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Phish 06/30/00
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary MBHO 603 Cardiod > Audio Magic Presto > Lunatec V2 > Graham Patten ADC 20 > Sony M1; Conversion: Tascam DA-20 > Sek'd Prodif Plus > CD Wav @ 48,000 Hz; Resample: 48,000 > 44,100 Soundforge 4.5; Location: Tapers 3rd row; via Ryan McKinney 
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Meadows Music Theatre
Hartford, Connecticut

Source:  MBHO 603 Cardiod > Audio Magic Presto > Lunatec V2 >
         Graham Patten ADC 20 > Sony M1
Conversion:  Tascam DA-20 > Sek'd Prodif Plus > CD Wav @ 48,000 Hz
Resample:  48,000 > 44,100 Soundforge 4.5
Location:  Tapers 3rd row
Seeded by:  [email protected]
Comments:  * - key phrase was "1 bourbon, 1 scotch, 1 big fat doobie"
           ** - included Trey teasing Tweezer between verses (!)

  Set Ia
  1. Ha Ha Ha
  2. AC/DC Bag
  3. Tweezer >
  4. Runaway Jim
  5. Sneakin Sally Through the Alley >
  6. Ginseng Sullivan
  7. Guyute

  Set Ib
  1. Golgi Apparatus >
  2. Tweezer Reprise
  3. Possum
  Set IIa
  4. Haley's Comet
  5. Mango Song >
  6. Twist Around
  7. Inlaw Josie Wales

  Set IIb
  1. Back on the Train >
  2. Makisupa Policeman*
  3. Farmhouse
  4. Sleeping Monkey
  5. David Bowie
  6. Cavern**

Show Checksums
2534ad981de7219ad2be545101d01c62 *ph00-06-30d1t05.wav.shn
c5edc5552b67e8280cf3dd05d41848cf *ph00-06-30d1t02.wav.shn
7b6206bf27d6f1747862ccabad09e1cb *ph00-06-30d1t03.wav.shn
a9af9795ff8b04c77ffcf6a667441afb *ph00-06-30d1t04.wav.shn
c3209de9435d625d179bb4309c64a9a9 *ph00-06-30d1t01.wav.shn
d3be9a60bbd06fd0f015484fd187d5e5 *ph00-06-30d1t06.wav.shn
b44af5d0ba349b74fd5943fc862c9630 *ph00-06-30d1t07.wav.shn
9124158c760375b8632b348ffa73ecc0 *ph00-06-30d2t03.wav.shn
8be80edd89b5df53c777b527767921d2 *ph00-06-30d2t02.wav.shn
a015587f077692c470759260c82d56b7 *ph00-06-30d2t01.wav.shn
4573999525cfccde037ff9aac85523ae *ph00-06-30d2t06.wav.shn
5de4ebe96d020f3e5b7ff81f6981c747 *ph00-06-30d2t05.wav.shn
4983984dbcde3879ac0a8ea8211c5fb3 *ph00-06-30d2t04.wav.shn
8c65fb7dce1e10f29c64e5c7c92874e7 *ph00-06-30d2t07.wav.shn
04d6c3d0e44d8e928bbf31fd52caf912 *ph00-06-30d3t04.wav.shn
66c76834bec7cc2f30fca66f817c3106 *ph00-06-30d3t02.wav.shn
aa2b9faf5083e429e599ecb92b2e4d67 *ph00-06-30d3t03.wav.shn
85bce182b60eee0dcb7cc360c8d44f13 *ph00-06-30d3t01.wav.shn
5b146ab49dbc190633e523049e1e494e *ph00-06-30d3t05.wav.shn
f3986f2f6ee0002835175b75f034c53c *ph00-06-30d3t06.wav.shn
b76f3515bca935cd1726624ac6f42c9f [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t01.wav.shn
ebcab81c28c14d1acfd337cfca1a7ccd [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t02.wav.shn
5ce1192db430c4bd43fe84d277d90b11 [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t03.wav.shn
4b485b5db88c36a2983bed92ed2f42c3 [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t04.wav.shn
be8988e114d9e77f3ee1eaed9f982404 [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t05.wav.shn
895ed59055428ab3545b524de7e3aece [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t06.wav.shn
e0bc5cca0aab0a73f5713be8b366272c [shntool] ph00-06-30d1t07.wav.shn
ead8d00ff0f1b2ffdc8df390fa5cb8cc [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t01.wav.shn
ba3003119f1c040b42d11e093244800a [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t02.wav.shn
d757a43a5b675c0cc2e91bc6e8c7702d [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t03.wav.shn
2085782277d28422c160c66ab0bef37c [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t04.wav.shn
896ac37554f669fc3c30cfd0a56c3296 [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t05.wav.shn
45a571350c440ecef47f32766e4670c6 [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t06.wav.shn
290c081b063bfeba528364e60f4df9be [shntool] ph00-06-30d2t07.wav.shn
8038729fb8cb9ae8611f14834efa205f [shntool] ph00-06-30d3t01.wav.shn
ab80c9e2fcccc7322ef5980e3b40b718 [shntool] ph00-06-30d3t02.wav.shn
3eabaeaa0d72bec4f38a4d957e544b0b [shntool] ph00-06-30d3t03.wav.shn
f4b421ba6cf8dbfa3cec6dcfb203e4c4 [shntool] ph00-06-30d3t04.wav.shn
9fe92e6d052732233520311a14b58c59 [shntool] ph00-06-30d3t05.wav.shn
f344e3a67bdc909de67f322102e8898f [shntool] ph00-06-30d3t06.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Neumann ak40s > Neumann... (2) AKG 480/ck63 > Graham... (0) B+K 4011 (dfc, 1st row... (1) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
12/01/2001 mattyrigs I like the sound of this recording.! Could be one of the better seeds
08/16/2002 jason i agree, this seed sounds great to me