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Garcia 11/10/81
The Palladium, New York, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums both
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Late Show: MAC > CD, two Beyer M160s (1 st Row Loge Center) > Sony TCD5M > Cassette Master Tape> Sound Forge 5 to break into tracks > Sound Stream to normalize > MKW to convert to SHN. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
11/10/81 Late Show
The Palladium
New York City

1 st Row Loge Center
2 Beyer M160 > Sony TCD5M > Cassette Master Tape>
Sound Forge 5 to break into tracks
Sound Stream to normalize
MKW to convert to SHN

Disk 1
1 Way You Do    6:37
2 TLEO          7:04
3 Heavens Door 12:05
4 Mystery Train 7:05
Total          35:51


Disk 2
1 Take a Melody 11:14
2 Don't Let Go   9:50
3 \\Dixie Down>  8:41  6sec of silence on master tape
4 Dear Prudence>10:52
5 Tangled Up    11:54
Total           52:31
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efb18fdf4afff585b6a222051d5690ae *jgb81-11-10d2t05.shn
586ed8ed356e752c99f170149ab9db09 *jgb81-11-10d1t01.shn
704517e1c6615a6af0ad1dcda4fc2496 *jgb81-11-10d1t03.shn
10da672fd38422854d50977ef0b26319 *jgb81-11-10d1t04.shn
45c067e93a8c7323487f531b7e46cdbe *jgb81-11-10d2t01.shn
602248f1dfa29d623074bfcf723f29fc *jgb81-11-10d2t02.shn
060d2eaeee8535d9b5fd572f3adcf909 *jgb81-11-10d2t03.shn
9411bc4f2652bce5d6705db2464af500 *jgb81-11-10d2t04.shn
2971445bae9111f31e824770c076e1f9 *jgb81-11-10d1t02.shn

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JGB; flac2496; Recorded by... (0)
Date User Comment
04/10/2003 Chuck FYI--shntool check shows sbe's on all tracks
04/11/2003 Chris L. EGADZZZZ!!!! there are SBE's on every single track. now this surely warrants a reseed...
04/11/2003 sbepolice the question of course is are the SBEs merely bad cuts or are the edits of time out from the baseline recording ? Naturally this is important to know for someone planning on fixing this ....
04/11/2003 Chris L. they're from not cutting on sector boundaries with editing software and could easily be fixed with shntool or cdwave, depending on one's preference.
04/12/2003 Mr. Marmar Or just by learning how to properly configure your editing/mastering software.....If yer gonna do it, do it right!
04/16/2003 Chris L. SBE's were fixed by first converting the SHNs with SBE's into WAV, executing the line command SHNTOOL FIX *.wav on the wav files from each set/disc separately, and re-encoding to seekable SHN using shorten 3.4.

the following wav and shn md5s were generated:
ee4cc88516d82c5916ef7e8bb8335822 *jgb81-11-10d1t01-fixed.wav
49ae16f4d56418f2c2dea5c0d7ce8691 *jgb81-11-10d1t02-fixed.wav
af3322cc5d33a5ef5377f183a54b6c14 *jgb81-11-10d1t03-fixed.wav
0e450e0959a22c57b9ed7e3f8c0f5377 *jgb81-11-10d1t04-fixed.wav
fd76c711099c7dc411aa1259e27977fa *jgb81-11-10d2t02-fixed.wav
a7d8c6069a9aedee3085b5ac56910f70 *jgb81-11-10d2t01-fixed.wav
ef282d34e0d2f1b462dfdff52bede070 *jgb81-11-10d2t03-fixed.wav
d971e7bf01e600db55387fb6a27e047c *jgb81-11-10d2t04-fixed.wav
e37a9efff0f3a751353d74ef5099d37b *jgb81-11-10d2t05-fixed.wav

fb7fef8933c6db62831c1b9297b0d78a *jgb81-11-10d2t04-fixed.shn
10ed4b069a6ff55c37db3ff63b714f95 *jgb81-11-10d1t02-fixed.shn
004140e589165f293ea7887d924cda6c *jgb81-11-10d1t03-fixed.shn
f5d78d3cfe4972f4dfd25d657dc1e886 *jgb81-11-10d1t04-fixed.shn
e3b3769bfd6d92d968583d1aeee8e326 *jgb81-11-10d2t01-fixed.shn
20f419686c559075dc1bfb2f14fd062d *jgb81-11-10d2t02-fixed.shn
f55c5b53ab93a308cb88951c3f5a059a *jgb81-11-10d2t03-fixed.shn
f842e1761f009015de5ed41da221b43a *jgb81-11-10d1t01-fixed.shn
3ec79c38def97deaa032350f10e27a99 *jgb81-11-10d2t05-fixed.shn

i have these available for download - email me for a login.
10/09/2004 Diana This shn record has now been moved to its correct gig.