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Trey Anastasio 06/04/02
Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
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Source Summary Neumann TLM170 (cardioid, DFC, OTS) > Apogee AD-1000 > Sony M1 @48kHz (patch); Sony DTC- A6 > DIO Maudio 2448 > Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > SHN; Transferred by Bill Gardner 
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Trey Anastasio, 6/04/02 Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO

Source:  Neumann TLM170's (cardioid, DFC, OTS) --> Apogee AD-1000 -->
Sony M1 @ 48k (patch)

Tranfer: Sony DTC- A6 > DIO Maudio 2448 > Soundforge 4.5 (resample, add fades) >
CD WAV > SHN by Bill Gardner, [email protected]

**DISC 1/Set I**
T01: Crowd/Tuning
T02: At the BBQ
T03: Alive Again
T04: Tube Top Flop
T05: Money, Love and Change
T06: The Way I Feel
T07: First Tube

**DISC 2/Set II**
T01: Crowd/Tuning
T02: Windora Bug
T03: Mr. Completely
T04: Burlap Sack and Pumps
T05: Ether Sunday

T01: Sand
T02: Crowd/Tuning
T03: E: At the Gazebo
T04: Mozambique
T05: Push On 'Til the Day
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8c635fd133343211bfb5e0dbc6fea886 *trey2002-06-04d1t06.shn
73d7b8cb430e9ee9554c88fd0191ece2 *trey2002-06-04d1t02.shn
4c202c44e723d39a89415cce753871b6 *trey2002-06-04d1t03.shn
ab80c2e4450b914a3783033f2a3918a8 *trey2002-06-04d1t04.shn
28515ec2edb9f1e11cdc424e8d7fb2d7 *trey2002-06-04d1t05.shn
3044b28c9d7679838dd7f352f61bab22 *trey2002-06-04d1t01.shn
e4d1ffa2b8b109a77a0942f6deff89c8 *trey2002-06-04d1t07.shn
049c5e6dc4a3a717ccd87f6826f74412 *trey2002-06-04d2t03.shn
c20d58d176c584f8e0c566235abcb66f *trey2002-06-04d2t02.shn
1ed92d69e2adb5ba10be813a0f157e3a *trey2002-06-04d2t01.shn
769e396de24a6e260524734eb589ce47 *trey2002-06-04d2t04.shn
98707f118250538c3752b7044fd2e6db *trey2002-06-04d2t05.shn
f8c1d8fc79ca4894c657183fbac6f76a *trey2002-06-04d3t03.shn
da0639e4cada69632839fbb23a2b47f6 *trey2002-06-04d3t02.shn
7cd8476ed16e72c14092a0bcef847add *trey2002-06-04d3t01.shn
7df42502f177d36dc2843d37394082f3 *trey2002-06-04d3t04.shn
db7688874918c50349625d6ff5efe4a5 *trey2002-06-04d3t05.shn
80ed0154ff308ea317951b9d12718906 *trey2002-06-04d1t06.wav
c410497af98eabde59489fb71ebb3cc4 *trey2002-06-04d1t02.wav
7c1f561c5676e4ebc3d1abc624e81570 *trey2002-06-04d1t03.wav
1ea552a3706755e900a6d76bb57336b3 *trey2002-06-04d1t04.wav
e840354dba88d5df0b9f71f9f2545076 *trey2002-06-04d1t05.wav
c276e6fc98a09eea6679d4c3bba61240 *trey2002-06-04d1t01.wav
43de27ac613e2393585b443dc9cc912d *trey2002-06-04d1t07.wav
7a7a801c1a4bcddb921d0d10258e54c9 *trey2002-06-04d2t04.wav
6cd81bf88662ca7eb563ed89a525297f *trey2002-06-04d2t02.wav
cb7a2a07c7b697d7a751cacfe77e2bbe *trey2002-06-04d2t03.wav
0dc7cbfde8e9dd1564d361d8cf497094 *trey2002-06-04d2t01.wav
c54574b846ab61c37c5b42f077a48696 *trey2002-06-04d2t05.wav
efa73bbe8ece549243ec8f6c9cc8ce81 *trey2002-06-04d3t04.wav
c8d5ef871b2ba5f1e3e0c6ef5615a275 *trey2002-06-04d3t02.wav
f053c67dd884d2a311f39b24327cbcc9 *trey2002-06-04d3t03.wav
8c21942b94dd1dcb20819b30ff100751 *trey2002-06-04d3t01.wav
43800fd55dd5a8cde16f3be13bc54cce *trey2002-06-04d3t05.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
Neumann km140 > MP2 > ADC20... (0) Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > PSP3 >... (0)
Date User Comment
06/24/2002 Jonathon Schuster Text file should be ammended to say: Taper: Jonathon Schuster :-) Thank you.
06/25/2002 Bill Gardner Thanks for the patch Jon.