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Derek Trucks Band 06/12/09
Weesner Family Amphitheatre, Apple Valley, MN
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
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Source Summary Source: Church Audio B-99A > CA ST-20A > iRiver-iHP110 @ 16/44.1, FOB, Center Stage, Transfer: iHP110 > Audacity 1.2.6 (EQ, Normalize -3dB) > CD Wave > Flac 
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The Derek Trucks Band
Friday June 12, 2009
Minnesota Zoo, Wiesner Amphitheater
Apple Valley, MN

Source: Church Audio B-99A > CA ST-20A > iRiver-iHP110 @ 16/44.1 FOB, Center Stage

Transfer: iHP110 > Audacity 1.2.6 (EQ, Normalize -3dB) > CD Wave > Flac

Recorded and Transferred by thorfinn_skullsplitter

Disc One

1. Sweet Inspiration
2. Get What You Deserve
3. I Know
4. Mahjoun
5. Done Got Over
6. Band Intro - Derek
7. I'll Find My Way
8. Down Don't Bring Me Down
9. Already Free
10.Ruthie Foster Intro
11.Goin' Down Slow (w/ Ruthie Foster)
12.Leaving Trunk
13.We're A Winner

Disc Two

1. My Favorite Things Jam I >
2. This Sky>
3. My Favorite Things Jam II
4. Crowd
5. E: Key To The Highway
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DTB 09-06-12d1t1.flac:0494575bf0841439ee16c4193275dc6a
DTB 09-06-12d1t2.flac:872e13eebdbde78b30f4cc5c807764e1
DTB 09-06-12d1t3.flac:3588c538340c0cbf83b653fc02f55df0
DTB 09-06-12d1t4.flac:301414e1e96dbc5c1f3f2908c4af27fe
DTB 09-06-12d1t5.flac:3b959aa403b87bb0ac3e0e3a61c8842a
DTB 09-06-12d1t6.flac:c157a13708df489724059465a1b62daa
DTB 09-06-12d1t7.flac:01130eb27c9c2b8d530888be96e2d4fe
DTB 09-06-12d1t8.flac:4d6af0731d549f403670cfda068fae48
DTB 09-06-12d1t9.flac:8db540612420690fdc41a860cbdc36fa
DTB 09-06-12d1t10.flac:50a92f13830be970b4d23f869a74943b
DTB 09-06-12d1t11.flac:0c9d2d57a22d48c1d1e4a33f0dc517bc
DTB 09-06-12d1t12.flac:ff565515d15ba78ccf44612e71ae048d
DTB 09-06-12d1t13.flac:6cec3bb98be079dd5220c23af1acb3db
DTB 09-06-12d2t1.flac:b0f7e9f80a958a9f7834581b54c94d17
DTB 09-06-12d2t2.flac:038580ca70f01d694bfaa4eb4fc7a550
DTB 09-06-12d2t3.flac:82c24f80c0f8fff69f59580b15f7e4e6
DTB 09-06-12d2t4.flac:f1d4b4d3f825f44adb41f462d3ecfab7
DTB 09-06-12d2t5.flac:30caf6305d821e35f385ef7764d65351

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