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Yonder Mountain String Band 12/29/07
The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
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Entered by mark burnell
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Josephson c42mp (DIN) > quad cables > Busman Tmod Edirol R-4 (60%) + Avenson
STO-2 (Healy) > Kindkables > Busman Tmod Edirol R-4 (40%) @ 24/48
Taped and transferred by Bob Fager  
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Yonder Mountain String Band
Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO

Source: Josephson c42mp (DIN) > quad cables > Busman Tmod Edirol R-4 (60%) + Avenson STO-2 (Healy) > Kindkables > Busman Tmod Edirol R-4 (40%) @ 24/48
Location: inside soundboard area, front left corner
Transfer: R-4 > PC > Sound Forge 9.0 (mix, fades, normalize, sample rate and bit depth) > CD Wave > Flac
Taped and transferred by Bob Fager - bob_at_bobfager_dot_com

Set I:
01. Dawn's Early Light >
02. Raleigh & Spencer
03. Finally Saw The Light
04. Maid of the Canyon
05. Train Bound For Gloryland
06. Another Day
07. If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler (let him go) >
08. Death Trip* >
09. Rappin' Blues* >
10. Death Trip >
11. If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler (let him go)

Set II:
01. Sideshow Blues >
02. Sidewalk Stars >
03. Ain't Been Myself In Years
04. Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong
05. Night Out
06. Cuckoo's Nest >
07. Fingerprint >
08. Snow on the Pines >
09. Angel >
10. Snow on the Pines >
11. Boatman

12. Catch A Criminal
13. Too Late Now

Entire show with Darol Anger on fiddle
* = w/ G Love on guitar, vocals & harmonica

The entire show will fit on 2 80 minute cds if you put the first song of set 2 on the end of the first disc.
Show Checksums
b8250081371eaf6cc8614ad9d5f0f141 ymsb2007-12-29set1t01.flac
bc96cbf3e5f2af7f6be2e0a86f86c2ba ymsb2007-12-29set1t02.flac
1be4eaab38e6932cdab44adb8c046a05 ymsb2007-12-29set1t03.flac
4f5fc13ab6a45b44327fa34bbb066c54 ymsb2007-12-29set1t04.flac
a84e831accfe665b39d3fac322ad8fc5 ymsb2007-12-29set1t05.flac
ca4d860b410eae5da53f114bb83c129a ymsb2007-12-29set1t06.flac
5e850dd64cb4cb48c13129998e92224e ymsb2007-12-29set1t07.flac
72dede3a5b39f470e64b2e30b4ee5c28 ymsb2007-12-29set1t08.flac
0d2e348815e15a38121d9325ef7d86ba ymsb2007-12-29set1t09.flac
979036ca6f088c4efacc265d938f8eb6 ymsb2007-12-29set1t10.flac
1bc12bf82128c5cfd8c592e414b5ecb9 ymsb2007-12-29set1t11.flac
6b34e2a3db254868a51fec7da8ace467 ymsb2007-12-29set2t01.flac
46b22f828dcd6f358eeac7b65b8ac46a ymsb2007-12-29set2t02.flac
a12562d71d14d0d229f47a981dc1d9ef ymsb2007-12-29set2t03.flac
af6f1c2c37efcdc7589ca5cbe842586b ymsb2007-12-29set2t04.flac
21805503386b721c777c96e5d0f079ff ymsb2007-12-29set2t05.flac
b935af431628a80d371bfca8c8239daa ymsb2007-12-29set2t06.flac
1726f0add59d65b7facd423534b69ee1 ymsb2007-12-29set2t07.flac
ea2de4a037a9304ed697db4057ad0228 ymsb2007-12-29set2t08.flac
eb1f9efa2a68e800b26efd41c9f01b56 ymsb2007-12-29set2t09.flac
82796b0e7db99065964ef303df70e09b ymsb2007-12-29set2t10.flac
537dcc529103aba6cf1da8caae3fb7d0 ymsb2007-12-29set2t11.flac
8a541aff5047a3b0aa69a48b261c53ce ymsb2007-12-29set2t12.flac
d7d162d6e1b38517e329b182a6533633 ymsb2007-12-29set2t13.flac

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