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Grateful Dead 07/07/78
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
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Source # 98917 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , orig-ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 3 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary flac16; 3-Source SBD/AUD Matrix Mix by OctopusRider 
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Grateful Dead
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, CO

3-Source SBD/AUD Matrix Mix by OctopusRider

Disc 1 Set I   Total 72:46

01. Jack Straw 06:28
02. Candyman 07:48
03. Me & My Uncle > 02:58
04. Big River 06:51
05. Friend Of The Devil 10:41
06. Cassidy 05:13
07. Tennessee Jed 09:27
08. Passenger 05:36
09. Peggy-O 09:26
10. The Music Never Stopped 08:12

Disc 2  Set II   Total 53:17

01. Cold Rain And Snow 08:17
02. Beat It On Down The Line 04:19
03. Scarlet Begonias > 10:12
04. Fire On The Mountain 11:06
05. Dancing In The Streets > 08:43
06. Drums > 10:37

Disc 3 Set II (cont.)   Total 48:51

01. Space > 05:05
02. Not Fade Away > 11:43
03. Black Peter > 11:35
04. Around And Around 08:38
05. A Big Hand For The Weather 01:19
06. E: U.S. Blues 06:05
07. E: Johnny B. Goode 04:21


Source Info

SBD:   shnid=293
SBD> MR> PCM> DAT, from Betty Board;
DAT> CD> EAC> SHN conversion & upload by Adam Jerugim

AUD 1: shnid=82931
Recording by Bob Wagner.
Sony ECM-54P's > Sony TC-158.
Transfer: MAC > Teac AN-180 outboard Dolby unit > Sony TC 755 open reel deck > Scotch Classic reels at 7.5 IPS, Dolby-B, by Jerry Moore.
Reels > Sony TC 850 open reel deck > Teac AN-180 Dolby unit > Sony SBM-1 (super bit mapper) > Tascam CD-Rw4U stand alone burner, by Rob Berger.
CDR > EAC > WavMerge > CD-Wave (new track ID's) > TLH (SBE-OK, lossless compression, and checksums) > FLAC, Feb 2007

AUD 2: shnid=91793
Analog Audience Source: FOB Master Cassettes (MAC)
Medium Stock Brands: MAC = 3 x Maxell UD XL II C90
Analog Lineage: Unknown Mircophones => Unknown Sony Tape Deck [Patch] => Nakamichi 550 [Dolby Encode] >> MAC
Analog Sound Preservation: MAC >> Nakamichi DR-1 => Grace Design Lunatec V3 [Pre-Only] => Korg MR-1000 >> DSF [1-bit 5.6448 MHz Stereo] >> Korg MR-1000 => Korg AudioGate >> WAV [24/96]
Taped By: Timothy Knight
Transfer By: Adam Egert
Mastering By: Derek McCabe


Tech Notes

SHNs/FLACs decoded to WAV using Trader's Little Helper. Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 was used to align & sync all of the sources. CHS 2004 was used for mixdown and track separation. TLH was used to convert each track back to FLAC. TLH was used to fix all SBEs. Artwork designed by OctopusRider using MediaFACE 5.0.

Original Sources SHNs/FLACs > WAV > CHS 2004 > WAV > FLAC(8)



3-Source SBD/AUD Matrix Mix by OctopusRider - May 2009

The well known SBD source has one major flaw.  It is not stereo.  The same channel is spread over both channels using a splitter technique.  The channel that should contain Keith, half of Jerry, Billy, and possibly some of Phil, is missing; Keith is minimally audible.  This is the only SBD source available.

The Wagner recording is very nice quality.  Once aligned with the SBD the whole sound spectrum can be heard.  Bobby is no longer drowning out the others and Jerry's sound is much richer and fuller.  The biggest difference is that Keith can be heard.

The SBD and the Wagner recording have many cuts primarily between songs.  I used the FOB to fill in most of these gaps where possible.  I went into this project with the intension of constructing a 2-source Matrix between the SBD and Wagner sources.  I found the cuts and fades between tracks very annoying so I added the FOB to fill in between the cuts only.  I did not align the FOB with the other two sources through the songs because I felt it did not add to the overall quality of the Matrix.  I also fixed drop outs, static, level fluctuations and clicks throughout.

The results are a big improvement for this show.  This is the most complete version of this concert since all 3 recordings have different cuts and it is now seamless with the exception of the break between sets.  Everybody in the band can be heard clearly and evenly.
Show Checksums
d1t01 Jack Straw.flac:a0a07f00bed2dcb50789b17b6a361fbb
d1t02 Candyman.flac:d16d2c6d1ce7e6c7596e6c90c2f64c9a
d1t03 Me And My Uncle.flac:e51d3ad49865b4787b4ab8554440d9bd
d1t04 Big River.flac:ab9cb517dd667a9f35866603cc525c1d
d1t05 Friend Of The Devil.flac:79d94b0925f81caeb867f63f3ac9a076
d1t06 Cassidy.flac:6f645b778d133ce9d441d41ca4652f68
d1t07 Tennessee Jed.flac:60209efb6cdf3757c2723a082e1f1faf
d1t08 Passenger.flac:804b9f509882ed2d4b05e8cdc0a24dda
d1t09 Peggy-O.flac:d85bb3b6ad1f61d81d79a5700d074d15
d1t10 The Music Never Stopped.flac:61dc9d2738d78639c812f4fe95ebd3cd
d2t01 Cold Rain And Snow.flac:8e49f672f6862b4187bd806e425cd135
d2t02 Beat It On Down The Line.flac:607bdc738e0fa3d85713ee1cd7ee04aa
d2t03 Scarlet Begonias.flac:3bc403717de60850d96569a314e8a4f3
d2t04 Fire On The Mountain.flac:399d7a29af02c027efe846546b920894
d2t05 Dancing In The Streets.flac:55fc935106eaa2fbaa34f381afee8fcf
d2t06 Drums.flac:a69b649fc63ec565da2bff30d8abe68c
d3t01 Space.flac:cf526cf67a980440e80572b2d43a7574
d3t02 Not Fade Away.flac:747df80763009e3014c4333731595b97
d3t03 Black Peter.flac:b19ea65c21ec877c1bcb29e4fd442cac
d3t04 Around And Around.flac:9061c33e0b5fdc137dae603495f868fa
d3t05 A Big Hand For The Weather.flac:335683ee76f3e76c29232732cca224ab
d3t06 US Blues.flac:f4ff1a5fc581d1b203095148ca5f6acb
d3t07 Johnny B Goode.flac:06b70feaaf8a46d1daf4dd98c91b45f8
187594c8bf43a0ac8604d6db8ec34408 *gd78-07-07d1t01.flac
59e930736deeada888d5d89bbda79260 *gd78-07-07d1t02.flac
d3770d379f39271d00dad06760c07846 *gd78-07-07d1t03.flac
bf1a6d89903ba4cbe4792752805e2793 *gd78-07-07d1t04.flac
dfcb862a13c4a33d93916beba5a4e8cc *gd78-07-07d1t05.flac
5d73724947b1d1762eb1e5bf157122ad *gd78-07-07d1t06.flac
6326de02a5abfc8e149e87c243cbd19b *gd78-07-07d1t07.flac
3c8bca51867a572dfe4add81a6159ad7 *gd78-07-07d1t08.flac
c44ab4faa1b1f33601c68e0f08c8cff1 *gd78-07-07d1t09.flac
acd67466acdb46ee44f28f9684838df0 *gd78-07-07d1t10.flac
37c3bd2f415f86ab366e89fe603e4350 *gd78-07-07d2t01.flac
de4aef04bfc40aadf6598858cd37bde8 *gd78-07-07d2t02.flac
315561bc6989ce9840b8b94be2e48954 *gd78-07-07d2t03.flac
2d18c861439e8ed0972dc3a46114a77f *gd78-07-07d2t04.flac
df8519161a899e41973f6e4b9fd97fb1 *gd78-07-07d2t05.flac
f10bb2fef01ee69d5a6fb93495638274 *gd78-07-07d2t06.flac
ffc057fa83d0ff6705a3edf42416ed74 *gd78-07-07d3t01.flac
2b054d319d73383e2afbbd0bf7c4eff4 *gd78-07-07d3t02.flac
ef2d304dfdeb71001268a553f439d201 *gd78-07-07d3t03.flac
4205e451e52881d560faf3d3c7070109 *gd78-07-07d3t04.flac
fa75eccea2cb040a918af85cd09b9e76 *gd78-07-07d3t05.flac
f4be90397fcefa064ce04c66438fba2a *gd78-07-07d3t06.flac
6f818bd70eb8b69c414981d8649b6600 *gd78-07-07d3t07.flac

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