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Garcia 03/19/78
Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: MSR > Cass. > DAT > CD > SHN. Seeded by Mike Lai. 
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Jerry Garcia Band 3-19-78  Stanley Theater  Pittsburgh, PA

how swet it is
catfish john
cats under the stars
simple twist of fate
tore up

mystery train
harder they come
mission in the rain
love in the afternoon
let me roll it

second that emotion
dixie down
i'll be with thee
midnite moonlight
talk & intro
palm sunday

Lineup: Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia, Maria Muldaur,
Keith & Donna Godchaux, John Kahn,
Buzz Buchanan

any info send to  [email protected]
seeded to etree by Mike Lai
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318aa54c53c238df0796ae61a1a80057 *jgb78-03-19d1t102.shn
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bba9df324b5200b6767fe7fdd0f0ae51 *jgb78-03-19d1t104.shn
5b6db235ed4b7ecd3c0e999215533aa3 *jgb78-03-19d1t105.shn
601e63c091b0f61b65cdced205f4b98d *jgb78-03-19d1t106.shn
92b96904a5d1bae2edce7e8df084edcc *jgb78-03-19d1t107.shn
ef7b1aeced91bb4b0d697cf9dad92617 *jgb78-03-19d2t201.shn
2fe37287641746db5ed1b16252a80dfa *jgb78-03-19d2t202.shn
3b52d5864f7b3f035ce5dd6341d6e8ca *jgb78-03-19d2t203.shn
9c30db034d5b9778ab32fdf0ec75b80e *jgb78-03-19d2t204.shn
672640c317437c2e72a67f50d83807a6 *jgb78-03-19d2t205.shn
5dbf5b6bd358a6439f2f36235708547f *jgb78-03-19d2t206.shn
ee491d6d54fafd07d8c68a308a597b8f *jgb78-03-19d3t301.shn
090b7ec83ee568157b934bc39baf95da *jgb78-03-19d3t302.shn
5fa8c031b9397f53d2ecfb5ea8b90056 *jgb78-03-19d3t303.shn
583a1c3cf5a898a3c52dbcb3a9673529 *jgb78-03-19d3t304.shn
763c365b41948717e5afa985683e5643 *jgb78-03-19d3t305.shn
dd055a6b04dadc9e6c8db1e321aab5ff *jgb78-03-19d3t306.shn
be8629028008286198f4ae69b2ea44a2 *jgb78-03-19d3t307.shn

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02/06/2007 d1metz This is perhaps the most bass heavy sbd recording I have ever heard. Kahn sounds like he is lead on How Sweet It Is, and Jerry is backing him up. I really enjoy this recording. It find it's quirkiness a treat. Oh yeah, the show is fantastic too.