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Phish 06/14/00
Drum Logos, Fokuoka, Japan
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Source # 1015 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums SHN-md5 , WAV-md5 , FLAC-FFP , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 834.73 MB (875280211 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary shnf or flac16; Schoeps mk4 > kc5 active cables > cmc6 > E.A.A. > SBM1 (final update of source info); via Lee Stanley 
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June 14, 2000
Drum Logos 1-8-25
Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fokuoka, Japan

updated source: Schoeps mk4 > kc5 active cables > cmc6 > E.A.A. > SBM1
seeded by: Lee Stanley  [email protected]

- SHN>WAV>FLAC Level 6 via Trader's Little Helper
- Tags via MediaMonkey
- Consolidated original md5's to one file
- Files renamed to adhere to etree naming standards
- No music was harmed during the manipulation of these files

By geewiz 5/21/2012 ([email protected])

Disk 1:

Set I (1:05):

1. Carini
2. The Curtain
3. Cities*
4. Gumbo >
5. Crosseyed and Painless Jam >
6. Llama
7. Fee
8. Heavy Things
9. Split Open and Melt**

Disk 2:

Set II (1:10):

1. Back On the Train#
2. Twist >
3. Ghost Jam## >
4. Walk Away >
5. Jam
6. Also Sprach Zarathustra

Disk 3:

8. Squirming Coil

   * - "It's only the noodles"
   ** - Trey: "Take intermit to replenish our body"
   # - Long and jammed out groovy style
   ## - Sounded like "Ghost" at first but then turned into heavy Phish jam
   $ - per request

About 500 people in attendance.

Show Checksums
35065a546292f83508a3e1bf944f6f8a *ph00-06-14d1t1.wav.shn
c782f2f43b238f6df355ee71e965fd56 *ph00-06-14d1t2.wav.shn
72279a0a6b47e5a1883e8048f7ac7aba *ph00-06-14d1t3.wav.shn
f49090614128e1bee39d193655b2a9ee *ph00-06-14d1t4.wav.shn
0f170b2c23c9f6ab148567c4f6cdec0c *ph00-06-14d1t5.wav.shn
1836f74e1833fa9b14968bca9e9dac0b *ph00-06-14d1t6.wav.shn
72dccae9429a5af4da198060fabed358 *ph00-06-14d1t7.wav.shn
23d51f3fcc3b4766265701b678c83e7c *ph00-06-14d1t8.wav.shn
edb08a14c944a304f449ea60fb6f09c6 *ph00-06-14d1t9.wav.shn
6d3a60bde07a0500945ec5a1f0426ac0 *ph00-06-14d2t1.wav.shn
9f4795340143fe44438ccf5c0b32ab3f *ph00-06-14d2t2.wav.shn
57b025cf3a2cec5ff7510b80d4ea7e46 *ph00-06-14d2t3.wav.shn
c6595ccf829ca9d749adcf2c439a068d *ph00-06-14d2t4.wav.shn
8f2a3affc0dd1c58bc7e25ea896b88a1 *ph00-06-14d2t5.wav.shn
fbced7278f9242eb005625991374aa40 *ph00-06-14d2t6.wav.shn
a610fc27d142ee6d01a9213300ca56c2 *ph00-06-14d3t1.wav.shn
052d56e4f96b71e849f5fad0e856ff5f *ph00-06-14d3t2.wav.shn
cc0412347c3c34e62d91d31e4ef96ee1 *ph2000-06-14d1t01.wav
cac790e13bff85669fc34d06ae1dbeb6 *ph2000-06-14d1t02.wav
f8743a0fa8e46796ee0c52bcea73f0d6 *ph2000-06-14d1t03.wav
9d80e4a26833da6552e513c561757cab *ph2000-06-14d1t04.wav
69707d7267367fbaead1df86b56e7971 *ph2000-06-14d1t05.wav
f97c1a83e80cc169270ba5682c9dcff7 *ph2000-06-14d1t06.wav
347d5f01038425a9b189e3bb1a750201 *ph2000-06-14d1t07.wav
c7fb61c9f546985a67c0b1e916d3f328 *ph2000-06-14d1t08.wav
822c587ba8c148c069da9bbfad44f2bb *ph2000-06-14d1t09.wav
19db515019004c46e3ec2e22f3344466 *ph2000-06-14d2t01.wav
07d4cb72475bbc60d73a00312bccd1c1 *ph2000-06-14d2t02.wav
e564dd886511fd3ac59dea28c94b14b0 *ph2000-06-14d2t03.wav
a2ef955b258876623d4e8112c72ac1c7 *ph2000-06-14d2t04.wav
4a6f6535897cb5e5a12a2408f8797553 *ph2000-06-14d2t05.wav
9c0c1fc6e0d680448cbcddb1f53a531f *ph2000-06-14d2t06.wav
e81a97a9c93a01862ca2e9027bdd5f7f *ph2000-06-14d3t01.wav
975abb876975e21e95b82ec213dfcbec *ph2000-06-14d3t02.wav
67108b974ccd57a82b039058dd2b0700 [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t1.wav.shn
918d74fea2beb84b76aec3e15e4a3010 [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t2.wav.shn
f4ebc6df60be6b89ebe0a3f3310c8b67 [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t3.wav.shn
ade06528aa043a37607a150ec84abc07 [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t4.wav.shn
49a71dd55912db4f989ef37d548ef10a [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t5.wav.shn
6a4ede569995b49d24969c1bac362c3b [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t6.wav.shn
80d89f3b536aa6f9e13b05a990786c21 [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t7.wav.shn
eb6adeac6285038705eac67aa6d3be1a [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t8.wav.shn
50d69db99d488dd3dcfba1ef9a919ae6 [shntool] ph00-06-14d1t9.wav.shn
9e7e4da1e33619d503fb1b0fdd1ea0bb [shntool] ph00-06-14d2t1.wav.shn
687848dad7eb49202a8f30c9336dfdf1 [shntool] ph00-06-14d2t2.wav.shn
14f4462011845255fc222cf84c1a6d61 [shntool] ph00-06-14d2t3.wav.shn
32340297ded46969c216fd16002d5546 [shntool] ph00-06-14d2t4.wav.shn
be977b6cb5c9735f362716bc8118ad57 [shntool] ph00-06-14d2t5.wav.shn
71c09e6eb81405093bf252f0c7fd06c2 [shntool] ph00-06-14d2t6.wav.shn
a114b077a0b142f2e59d1a28d8add71c [shntool] ph00-06-14d3t1.wav.shn
fe3849d05122d16eaa2e3150437fb395 [shntool] ph00-06-14d3t2.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Schoeps mk4 > kc-5 > cmc6 >... (1) includes soundcheck; AKG... (2) Schoeps mk4 > KL5 > CMC6 >... (0) flac16 Schoeps MK4 >... (0)
Date User Comment
08/11/2000 John Riordan This is an *outstanding* recording of what may just be Phish's coolest show of 2000. Reminds one of the quality sound on "Slip, Stitch, and Pass." Get these .shns!!!
08/16/2000 Richard Cook There are several tracks which can (IMO should) be combined into just one track: d1t4 (Gumbo >) and d1t4 (Crosseyed and Painless Jam) can be combined and not "lose" anything; d2t4 (Walk Away >) and d2t5 (Jam) can/should be combined as well. The "Ghost Jam" d2t3 following "Twist" d2t2 is different enough from "Twist" to stand alone as it's own track.

Hope this helps someone.
08/17/2000 John Riordan I believe the tracking is correct as it is. D2t05 (Jam) is far from anything that happens in a typical "Walk Away" (d2t04). They are, and should remain separate tracks. But hey, all of set II is so wonderfully segued that you should never switch tracks -- just relish the amazing music.
01/12/2001 Chad Snyder I agree with Richard above completely. Besides the so-called "Crosseyed Jam" resembles Crosseyed and Painless about as much as Fee or Heavy Things do. It shouldn't have its own track as it is simply the music that arises in Gumbo...just like many other Gumbos.
04/28/2001 Ed Scott I have about 30 Phish shows now, and this one is definitely one of my favorite top 2 or 3. Great sound quality and super cool versions of many of the songs.
06/02/2001 John josey IMHO, this was the best show of the Japan 2000 run. It could be the best show of the whole summer season. Crazy ambient jams combined with butt-kicking rock and roll. I'd say this is one of my top 5 favorite shows.
09/20/2001 Bryan Austin I'm pretty sure this show was recorded by Ryan Drefus and is the additional source mixed into the Live Phish 4 release. Can anybody else elaborate on this?
10/11/2001 Stew Leonard I know R.D. was there and has that mic setup.
11/12/2001 Hamilton, Diana Copies of this date are now off-limits to electronic transfer (but not to mail trading BTW). More info: