fa36a [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t09.wav.shn
23c377c6ac4b16c91b346ac450252126 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t10.wav.shn
74fd111f1effa45db89351634cc1c01a [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t01.wav.shn
4649711791b914f2a747086c93f4ed10 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t02.wav.shn
e9efec9ef8819691324dd88629c082a0 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t03.wav.shn
b36f5527d2c8787eb62d81ad1e961a48 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t04.wav.shn
3e438b00aec30ce58ed133b631edc131 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t05.wav.shn
0e2f1bc004a78316c45ced043f9f8dd9 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t06.wav.shn
c8f6c34a7d7e33476437d2bbe98e9c31 *mmw99-01-17d1t01.wav.flac
b5b454eeee3a9741dd7397c3c67d7a71 *mmw99-01-17d1t02.wav.flac
377566a037676253a0fae81475a6deeb *mmw99-01-17d1t03.wav.flac
d46a54c946eab0d1d3255ce54bcc88d5 *mmw99-01-17d1t04.wav.flac
3b2370c5b365ca8429f09c352a38d015 *mmw99-01-17d1t05.wav.flac
6e23b2ae3ef79f65c868571607b1632f *mmw99-01-17d1t06.wav.flac
ea28effca48d96dba1d9dbda79272638 *mmw99-01-17d1t07.wav.flac
82d12a9d9076fc7a0e3e4e6298e8879e *mmw99-01-17d1t08.wav.flac
fd0f5b02d69a73499202e83680c18655 *mmw99-01-17d1t09.wav.flac
74c52161a8abb0ad76c92f06b595dedb *mmw99-01-17d1t10.wav.flac
a175c69609850c4e615c72719a97ab4c *mmw99-01-17d2t01.wav.flac
a0876c3d2344223fdac555d5e267b73d *mmw99-01-17d2t02.wav.flac
05515737de525b298f6801ae099e684d *mmw99-01-17d2t03.wav.flac
6202dc2f10b9608b555d391aaa9842c8 *mmw99-01-17d2t04.wav.flac
1d6a22c5d77d8225ea2e43a447ae64c1 *mmw99-01-17d2t05.wav.flac
e112b7827b71cfd58a5580c1f68c38ab *mmw99-01-17d2t06.wav.flac
cf2282bfee45c2268dd1e4933d758947 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t01.wav.flac
0f131893ab82c3eb708ee8333cabe826 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t02.wav.flac
aa2706f8c896017fb7bd94ac747eea7c [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t03.wav.flac
3c1896071e115f8994e3b9808e56ea2d [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t04.wav.flac
67c08243ab376194decc8dad39d28caa [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t05.wav.flac
a85ef2f84c0475c59a1fc5e1d4db6d13 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t06.wav.flac
0ae51e5272977719ed4798550c506391 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t07.wav.flac
9b9566a4da8724f3465f21d86fcf8350 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t08.wav.flac
84a449b3e8caec0ed7f26d2f5a0fa36a [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t09.wav.flac
23c377c6ac4b16c91b346ac450252126 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d1t10.wav.flac
74fd111f1effa45db89351634cc1c01a [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t01.wav.flac
4649711791b914f2a747086c93f4ed10 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t02.wav.flac
e9efec9ef8819691324dd88629c082a0 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t03.wav.flac
b36f5527d2c8787eb62d81ad1e961a48 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t04.wav.flac
3e438b00aec30ce58ed133b631edc131 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t05.wav.flac
0e2f1bc004a78316c45ced043f9f8dd9 [shntool] mmw99-01-17d2t06.wav.flac
9b3e03590b046645fb53d730ad49bc9b *mmw99-01-17d1t10.wav.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; (Handheld)... (0) flac16; b&k4022s >... (0)
Date User Comment
08/01/2002 Matt Could someone explain why there's mini-disk in the lineage or what that means (not lossless?)- this is the only circulating shn source for this show on etree.
08/01/2002 Matt In fact, this is the only circulating source listed by any etree users (except unknown aud's & one guy claims he has a sbd).
08/03/2005 Terry Watts I have a DAT labeled Soundfield ST250 (handheld) > D10proII. I will transfer this soon.

Terry Watts
08/03/2005 Charlie Miller That soundfield dat was recorded by Ron Keyser.
07/13/2006 Terry Watts Look for the Soundfield source to circulate this weekend...
03/31/2009 duggy Updated setlist. Still some questions though...
11/03/2011 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.) I opted to remove the "Bowery Reserve" references since their use was merely to indicate portions that weren't tunes. We now use Improv as a general rule, so I have inserted this term accordingly.
02/03/2014 duggy A FLAC encoded ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.