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Wilco 02/26/08
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
Checksums ffp
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Source Summary B&K 4022(xy)>V2>744T @ 24/48>WaveLab 6.01b (fades/resample/UV22) > flac 8 
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February 26, 2008
9:30 Club
Washington DC

**16 bit source**

Source: B&K 4022(xy)>V2>744T @ 24/48
Transfer: 744T > WaveLab 6.01b (fades/resample/UV22) > flac 8
Taped & transferred by John Paradiso

One Set:
Disc One:
01 intro
02 (Was I) In Your Dreams
03 Blood Of The Lamb
04 You Are My Face
05 Pot Kettle Black
06 A Shot In The Arm
07 Side With The Seeds
08 Pieholden Suite
09 Impossible Germany
10 Sky Blue Sky
11 Handshake Drugs
12 Too Far Apart
13 Summer Teeth
14 Jesus, Etc
15 Walken
16 I´m The Man Who Loves You
17 Hummingbird
18 A Magazine Called Sunset

Disc Two:
01 Red Eyed And Blue
02 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
03 Monday
04 Outtamind (Outta Sight)
05 pre-encore crowd
06 Hate It Here
07 Can't Stand It
08 The Thanks I Get
09 Just A Kid
10 pre-encore crowd
11 Shouldn't Be Ashamed
12 War On War
13 Heavy Metal Drummer
14 Late Greats

Show Checksums
wilco2008-02-26d1t01 Intro.flac:c07865613047c8b4ac3883322fd17e8f
wilco2008-02-26d1t02 (Was I) In Your Dreams.flac:35b15f8280294b33e78eb7893694a413
wilco2008-02-26d1t03 Blood of The Lamb.flac:64a65a40d95d8694507c997042d9468c
wilco2008-02-26d1t04 You Are My Face.flac:9a55aa62ae5e6deb7c953139f869cd67
wilco2008-02-26d1t05 Pot Kettle Black.flac:5510f556dea83a1bcdbc4b6ea41d8cfb
wilco2008-02-26d1t06 Shot in The Arm.flac:b9dcf3ce5a9eb6c781b9f54a58f0e481
wilco2008-02-26d1t07 Side With The Seeds.flac:74f173bcc8dca66844cb6efb175ca755
wilco2008-02-26d1t08 Pieholden Suite.flac:c8bb8133ab427808bea949fe0ffb637c
wilco2008-02-26d1t09 Impossible Germany.flac:6bfeb184f76b98ebe6528a4ab1d7ce25
wilco2008-02-26d1t10 Sky Blue Sky.flac:ae3696d41f22a7ad8674004d286b31d7
wilco2008-02-26d1t11 Handshake Drugs.flac:0b31102e1b95f9a0b9107255d2126929
wilco2008-02-26d1t12 Too Far Apart.flac:6fc6546e4d9b2faae2b56a03cdaf6a69
wilco2008-02-26d1t13 summerteeth.flac:0f4dc3b8edfa8a65b3470b8707927f68
wilco2008-02-26d1t14 Jesus - Etc.flac:62740af63b7e06ca63c335ecb3fa0330
wilco2008-02-26d1t15 Walken.flac:3ec6c688734268c0a0cda042907117e2
wilco2008-02-26d1t16 I'm The Man Who Loves You.flac:87244d0ac8e2dc3e02be2c6e1f230b7c
wilco2008-02-26d1t17 Hummingbird.flac:dd70216052f1bf8a0a5112ca3e6bc057
wilco2008-02-26d1t18 A Magazine Called Sunset.flac:e823321d0f46475866eec9c63891fcc8
wilco2008-02-26d2t01 Red Eyed And Blue -.flac:a681944ea7947f4faa54b502db359b74
wilco2008-02-26d2t02 I Got You (At The End Of The Century).flac:8b95eb214ab3bb901e00e04f67e7e1e7
wilco2008-02-26d2t03 Monday.flac:59c984fb0da8c34f55122ab0214d37a3
wilco2008-02-26d2t04 Outtamind (Outa Site).flac:bfe654ec591685d403bd4c3da7e882ef
wilco2008-02-26d2t05 pre-encore crowd.flac:e7b2f5164d52135837f9317fd8bab081
wilco2008-02-26d2t06 Hate It Here.flac:8a79ef463d02fb875cfa51dfd0649b6c
wilco2008-02-26d2t07 Can't Stand It.flac:cd28aa5c1c7a270505d0d3e9c92680ef
wilco2008-02-26d2t08 The Thanks I Get.flac:055a3fd03b9a68d541c2f9e736adba6f
wilco2008-02-26d2t09 Just A Kid.flac:b664ca91c51678221e12f1d0ea3673a6
wilco2008-02-26d2t10 pre-encore crowd.flac:cf96d8e48a9b137c6ebed350c0baef86
wilco2008-02-26d2t11 Shouldn't Be Ashamed.flac:0bb262ff9150a5af76b57c6a80adf8a3
wilco2008-02-26d2t12 War on War.flac:dc31eae0fecce1cf8e54d6e7242f58c5
wilco2008-02-26d2t13 Heavy Metal Drummer.flac:18b49bfcd179a1cdd50e68d247db0cbc
wilco2008-02-26d2t14 Late Greats.flac:7da0f7ad409b0287564124094170ed54

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