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Medeski Martin & Wood 06/07/99
Seaport Atrium, New York, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary DFOB: AKG c1000's (1st row center)> D8> ZA2> Soundforge 4.0> CD Wav Editor> SHN; via Mike Ayers 
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6/7/99 Medeski, Martin & Wood
Seaport Atrium, NYC, NY
Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival

*show is w/ DJ Logic*
Source: DFOB:AKG c1000's (1st row center)>D8>ZA2>Soundforge 4.0>CD Wav Editor>SHN

DAT>HD>SHN tranfer: Mike Ayers
SHN Upload:Jim Mann
Disc 1:
1. Band Intros
2. Intro jam>
3. Swamp Road> Thaw>
4. Note Bleu
5. Seven Deadlies
6. Rise Up (Medeski solo lead-in)...
7. ...Rise Up>
8. Hey Joe

Disc 2:
1. Coconut Boogaloo
2. Sugarcraft>
3. Jam>
4. Toy Dancing>
5. Percussion>
6. Partido Alto
7. Start*Stop
8. Just Like I Pictured It
9. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho

Disc 3

1. Bubblehouse
2. DJ Logic interlude
3. Moti Mo

[Note: Older d1 song titles in this file have been updated by Diana Hamitlon, 1/3/01]
Show Checksums
e683ee7c0f05ee15efecb6731c5eb6fd *mmw99-06-07d105.shn
8f97e2a5c20a690112fd7be241864504 *mmw99-06-07d102.shn
a7b0e993e1d4fd60605876380b8a9027 *mmw99-06-07d103.shn
9f38ad64240ebed3fcb2660b9ff0e939 *mmw99-06-07d104.shn
e7b03245abce27538b5b8a493a26ac2d *mmw99-06-07d101.shn
8a8abab1b4821696ec64fab939bf5e16 *mmw99-06-07d106.shn
c422ef6f5c3133344239618ed4f3025c *mmw99-06-07d107.shn
84a7ea55d2988c77b7489d4142c9c06a *mmw99-06-07d108.shn
e4952edced0c0c60c82486d71e276b2b *mmw99-06-07d206.shn
02ceee6c7aee1d74b1dcfd76dc43af1d *mmw99-06-07d202.shn
eee74267d835cda9519d4050228f6453 *mmw99-06-07d203.shn
4c732bde9fa9f1159e5953bfd1833620 *mmw99-06-07d204.shn
d648a6264eac77aee9b05aeda6dbda87 *mmw99-06-07d205.shn
129148416547baee327068a8f81e0694 *mmw99-06-07d201.shn
ae86d3f8c3a50e350dcde6befad3f6bc *mmw99-06-07d207.shn
aa170bed06882b931d53ce872588f88d *mmw99-06-07d208.shn
ba0cf0a1d3749f1c775b153ad740ad14 *mmw99-06-07d209.shn
69f3f8196a91a1930e2563ad7a19bdcd *mmw99-06-07d302.shn
33954306aa2ecb0ee3ce23dc50b61aaf *mmw99-06-07d301.shn
6f5f25f39ab68ae49969b7c4e4df6f66 *mmw99-06-07d303.shn

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