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Trey Anastasio 06/15/02
Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums all_wav , shn_md5 , st5
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Source Summary FOB Schoeps CCM4 (ORTF) > Lunatec V2 > DA-P1 @48kHz (DFC, 30' from stage); DA-P1 > DIO 2448 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Recorded by Crewboy; Transferred by James Tierney 
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Trey Anastasio Band
2002-06-15 Champlain Valley Exposition Center, Essex Junction, VT

(FOB/DFC/in the "sweet spot" 30' from stage)

Schoeps ccm4 (ORTF) -> Lunatec V2 -> DA-p1 @48kHz;
DA-p1 -> DIO 2448 -> Samplitude 2496 -> CDWav -> MKWav
Recorded by Crewboy with blocking help from the Usual Suspects
Crewboy's master 48kHz DAT tape used in the transfer.
Transferred, encoded, and seeded by James Tierney ([email protected])
Thanks to Cliff Kaelin for the updated text file/setlist

disc one
(set one)

1. set one intro
2. Push On Till The Day
3. Tube Top Flop
4. Alive Again
5. Burlap Sack and Pumps
6. Cayman Review
7. Inlaw Josie Wales *
8. Flock Of Words*

disc two
(set one cont'd)

1. stage banter
2. Mozambique #

(set two)

3. set two intro
4. Money Love and Change
5. Mr. Completely
6. Ray Dawn Balloon*

disc three
(set two cont'd)

1. Simple Twist Up Dave
2. Ether Sunday
3. Last Tube
4. encore break
5. Sultans Of Swing
6. At The Gazebo

* featuring Trey (solo) on Acoustic Guitar, accompanied by:
Adrian Post (first violin), Jane Kitteridge (violin),
Anya Jocova (viola), Indigo Ruth (cello) from the Vermont Youth Symphony
Orchestra (please forgive any gross misspellings of names)
# featuring James Harvey (trombone)

Recording notes from Crewboy:

It was pouring rain for hours before the (outdoor) show started, and for about
half of the first set. Until d1t5, the microphones were covered by the hood of
a poncho. During the crowd noise between d1t4 and d1t5, the poncho was removed
when the rain stopped. Before that point, high-end treble sounds are a bit
muffled (especially in the cymbals and hi hats). After this point, the
recording is much better. Sorry that it happened this way; but keeping the
under an umbrella wasn't an option, and this was the only way of keeping the
microphones dry in the pouring rain.

The first two songs of the second set also have some issues. Some guy
carrying a big bag of Ben & Jerry's personal Ice Cream pints was walking
through the crowd,
vending them... so he was yelling into the microphones (as were people who
trying to buy ice cream from him). Also, several minutes later, some young kid
OD'd or some such thing; he got really sick (vomiting literally right in
front of me etc.) and collapsed. His friends weren't doing anything about
it, so we had
to really force them to get him out of the "pit" and get some help. When they
finally did take him to get help, they kinda jostled us all... on top of
the fact that they were yelling to each other, which may have gotten picked
up by our
microphones ("hey man, want another hit?" "dude, let me have some ice cream")
for most of the first song (up until they left). Sorry if there's evidence
of this on the recording; evidence of this encounter is most visible on d2t5
between 8:06 and 9:42.

Show Checksums
c4d4be5407f8c04ac8cea951f5c99f1d *trey2002-06-15-d1t1.wav
456dd721ffa3d42f07ceba1c02007ab9 *trey2002-06-15-d1t2.wav
0045a78af7b07027ed9ab263c8aea715 *trey2002-06-15-d1t3.wav
12a63577e6528d4627c7ce621e10f0a3 *trey2002-06-15-d1t4.wav
1825e6028682c362896a816c1dad6d25 *trey2002-06-15-d1t5.wav
c629729bdfd1917d868c48c86a86c3bc *trey2002-06-15-d1t6.wav
d233b80d09dc26e9a96be3fc89d3c961 *trey2002-06-15-d1t7.wav
4cb3485da7989ab0495eaec84013c2c6 *trey2002-06-15-d1t8.wav
9eb15cd576807721a3a98a9794ba3bac *trey2002-06-15-d2t1.wav
a3353915472368eeef7baec9e6a41d0e *trey2002-06-15-d2t2.wav
39d838c1b07e3f01bb8eb37a3842162a *trey2002-06-15-d2t3.wav
d853be83ea14c6d6b612c7b0c534b5a2 *trey2002-06-15-d2t4.wav
97af3378ab92dd29f38a6efe21ae9244 *trey2002-06-15-d2t5.wav
e61d9fb8fb121ece415634e353a3fc98 *trey2002-06-15-d2t6.wav
39175daecfce3d6017b951ff1cdcdc5f *trey2002-06-15-d3t1.wav
119eb0075f16473d45d68a2edcd3f440 *trey2002-06-15-d3t2.wav
51b3bc96586e3e02758a572594fe2a81 *trey2002-06-15-d3t3.wav
c64ad7a0ee5fe9f1f0ddd5940f42a084 *trey2002-06-15-d3t4.wav
5e5420c3b07a94ea6728b5ac885d0b4a *trey2002-06-15-d3t5.wav
0cd08093e34d9155a602071ff37eb8c1 *trey2002-06-15-d3t6.wav
6c326b10a638831bebe30f1acd5be7e0 *trey2002-06-15-d1t1.shn
fd03773db6d0143dec257241dc9f3ebd *trey2002-06-15-d1t2.shn
d1712efe8533f5b7de74b71b856a9221 *trey2002-06-15-d1t3.shn
e52c0aea0d01c021fc2664ee00a0886f *trey2002-06-15-d1t4.shn
74a73bb053c7d639abd96a26078f3c27 *trey2002-06-15-d1t5.shn
a84905d322280f1c72c1efd2481ffbe6 *trey2002-06-15-d1t6.shn
a6108c0e61c6ada21e3bce57d0aac940 *trey2002-06-15-d1t7.shn
6d6fabd7f62f97bc98e6704d1d386e3b *trey2002-06-15-d1t8.shn
6d65713e8210ee2e8f5defc81b860998 *trey2002-06-15-d2t1.shn
0f51eb306718777fad690bb23cf4bb6a *trey2002-06-15-d2t2.shn
c33321b9c8cad4e294f8864fc071554c *trey2002-06-15-d2t3.shn
f50c5607f7046f97f75371dfea58e257 *trey2002-06-15-d2t4.shn
73406a79214973019fb65b3fc4082b81 *trey2002-06-15-d2t5.shn
cf8cdff9e2ce48c643ca9dccec9416d2 *trey2002-06-15-d2t6.shn
10b1931882a251dcf384832db12d61f4 *trey2002-06-15-d3t1.shn
a783cff3420b7d76289393c2bd41b531 *trey2002-06-15-d3t2.shn
3000be790a57bb41a64b39cb9d5e348c *trey2002-06-15-d3t3.shn
d0f6368b070aa258299d837fb1d488ff *trey2002-06-15-d3t4.shn
c7931e07d30d9d30ab063b59713dfe3c *trey2002-06-15-d3t5.shn
20ef537fbdcaa4378fb50dee3eb8d416 *trey2002-06-15-d3t6.shn
7a848f1b97be75684d3c60f5593d4a8b [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t1.shn
4795549809eed1672440c8d4b2227122 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t2.shn
d454ba2d02b358ee4a6c87368f738f1a [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t3.shn
09262e510963fcd1c1370f848818fa2e [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t4.shn
cec5b0c049a3d620e8486e190425338a [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t5.shn
ebf1a76cb6a82132e74a9e799e15ddf4 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t6.shn
913379d6defeb70072afb099b7b77579 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t7.shn
080f0a5883eba014ebc83e58928201da [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d1t8.shn
0e7ae2e379ad2d556d195fcc17e86735 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d2t1.shn
98983585994651deafa1cae8332a5adc [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d2t2.shn
3a0d18ed857b380213b8b62820b76322 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d2t3.shn
4fa00696260a7a41f444a9317292c93e [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d2t4.shn
04c6f2160e19102af4d34b9d4447a58e [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d2t5.shn
11ced92905ebe485275125c3553179bf [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d2t6.shn
95e611eeb727f3ff2cbe42c6605f2bb7 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d3t1.shn
27922735877ee0fd7e31d4a5b6eb83b2 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d3t2.shn
68697f5f9c3c0e730888ae289b37674b [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d3t3.shn
bfe47ca3ff22e49f1a5bbd9a029e9956 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d3t4.shn
c1b6b669b8b38b988bf5ed19e00a22a7 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d3t5.shn
1f98bef2a059d8ce43b489eeedaaea99 [shntool] trey2002-06-15-d3t6.shn

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