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Phish 06/13/00
Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4V-> KC5-> CMC6-> Sonosax SX-M2-> Apogee AD1000 @ 44.1 Khz; Taper : Dave Flaschner; DAT->PC: DAT -> PC (S/PDIF, TB Fiji) -> SHN [No DAE], Adam Shiffman; initially d3t6,7 had minor skips, fixes up by 6/27- fixed md5s shown here?; note odd electronic noise d2t2 8:02 apparently occurred at show (likely feedback) 
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Phish 6-13-00
Club Quattro, Sakae, Naka-ku
Nagoya, Japan

Source:  Schoeps MK4V->KC5->CMC6->Sonosax SX-M2->Apogee AD1000 @ 44.1 Khz
Taper :  Dave Flaschner

DAT->PC: DAT -> PC (S/PDIF, TB Fiji) -> SHN [No DAE]
Adam Shiffman - [email protected] [06-19-00]

* A FOSK Production *

Thanks to a couple of weary travellers on their way back to the U.S. with a short
stopover here in Toronto, this fine music makes it out nice and quick.

This is the only Apogee source that was running in Japan, though there were 2 or 3 other
Schoeps sources.  It's an amazing recording of a sick show.  Enjoy!

Disc 1 [53:23]

Set I:

1. Meat
2. Maze
3. Meat Reprise
4. Yamar
5. Fast Enough For You
6. My Old Home Place
7. Wilson

Disc 2 [72:28]

1. Mike's Song ->
2. Simple ->
3. Weekapaug Groove

Set II:

4. Gotta Jiboo
5. Wolfman's Brother
6. Antelope ->
7. Contact

Disc 3 [44:31]

1. Sand
2. Roggae
3. Prince Caspian
4. Rocky Top
5. Cavern***


6. Brian and Robert
7. Good Times Bad Times

Show Checksums
17d37f30680206b83a8bb6d2c08bf91b *ph06-13-00d1t01.shn
116ce39754d3a850f48031c19826ee87 *ph06-13-00d1t02.shn
cf328a75a7bb07edc3f580067c9127c9 *ph06-13-00d1t03.shn
de378e6649452afce0820b251a293a42 *ph06-13-00d1t04.shn
f1bfb0d3febc83b8aa16a2caa4f694d5 *ph06-13-00d1t05.shn
1b5e114f68f2fd04c8f97632dceef087 *ph06-13-00d1t06.shn
3af0db3062ceaab7f812e5e19c1ce4a7 *ph06-13-00d1t07.shn
29d60cc703cf66da75716ec9038e0f04 *ph06-13-00d2t01.shn
dbb73a56dd0e37ce172fa4e0f4a14d6d *ph06-13-00d2t02.shn
84eaa4556318f994e2389ad2f1598350 *ph06-13-00d2t03.shn
c461c6833b464b99e05697e9e155787d *ph06-13-00d2t04.shn
0a7b53c3f9788723d9d16ec06fd2303b *ph06-13-00d2t05.shn
476f498d22303ff4057766acd467069c *ph06-13-00d2t06.shn
f6d09c35765ca01c8a6d0fb2891c4348 *ph06-13-00d2t07.shn
152de1d1354dbc4dc7c54c1d1932f345 *ph06-13-00d3t01.shn
b86bfdc3b5c989018ff23ba5ce35ca7f *ph06-13-00d3t02.shn
db67a6e0970e1887167378e6df85cedd *ph06-13-00d3t03.shn
328a11d0fd00d5bb177db9f1846bc0fc *ph06-13-00d3t04.shn
e6773b9a2790a502a65ca53c3208b0f1 *ph06-13-00d3t05.shn
65eeb7549422c92a588c281d46da4a39 *ph06-13-00d3t06.shn
5e6f41542faa564c71660e62147841f0 *ph06-13-00d3t07.shn
0458cd4c148e6358befd159b9d31c8a6 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t01.shn
f47d85be51d3cb2e1d269603d935f565 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t02.shn
ee97439f24b6b5fdff92c268067bd8d2 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t03.shn
70786e4f768c7cd96902d607b7491086 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t04.shn
faed3e4a9249a6b6c444fd941fbcbce0 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t05.shn
673a6d54a5a6ae9bc36c21faf506b089 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t06.shn
6755b74bba8bb3e8346e68fcff6546e9 [shntool] ph06-13-00d1t07.shn
252183e0887305d8a6a8045e9cc4f784 [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t01.shn
acae5e39177e573b6feb993e7dd8a6df [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t02.shn
e8abc7444437c79f32dd7d84be5b4da8 [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t03.shn
43c0a766fb03e054e235e55242e2304c [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t04.shn
c061a79369a1310b98bbb1a7b1dd3ca1 [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t05.shn
e9a6ba86bdc43549b2d44dee4dcaad08 [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t06.shn
4bc76c30b6fbd6a251dfb31b9684ab28 [shntool] ph06-13-00d2t07.shn
be9dcb258fab9e6dc71904cc15249c00 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t01.shn
b49f329cb471f9152de3f2bc055f4b94 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t02.shn
2364ef4756cb23337aea267b335ded48 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t03.shn
8df501d3bd166f6daf0a878ba0a1cb29 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t04.shn
07489acab039d8e2768e271a0c2472e3 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t05.shn
de233a5f460bd912969974ecc1f36bc9 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t06.shn
9c439c492f832ebcf1e65fc2220a4073 [shntool] ph06-13-00d3t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Schoeps mk4v > kc-5 > cmc6... (0) Includes SC; AKG C1000s >... (2) FOB AKG C1000s > DAT(?);... (2) SBD/AUD (AKG C1000) Matrix;... (2) flac16; Schoeps cmc6... (1) flac16 FOB; Schoeps... (0)
Date User Comment
07/23/2000 Keith Soltys Sound quality is very good - I've heard commerical live recordings that were worse. But being a club show, the audience applause/noise is pretty loud. Fortunately the crowd is fairly quiet throughout most of the songs. It's a good, rocking show.
08/14/2000 Hearing Ear Nice recording, but the bass was a lot more audible/higher in the mix at the show.
Any other sources out there?
12/29/2000 Matt I'm hearing some serious clipping in Gotta Jibboo. Not sure if this is a problem throughout, but it's annoying enough that I'm going to find another seed of this show. Decent sound overall, but I've heard at least a couple better sounding Japan seeds.
01/28/2001 Mitch Jareo Abrupt disk transition from Wilson to Mike's.
12/01/2001 mattyrigs I think this seed sounds incredible!
11/25/2003 cmhuff The fixed md5s are listed above. I just got this show, checked the md5s with this source, and they match perfectly. There are no minor skips on d3t06 or d3t07 as stated in the above source info. Show sounds good. However, I have not listened to other sources to compare.