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The Wood Brothers 08/21/09
Miramar Theater, Milwaukee, WI
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
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Source Summary flac16; MBHO MBP 603 ka500hn > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24/48hz Audio Magic Presto II XLRs; IHDD > Audacity @ 16/44.1hz > CD Wave > Flac (8) > TLH; DIN 8ft DFC FOB ~ 50 ft from stage 
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Wood Brothers
Miramar Theater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 21, 2009

MBHO MBP 603 ka500hn > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24/48hz Audio Magic Presto II XLRs
IHDD > Audacity @ 16/44.1hz > CD Wave > Flac (8) > TLH
DIN 8ft DFC FOB ~ 50 ft from stage.

Run Time: 94:15
03 Postcards from Hell
05 Twisted
07 Chocolate on My Tongue
09 *
10 Loaded
12 Glad
14 Pay Day
15 Liza Jane (Traditional, arranged by The Wood Brothers)*
16 When I Was Young
17 Luckiest Man
18 Get Out My Life, Woman +

* with Tristian and Larissa
+ Allen Toussaint,
Oliver Wood vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Chris Wood vocals, stand up acoustic bass, harmonica

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c4ff06c84bf54042f9ef27f6e4eba07e *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk01.flac
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72602675d6921a3adaebda7fdb49d3d0 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk03.flac
9a0365c52680c70b10cb6766b5c43304 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk04.flac
470c9d9af911a75bb1d0629ce789dfd5 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk05.flac
45b1de63617dcf9b7e49ec7a8fc28c96 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk06.flac
8333f3378b7348f83b82e4ce17c520e7 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk07.flac
0d26b6f461498039c82369a268fce9ed *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk08.flac
774175bc7776239c56ebc29e1e4d2b84 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk09.flac
337aff178e5df61ecbab267179ffee18 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk10.flac
e187569fe3827ddc274d7a1fd36a9997 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk11.flac
5b8bfd2018aa720c33c578eca6c431dc *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk12.flac
384f6c0c09cb8fd4503e32e2a322d5ab *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk13.flac
53a2409dcb5aa4e7c03125ab185dc1c2 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk14.flac
e76890d0a38d063199cea3f99f08b9d2 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk15.flac
a567a38b0674f52fc4ff1238588a9ad6 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk16.flac
830aa5ad6419e6a0380a1b4c5a8f3953 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk17.flac
e88e799e392fe27136380db09e1873c6 *Wood_Brothers2009-08-21_mbho_trk18.flac

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