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Gov't Mule 02/11/09
Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Source- MBHO603a/ka500(DIN,FOB,DFC)>[email protected]/44.1
Lineage- Wavelab(dsp,tracking,dither to 16bit)>flac 
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Gov't Mule
Granada Theater
Lawrence, KS.

Source- MBHO603a/ka500(DIN,FOB,DFC)>[email protected]/44.1
Lineage- Wavelab(dsp,tracking,dither to 16bit)>flac

Set 1
Disc 1

01. Brand New Angel
02. Perfect Shelter
03. Streamline Woman
04. Larger Than Life >
05. If 6 Was 9 > Larger Than Life
06. Get Out My Life Woman
07. Birth Of The Mule
08. Temporary Saint
09. Creep
10. Trampled Underfoot

Set 2
Disc 2

01. Patchwork Quilt
02. Helter Skelter
03. Hunger Strike > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Hunger Strike
04. Silent Scream >
05. Drums >
06. Silent Scream Reprise
07. Like Flies
08. Mule
09. E: Champagne & Reefer
10. Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
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94178f5e4663d90a77d59fc4b223df92 *gm2009-02-11d1t01.flac
f4bb6d1168b444b3adae4e5080f02099 *gm2009-02-11d1t02.flac
a548cd2fe55d29f540da423f21de428d *gm2009-02-11d1t03.flac
1f79f911e52b3f0f60e9125b469c72ca *gm2009-02-11d1t04.flac
fd43dd176fe954fa9e3c8d6e234ea646 *gm2009-02-11d1t05.flac
254e768e0c6cef06df3286b9c0fae609 *gm2009-02-11d1t06.flac
ecad3e37ef4509062973668fa03feceb *gm2009-02-11d1t07.flac
e9efb65663427fa5d3ac396533d2d3b4 *gm2009-02-11d1t08.flac
af5a084561f44beb913fe3450156eb1c *gm2009-02-11d1t09.flac
31871cb326d77cacc3f1fd7a8a4b23f6 *gm2009-02-11d1t10.flac
f0d42889097e8e07b968a283ded7ddc3 *gm2009-02-11d2t01.flac
2ba1a495aef82be8edce6a073dcb652e *gm2009-02-11d2t02.flac
940c1b618fb157418c2693c64f41481c *gm2009-02-11d2t03.flac
d86f66516fae2233846748e2040878d3 *gm2009-02-11d2t04.flac
04c185700f44e414fb8ac73da04dab04 *gm2009-02-11d2t05.flac
8cb5ce6e04b8224536ae2588886fd15f *gm2009-02-11d2t06.flac
7d72fedc4595045e65cdffb04a133b22 *gm2009-02-11d2t07.flac
ebe1ec73b881a42681540a5161e143ea *gm2009-02-11d2t08.flac
311021a03492395f3dbb4dcaa22dca40 *gm2009-02-11d2t09.flac
87b5be1916cbdff0d3769d2bc90d5c98 *gm2009-02-11d2t10.flac

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