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Grateful Dead 02/28/73
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD:MR>?>DAT>CD; Missing several songs at the end of show; See info file for details; Seeded to etree by Jools 
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Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT



Cold Rain And Snow [5:57]
Beat It On Down The Line [4:58]
They Love Each Other [5:34]
Mexicali Blues [4:06]
Sugaree [7:59]
Box Of Rain [5:17]
El Paso [4:38]
He's Gone [11:35]
Jack Straw [5:14]
China Cat Sunflower [7:23] >
I Know You Rider [5:24]
Big River [5:08]
Row Jimmy [9:20]
The Promised Land [3:32]
The Other One [18:06] >
Eyes Of The World [12:56]

and here is what is missing:

Truckin' >

> Morning Dew
Sugar Magnolia
And We Bid You Good Night

thanks to jools for the upload

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49c02229ea58424fe27dbd7053db02d8 *022873d1_01.shn
c35277dd72615b4d651257952133809b *022873d1_02.shn
a62ce1730f7990be3b3a5c4171a0a49b *022873d1_03.shn
ca8a9b41985e231b1126907013d37381 *022873d1_04.shn
237a5110fa794ea5876744cb86a5ed01 *022873d1_05.shn
fec3d950362f1957decc013c10f4e11a *022873d1_06.shn
78b1f949a8fe633fbc4265d62087df2b *022873d1_07.shn
ae307c31a38fd6d5d4989d5259bddb38 *022873d1_08.shn
09e89a4f6a17628336fd78624b7a9011 *022873d1_09.shn
860aad04efac24d5465fbdff96743c50 *022873d2_01.shn
10c9b0bf7cbca0467e0b660106963403 *022873d2_02.shn
1cc2a0185c265618b03ad138fb0dd4ec *022873d2_03.shn
23dd11645b769f3b6ec08898f52509b6 *022873d2_04.shn
2ee2a1206b71b9d57bb7f681a14d9ff1 *022873d2_05.shn
ba221e1191ea16d98ce9f2d6e34e06f4 *022873d2_06.shn
9ba9a9dce968b8132ca8261674db42ee *022873d2_07.shn
a04d879d017ab9ecbf4e98d3c45ec910 [shntool] 022873d1_01.shn
4ce84ff48ef970923ab1ab8d10b0ec48 [shntool] 022873d1_02.shn
87fd55faf43c7e2a05bd25c7efa5d0a5 [shntool] 022873d1_03.shn
94fb32859f70c33c5e1cd8ec08ba1ef1 [shntool] 022873d1_04.shn
b2bae5294fb8b9691e3d3ad6f95abb56 [shntool] 022873d1_05.shn
3b60e5ecddefe0c2d724f32bb4cb77c5 [shntool] 022873d1_06.shn
3b558cac74b0d752cf3238cec942aced [shntool] 022873d1_07.shn
7d608a4a8cc899e6f493b80feb4105a2 [shntool] 022873d1_08.shn
504311dc7fa6c78d1af630f50b6c2004 [shntool] 022873d1_09.shn
15e0695980ba2e79374f65c2cb535e83 [shntool] 022873d2_01.shn
b3184989ec1e8757bea4502b934eda90 [shntool] 022873d2_02.shn
a0dfddee13f505881e93bbe12f70478e [shntool] 022873d2_03.shn
52f304e5ec11e4cbb3e63f199229f69b [shntool] 022873d2_04.shn
22704ffd93d4852930c9af9d58f55400 [shntool] 022873d2_05.shn
5b5616329d4ca42124f3b1fca30b9dc7 [shntool] 022873d2_06.shn
84dc6cfde065754ec6cb9a0c9a6bc892 [shntool] 022873d2_07.shn

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Date User Comment
04/13/2003 patrick dick's picks #28. go buy it.
04/14/2003 Joey B i have a partial of this; Other-Eyes then the 1st couple notes of Dew fade out.Then WBYGN,it doesnt seem to be spliced.
04/14/2003 iannai Sure the Dix Pix are available for purchase, but they are only "partial" of both 2/26 and 2/28.