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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/18/09
B-Side Jazz Fest, Trocaderos Event Center, Minneapolis, MN
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary flac16; Schoeps MK4's (DIN) > active cables > Nbox > Edirol R-09 @ 24/48. Recorded on a 9' stand, FOB/DFC, 25 feet from stage; Transcend 4gb SD card > USB > Dell PC > 24bit WAV > r8brain v1.9 > 16bit WAV > Audacity +6.0db > CDWave Editor > FLAC; Taped & transferred by perks 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
April 18, 2009
Minneapolis, MN

Source: Schoeps MK4's (DIN) > active cables > Nbox > Edirol R-09 @ 24/48. Recorded on a 9' stand, FOB/DFC, 25 feet from stage.

Transfer: Transcend 4gb SD card > USB > Dell PC > 24bit WAV > r8brain v1.9 > 16bit WAV > Audacity +6.0db > CDWave Editor > FLAC.

Recorded and transfered by perks.  

Disc One (51:35)
1. Chantes Des Femmes > Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down [@13:25] > "Satan's Little Helper" [@18:11] > (Improv? [@21:25] > Improv? [@25:08] *)
2. Wonton
3. Flat Tires

Disc Two (64:58)
1. 'Dr. Lonnie Smith Intro'
2. Unknown
3. Junkyard
4. Free Go Lily
5. Riffin' Ed > Amber Gris [@8:07]
6. What'd I Say
7. Undone
8. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

* uncertain if all this is part of "Satan's Little Helper" or not

Setlist filled in from one posted to torrent comments by duggy  [TL]
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MMW 2009-04-18 d02t07.flac:75ca24c4706d8c9ce4263f7d62e19f5e
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t08.flac:02dc98fa293b082c3e627c8fa918b014
MMW 2009-04-18 d01t01.flac:ea5f887e5bde7326e116882b8b3ffdb5
MMW 2009-04-18 d01t02.flac:9d76044a758bbc60bb6b25d18ff22234
MMW 2009-04-18 d01t03.flac:c837c92690e09c13ac32076cc8aab67e
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t01.flac:b68795b28587e89d599b0ca4e1be40b0
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t02.flac:d89ac42ec943fde5e14c85b28b4c463c
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t03.flac:71bbdcd0c7935ef995c6b54c1d05fc83
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t04.flac:e0c7e974646b6981ccac4fa86124b3d5
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t05.flac:ef421dd12d2db25fe9c12b44f0e5412f
MMW 2009-04-18 d02t06.flac:a735b034f490a522662996ad3db98bbb
4957dc4a2128be0ef2d8968944fcd16b *MMW 2009-04-18 d01t01.wav
036ef2c1f77c5fc6c05d835bac4da930 *MMW 2009-04-18 d01t02.wav
95848839909eea1f34fdf5e4a2dddffd *MMW 2009-04-18 d01t03.wav
120da1c056d281ca6fe2b52b311c407b *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t01.wav
6a0a43ecf61c49bb516b974caadc5398 *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t02.wav
8eb6f204fd5b934dc05048d3f1ee6fb0 *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t03.wav
d3d61d23911408058a852baf3d484508 *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t04.wav
0ac4089f1f00ef0dd33cf499790ef74f *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t05.wav
346bdabd276d2e8aa834207de16b9b10 *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t06.wav
13b0b22b17b576d9fcbb2bd2c5d7e562 *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t07.wav
929ac4c9b4dd4f5da2cf8cfb5eca1285 *MMW 2009-04-18 d02t08.wav

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09/11/2009 duggy Updated setlist with actual song titles.

There is a "song" that did not make it onto the Radiolarins III album which I have labeled above as "Satan's Little Helper" -- this is the groovy section that always appears to be tied to and follows Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, but this section does not seem to be part of that old traditional song. Instead it seems like a separate jam they tacked on in the live setting as it does not appear on the album either. So in a Simpsons sort of mood I named it "Satan's Little Helper" just to distinguish it from the song proper.

Also, this version of "Satan's Little Helper" is considerably longer than what was played during the Nov 2008 tour, or even the earlier performances this year. So, I'm not sure if the rest of the music on that track belongs to this "song" or not ... sounds like they are just milking the groove, but it could be a whole other tune for all I know! HA!